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    Here is the official status of the NVG 5600 6 speed manual. New Venture Gear determined and remedied a production problem. In doing so, they were unable to produce the transmission in sufficient quantity for regular production orders. There was a small window of orders taken in January and February. Dodge will fill ONLY these orders already in the system; otherwise, the 6-shifter will be released for the 2000 model year.

    The Allison 6 speed automatic, which was also slated for this spring in Dodge/Cummins trucks is also delayed until the 2000 model year because Allison is backlogged.


    The tire swap is fairly easy. The Ford Super Duty trucks use a tire size LT265/75R16E, that will increase the rating about 800 punds per axle (remember, the cabover camper will put some of its weight onto the front suspension as well. You will need a speedometer gear adjustment for this; on 96-98 Dodges, that is a simple tooth swap that competent dealers can do blindfolded. Ford gets that tire from Firestone in the Steeltex R4S (rib) and Steeltex AT (all terrain) models.

    As I mentioned, the 3500 rear spring pack should be a direct swap, as the 2500HD and 3500 are basically the same frame (the 1500 is very different). The mounting points should be the same. Your axles would be the same as the 3500, so no swap of driveline components should be needed.
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    Thanks for the information on both the proposed 6-speed transmissions. I spoke to Gerald Basham, DaimlerChrysler marketing, who thought that these transmissions would be available in the spring. From what you have said, it appears that the 2000 year model will have to be my target.

    One more question: I know that Ford makes a kit to "lower" the 4wd super duty trucks ... a simple U-bolt and block change that lowers the overall height by some 3" or so. Have you ever heard of anything like that for Ram 4wd trucks? I want the 4wd option, but don't need the ground clearance. I won't be crawling over the rocks with this truck ... only looking for the increased traction in slippery conditions. The added height only creates boarding problems for those who will primarily travel the paved road. I may have to seek aftermarket modifications in the end. Thanks for your knowledgeable responses.
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    Can someone with a 4X4 Ram 3500 measure the height of the bed (either at the axle, or the rear edge)? They don't seem significantly shorter than the F350 4X4s, but I've never heard of anyone having to lower their dodge to fit a 5th wheel.
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    You had asked that before and I totally forgot. My bad. My Ram 3500 4x4 Club measures as follows:

    - road to bed floor at the tailgate: 37.5 inches
    - bed floor to top of bed rail: 19 inches
    - bed rail to top of cab at front of bed: 21 inches
    - center of gravity location for a slide-in: between 25 and 58 inches forward of the rear edge of the bed

    Hope that helps everybody
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    I need help. I'm gonna be buying a truck soon, and am seriously considering a used RAM 1500, V8, and auto. My concern is that a friend of mine works for a Dodge dealer and says he'll never be unemployed as long as people keep buying chrysler automatic transmissions. I know the 93-95 ram trannys are problematic but heard the 1996 and newer are much better. Is this the case? Please don't sugarcoat your answer. This is my only means of transportation! ALSO do the Dakotas and Rams share the same automatic? Thanx in advance...
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    Correction to make on the Allison:

    The Allison 1000 is actually a 5 speed automatic, not a 6. If you would like to read about the transmission, click here.
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    Just finished plowing 14hrs straight with my ram, and it was 2-5ft of heavy wet snow (alot of drifting snow). This morning,the day after I plowed, I started the truck up and heard a ever so slight rumbling sound from under the floor, in the middle of the cab. I did plow through huge dirfts of snow in reverse and got the truck severly stuck 7 times. I took the truck out on the road and as I accelerated, the noise became more evident. Even at normal tempreture the rumble was still there. I opened the hood, and felt a huge pool of hot air coming out. Well it looks like I got a little a exaust leak coming from the manifold joints or somewhere in between the catylic converter to the engine.

    I do have the 7 year power train warranty, and was wondering if that this warranty will cover the leak in the exaust. It's a 94 ram with only 15000miles. I live in canada. Does the warranty coverage differ from the states or is it the same basic coverage for both countries.
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    If the truck doesn't have the factory plow-prep package, you *may* be in for a treat. You will be scrutinized by the dealer and DaimlerChrysler as to whether the stresses caused by plowing directly led to this problem (as opposed to merely driving through the snow).

