Nissan manifold problems

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In Dec.2000 Nissan repaired two broken bolts on my right manifold. Cost $785. I have been told that Nissan has had a problem with broken bolts. Today I was told the left side need the same repairs. Cost $797. I have talked with people that have had the same problem. If Nissan put bad bolts in their cars, then why do we have to pay for their mistakes?


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    There must be more to this story that you are leaving out or didn't get the right info on (probably the latter). It's pretty darn difficult for bolts to just break on their own, and if they are actually shearing off a manifold I for one would like to know more about that. This is getting close to defying the laws of physics....i.e., how do bolts shear without motion or stress? Heat causes crystalization of the metal?

    At any rate, this needs further clarification, because it sounds, the way you are presenting it, as such an obvious factory defect that I cannot imagine them not paying for it. Leaking exhuast systems are very hazardous and certainly ripe for an after-warranty recall.
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    Nothing has been done to the car except: oil changes, alinement, transmission fluid changed. Normal maintance. They told me it was from the bolts getting hot/cold. One of the people I know that had the same thing works in an auto repair shop but not a dealer ship. As I state in first message, I have the old parts. Two bolts were broke. They replaced all bolts and manifold. Most of the cost was labor. The car has not been mistreated. That is my compliant with Nissan,How do you brake bolts that do not move and the part they are holding down is not a moveable part.
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    Yours isn't the only model with this problem. Some engines tend to do it. And it pretty much is heating/cooling cycles with them, as you mentioned. Recently replaced several broken exhaust manifold bolts on my brother's Ford 460 motor home. Luckily, most engines have more than the 1 1/4" clearance of the motor home.
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    You said that only the bolts broke, so why was the manifold replaced? Was it cracked or broken also. I am assuming we are talking exhaust manifolds here. I would also check on what type of bolts they used as replacement, ask "what was the hardness of the original bolts and what is the hardness of these bolts you are putting in? The hardest and strongest bolts to use are called grade 8. I'm not sure what grade the factory used for the original build, but they may be replacing them with stronger bolts. Another factor to consider is the amount of torque used to install the bolt may have changed, they may have used an updated gasket and/or an updated manifold. Lot's of questions to ask, but you should ask them before shelling out $800 twice!
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    Is 15,200 a good price for Nissan Sentra GXE with ABS& SRS, luxury package and convenience package?

    Is it smart to buy a car if you know it has a recall ( Sentra), or would it be better to buy something else?
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    The manifold/stud problem is a well known malady that affects the VG30E engine. The exhaust manifold warps putting a side load on the studs which then break. In the case of my 1993 Pathfinder SE, a local independent shop removed the manifold and broken stud, milled the manifold, and replaced the studs with grade 8 equivalents- all for under $200 per side. The stud broke in 8/97 at 89K miles. I now have 125K on the clock and there have been no further exhaust problems.
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