1996 Volkswagon Jetta GLS Bad Automatic Transmission

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1) 1996 Jetty GAS drive train is warranted for 100k miles to new owner.
2) 1996 Jetty drive train certified warranted is reduced to 50k miles for second owner.
3) 1996 Jetty Automatic transmission is sealed unit and is only replaceable by Volkswagon. Cost for replacing transmission is somewhere between $4000 and $5000. Totally absurd cost and it can not be replace easily by independents.
4) The transmission in our Jetty failed at 92k and is out of warranty, Volkswagon was no help.
5) Volkswagons are unreliable and expensive to repair. They may handle ok but they are garbage for all sorts of reliability issues.
6) DO NOT BUY THESE LEMONS! DRIVERS NOT WANTED. BUY TOYOTAS or HONDAS and if you have a Jetta, get rid of it NOW before it empties your wallet.


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    You know, I realize you are upset with the cost (have you tried a wrecking yard?) but really, 92K miles for an automatic, while a bit on the low side of average, is not exactly a "lemon". That's 4 times around the earth.

    I do agree, though, that the cost you are quoting is absurd and unacceptable. I hope there are more alternatives available to you through independents or wrecking yards.
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    Let's see if I have this correct, I go to a junk
    yard to find a wrecked 1996 Jetta, remove its potentially defective transmission and slap it into my Jetta. What's wrong with this scenario?
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