    It sounds like your exhaust system got high-centered on a drift during one of your "stuck" situations, and you probably tried to aggressively to get out. You might want to have an independent exhaust shop (Midas, etc.) give you an estimate to see what damage you have actually done.
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    Measurements of Dodge 3500 4X4 and Ford F350 4X4

    Dodge Ford
    Road to bed floor at tailgate: 37.5 38.0
    Bed floor to top of bed rail: 19.0 19.5
    Bed rail to top of cab: 21.0 26.0

    These measurements are what I would call pretty damn close, with the exception of the bedrail to cab measurement. I really don't see why all the Ford guys are complaining about lowering blocks, etc, when the Dodge folk aren't. What do you Dodge guys know that we don't?
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    That was exaclty what happened, I got the truck stuck up over a huge pile of snow, and it took me 1/2 hr of shoveling, and sanding, and even puting chains under the tires to get out. It happened quite a few times that night, and each time I really had to rock it to get it out. Thanks for the advice on going to a private muffler shop first, but I read your post a little to late. I did however call the dealer, and asked him if the exaust was covered, and he said only if the leak was coming out of the manifold joint. I think that is where it's coiming from, so I made the appointment to let them check it out. I don't have the plow prep package. At the time the dealer said it was uneccesary to have, since I have the heavy duty service package. The only differnce is that the plow prep pkg. has the air adjustable shocks. Anyway, if the leak turns out to be where the two exaust pipes converge into one before the catylic converter, what costs could I be looking at. It's not a craked pipe, it's probably a seal between the joints.
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    Luckily (for me), my experience is limited to exhaust replacement from the cat out - had to repalce the system on an F150 when I got rear-ended. Car submarined the bed, and crunched the tailpipe, but since Ford used a fully welded system, the only clamp was at the cat(!), so the whole thing had to be replaced.

    In your case, the pipe you referred to could be pretty expensive (not the part, but the labor).
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    Just got back from the dealer. Guess what the problem was? It wasn't the joints in the exaust, or seals, it's the exaust manifold. It turns out that it's warped. Luckily for me , I have the 7/year powertain warranty, which does cover manifold warpage. The dealer will take it off and send itto the machine shop, to smooth it out again. The labour only takes about an hour. Will this smoothing hurt my performance any afterwards. Or will it have any affect on the eay the truck works currently?
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    Never used a chat room before but here goes. I just purchased a 1999 Dodge Quad Cab 4x4 Diesel. Hoped for great mileage or at least pretty good but I'm wondering how long it will take for me to see it. Right now I can get 18.2 on Highway and combined seems to be about 16.8. I've only got 1325 miles on the beast and know I should be patient, but does anyone out there know from experience if the above is typical. Before buying I talked to several folks with similar trucks and found averages from 22 mpg to 28 mpg. 25mpg would sure be nice.
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    dz, Your mileage for highway is a little low, but 25-28 is high unless your driving 45-50 mph. With 3.54 axle auto I get 20-21 at 70 mph. Your combined 16.8 sounds about right...
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    I have been scanning the Pickup conference for over a month now and think all of the conversation is great and informational. But sometimes I think I am reading the YUGO conference with many complaning that there 9000 lb GVW pickup capable of a combined 20000 lbs ONLY gets 16-20 MPG. Am I the only one who thinks this is fantastic, considering that a mere ten years ago you would have been laughed at for such a proposal with the level of luxury & reliability that is available today. I am moving from a 97 360 to a 488 99 and no I DO NOT EXPECT IT TO BE A PINTO concerning gas milage concidering it's capability. Note:Above figures in CUBIC INCHES not liters NO PC HERE. GO RAM
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    I discussed the new transmissions with the local dealer, who just came back from a "dealer conference." He said that the Allison 5-speed auto for 2000 year model was just a rumor, and that Daimler-Chrysler had no information on it. I hope that they do add this transmission to the options list, but if it is coming, it is sure quiet.

