Ford Explorer Water Pump

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Has anyone heard of a reoccuring problem with the 2000 Ford Explorer water pump failing prematurely? I have a 2000 XLT with 37000 miles and on the way home from vacation my water pump seized up, which in turn caused my fan belt to snap and left me stranded in 111 degree heat. Any suggestions on negotiating with Ford about being 1000 mile out of warranty? What's the expected life of a water pump anyway?


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    Well, water pump life depends on a number of important one is the tension of the belt that drives it. If that is overtightened, that could cause premature failure. 37K sounds like an early failure, but it's barely within reasonable expectations...on the low end of the scale, but not necessarily indicative of a factory defect, no. Apparently, Ford engineers think 36K is reasonable, since that's the warranty time, right?

    It's borderline, that's true. By all means try and get an adjustment from Ford...but I don't think you have any strong case here, even though 37K is hardly a laudatory performance for a water pump.

    I'd expect more like 60K-75K as the mid-range, 35K the low end, and around 100K the range for having had "really good luck".
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