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Ford Mustang LX - Good first car?

baltodiva81baltodiva81 Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Ford
I am a college student who is looking to buy an affordable yet reliable used car. I am hoping I can find one that will last me a couple years since I still have 2 more years of college left and do not want to have to buy another one right after I graduate. I have checked out a '93 Ford Mustang LX at this dealership near me for only $4500 (including tags, title, etc). Its a 2.3L 4Cyl w/ automatic transmission (I dont know how to drive manual) and 79,000 miles on it. I have worked out the monthly payments and down payment on this car w/ the dealership and financially it fits me perfectly! I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is a good choice mechanically speaking though? I've heard mustangs are good cars but is that just the GT model or is the LX ok too?


  • The 4 cylinder stangs are know as lemons!! The four cyl is infamous. I can't recommend buying one. I knew someone who owned one, and he was always having trouble with this or that needing to be replaced, including the rear axle. He rang up some major credit card debt on that POS. Later I heard from mechanics, and from watching a lemond aid program here in Ontario, that the 4 cyl mustang is on a list of used cars to avoid like the plague. So I would run. Maybe into a 8 cyl? The 302 is a legendary engine. Very wise choice for a used car since the engine will give you very few headaches mechanicaly. When you buy a used car the last thing you want to go is the engine. Albiet they are expensive to replace they tend to last longer than the four. A mustang isn't a mustang unless it has two tail pipes.
  • Thats about what they book for but I think you should be able to get a pretty nice 5.0 from around the same year for that amount. I don't think the 2.3l is all that bad its just not something I would put into a mustang.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    " ...looking to buy an affordable yet reliable used car."

    In addition to the feedback here, you may also find some helpful information in this discussion: Used hatchbacks: got any ideas? Good luck with your purchase. ;-)

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  • I drive a 1993 Mustang LX hatchback with 2.3l. It has 137 thousand miles on it, and still is running fine. Only problem is it's lack of acceleration, but you can go 100 mph on it even if the gauge only goes to 85. My auto transmission puked at 120 thousand miles. Still getting 21 MPG in the city.

    Easy to work on, parts are everywhere, 2.3l engine was in a lot of mustangs, rangers, etc. Plus there is a huge aftermarket available. When I get a new vehicle next year, I might even keep this mustang and swap in a v8, because every v8 part will practially bolt right on. There are holes drilled into the frame for both 4 banger and v8 parts.

    The second poster guy is wrong, because any used Mustang with a 5.0 is more likely abused than any 4-cylinder. While 4 cylinder's have to work harder for less performance, it's less likely the driver was trying to race with it. Don't let the 2nd poster scare you. Have any used car you're looking at purchasing giving the full 9 yard inspection by a mechanic you know and trust. The Mustang is a heavy body for 100 HP engine, but you can still move around just fine. With a 5 speed, you be a fast as most other stock 4 cylinder cars. Problem is, people think they can race you because youre in a mustang. You will definately notice the nice insurance rates versus a v8, however. Plus if you do like I plan in the future, to swap in a v8, you still be insured of the I-4's VIN#, which means 4 banger insurance rates, v8 performance.
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