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It seems more than a few 2001 hyundai elantra owners have a shimmy at 60+, Michelin 15" tires may be the culprit. Replacement or recall necesarry?


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    Possibly, could be a bad batch of tires, or it could be the wheels as well. Have you seen any TSB or public notice of this occurring a lot, or have you just noticed posts here at Edmunds?
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    One too many cases for the 2001 elantra, another site review about vibration at highway speed, my post here at edmunds, and others also. Coincidence or problem? Solution needed, although one was noted at an earlier post about matching the dots on tire and rim, but that didn't fix mine. And a swap out of new tires and rims seemed to mask the problem. The shimmy usually was more pronounced in the morning, and very intermittent during day and not as violent of a shake of the steering wheel. Any mechanics, engineers or owners with any input to the "shimmy"?
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    Jumped here from the Elantra GT board....

    I, too, am experiencing a very slight shimmy in the right front wheel of my new GT. It's not that noticeable to begin with and it seems to occur only when "drift" accelerating at highway speeds, say from 60 through to 65 mph. If I punch it, the shimmy does not appear.

    Since my car drifts very slightly to the right, I'm going to pursue an alignment first. If that doesn't solve the problem then I suspect, as presario posted in the GT board, that it could be some inherent harmonic imbalance in the drivetrain. If that's the case, then I'll simply avoid cruising at 65-68 mph (not too hard to do since the GT loves to run, baby...).

    Appreciate any feedback from other folks with the same kind of minor problem....

    Happy Motoring.
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    Also jumped over from the GT board. GT has alloy wheels. Does the GLS? Option? Happening with them too? Are the GLS tires the same size and type? No shimmmy....yet....tracks straight and true so far.
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