    As to the 6-speed manual ... the dealer said that the 4th, 5th and 6th ratios are almost identical with the 5-speed (.01 difference in 6th). The "extra gear" falls below the existing 4th gear, and would be for slow climbing or extreme loads. Do you ( or anyone out there) know the ratios on the current 5-speed? I can't seem to find them. Thanks
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    I just traded in my wifes '96 Ram Extended Cab 4x4
    Cummins 3/4 ton with automatic for a '99 Ram Quad
    Cab 4x4 Cummins 3/4 ton with manual transmission.
    We had problems with the automatic transmission
    and the last problem that we had was that the front end had major problems that could not be fixed by the service which was pulling to one side or the other in the front end when braking. The regional representative finally gave us a $3000 rebate toward a new truck. I asked around and was told by others (even the dealership repair tech) that the '96 front end seemed to have this problem and the factory knew it was a problem. The tech bulletin to "fix" the problem was 36 pages long. After several "fixes" the regional representative was contacted and came through with this solution.
    The dealer was told to not let anyone drive/sell the truck until a rep from the factory had come out and taken it to the shop. If it could not be repaired then it would be loaded on a truck and taken back to the factory. I was glad that my wife opted for the manual transmission also as the auto seemed to have a lot of problems with the power of the Cummins and the V10. Anyone else having these kinds of problems?
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    My 97 Ram 1500 X-Cab w/automatic trans. and 5.2 liter/318 c.i. engine constantly shifts out of overdrive at highway speeds. I can cruise at 70 MPH and the slightest uphill grade sends the tranny out of overdrive and drives the rpm's up from 2000 to above 3000. From reading some of the above discussion, my gas mileage is pretty shabby too. I'm LUCKY to get 14 mpg, and it doesn't matter if I drive highway or city miles. Does anyone have a clue as to what could be causing this and/or what I can do to prevent it.

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    No, actually I've heard more people complaining that the shift points are too low and keeping the RPM down. All of the trucks are being set up this way for fuel economy. For passing you have to make a point of making the trans shift doewn for the right passing power. If anything, mine goes into overdrive too soon and stays there.
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    Wow, that MPG is not too encouraging. I have a 99 Ram 1500 5.2L and at just under 800 miles, I'm getting about 11 MPG. I was hoping it would get better after breaking in, but if your's is two years old and still barely getting 14 MPG, that doesn't give me much hope.
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    Thanks for the information and the Daimler site. I think that I will opt now to wait for the 6-speed NV 5600. Those ratios will work for me pulling a 9,000# rig.
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    I have a 96 3500 Club Cab Cummins 4x4, and my font end has been very good. I have found 2 keys to preventing pulling:

    1) Ditch the factory Goodyear tires. They stink on Rams. Michelin, BFG, Cooper, and Bridgestone all work much better. Keep the tires balanced and at the proper psi (I have found 72 psi up front with LT215/85R16E tires is optimum on my truck).

    2) Find a shop that handles semis to do your alignments. My dealer won't even attempt to align my truck - they send it to a shop that specializes in medium and heavy duty trucks, and there's also a shop like that near my home and office that does big rigs as well.

    I've been able to hit potholes that would kill a car at speed with no damage or ill-effects to the tires, wheels, suspension, or alignment. The only time I have really needed front-end work was after something I did - jumped a curb at 60mph to avoid an accident on I-80 - somebody pulled out from the shoulder in front of a bus, the bus bailed left, and three cars had to come to a screaming halt - I came around a curve, saw no room to brake, and just jumped into the median between the local and express lanes. That required an alignment, new front shocks, and a new track bar - all done under warranty. Been straight ever since.
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    My Ram probably does shift into overdrive too soon. Really lugs at the motor. If this is the way the manufacturers are setting the transmissions up for "fuel economy", It's not working for me. The constant highway downshifts are annoying, and they can't help my overall fuel economy. How about changing the rear-end gear ratio. Would this possibly help?

    By the way, I just drove 260 interstate miles in the mountains of West Virginia. Got a whopping 14.3 mpg. YeeHaa.
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    my '97 4x4 reg cab Ram with the 5.9 v-8 and auto has had two trips to fix the tranny and the rear brakes currently aren't working at all......I have 33,000 miles so far.

    when comparing prices with ford and chevy, factor in the $500 or so for the heavy duty package, because w/o it, the transmission seems to have more problems. Also, you have to pay extra for 4 wheel ABS, which is included on Silverado and Ford 's XLT and Lariats.
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    14 mpg is normal for a V8 small block. Chevy claims to do better with their old 350. My Ford 5.8 never got better than 14 on the hwy and 11 around town...Its a truck. A big squar box that weighs twice as much as a car. You can't expect it to get the same gas mileage.
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    the ford and chevy small block v8's are getting around 18 mpg on the highway right now. of course, if you were driving thru mountains, that would change things. I drove thru 120 miles of mountains in a loaded down suburban and got 16 mpg, that was with about 40 miles of climbing and descending in 2nd gear.
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    When am I going to be able to order the six speed? I have been waiting patiently for 2 years now. I heard that we made some, but then they went on restriction again. Why? Is this going to fall under the T-Rex catagory?

    Matt D
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    Hey, I am thinking about getting a 1999 1500 Quad Cab with 5.9L V8, 4 Speed-Auto, 3.92 Sure Grip Axle with HD Service Group and Trailer Package. Dodge advertising 13 city 16 highway. Anybody out there with the same setup: What type of gas mileage are you getting? Do you have any problems with the transmission?

    Also during my test drive I noticed the steering to have alot play in it was not crisp and I heard a buzzing noise when I put the truck in reverse. Are these two things normal.

    One more thing, I'm a Chevy man and this would be my first Dodge. My current Chevy is a stick with a creeper (granny) gear. The Dodge boys told me Dodge trucks don't have a creeper (granny) gear. Is that true?
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    New Venture found a production problem with the six speed stick. It was fixed, but it put them WAY behind schedule. The few orders that did make it in the system in January and early February will be built as 99s, but otherwise, the 6 speed manual is now on hold until the 2000 model year trucks.
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    Well I finally went and got the truck ive been longing for.99 2500 QC 4x4 Cummins with the 5 speed,3:54 rear end.Traded in 95 F-150 SC 4x4 XLT.The Ford was a good truck but only had the 302 in it.Seemed like the motor was to small for the truck when I hit any hills the truck was always searching for a gear.The Ford was an automatic.Hopefully I will have good luck with the Dodge.First diesel I have owened so it will be a learning experience.
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    goforit, You will love it! There is no turning back now...You are a diesel man. Welcome to the club.
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    After a month of shake, rattle and roll, I took my new Ram back to the dealer to have them look at the doors. The creaking was getting on my one nerve! I picked it up on Wednesday night and didn't hear any noises; however, the driver's side door took three hard slams to get it to close! On Thursday morning's commute, not only were the doors groaning again, but now the dash has joined the band!

    As if this wasn't enough, I now have a loud clanking noise whenever I shift into reverse. Woe is me! With less than 900 miles on my beautiful new truck, I'm beginning to miss my old F150! I'm going to try just spraying the doors with silicone, but that transmission noise is a job for the dealer.
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    Dear Ladyblue.sorry to hear the problems your having already.I have been watching this post for some time now and I know how excited you were when you first picked up your pickup.No pun intended.That was one of my concerns of buying a dodge.Reliablety.Did I spell that right? Anyway hope you get everything straightened out.
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    Just found out that they are going to begin building the Rams with the six speed on March 29. I guess I will get my truck this year!

    Lady Blue...
    Sorry to hear about your problems. Hope that you can get all resolved.
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    Hang in there, everything will work out all right. Remember, one day you will laugh about this and you and your Ram will spend many happy hours together.
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    kc, goldrush & sd99:

    Thanks for the encouragement, guys. I haven't heard any strange noises from the trans again, but I'm keeping my ears open. I'm going to work on the doors this weekend and see if I can reduce some of the squeaking. I'll let you all know what happens.
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    LadyBlue, just keep records of everytime you have visited the Dealer for problems to correct. If they can't fix them to your satisfaction, or you keep having too many, there is a lemon law. You paid for a trouble-free new truck, that's what you should expect to get. Happiness always, earsonly-I love my Ram2500 QC with the Cummins, Quoting "Mharde" Feel the Power!
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    this off topic, but I need to know if anyone of you guys know anyhing about the walker quiet flow mufflers. Are they good, and what kind of sound do they produce, for a 2.6 chrysler 4cyl engine.

    They are expensive, $80.00cdn prices, where the avg muffler costs $25-35 cdn. Does anyone have any experiences with this muffler, any info would be appreciated.
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    Just a little info for those who want it. I saw at a Dodge Dealer website the torque graph for a Magnum 8.0l V10. From 1,000 to 5,000 rpm the engine produced 400lb/ft torque. From 1500 to 3,500 it produced at least 440lb/ft of torque!!! They also showed the torque chart for the 5.9V8 it had a lot less torque and the torque band was not near as flat as the V10. It peaked at about 3,300rpm then dropped down to a very low level. It may be worth it to upgrade to a V10. It is only a $500 dollar option and it doesn't get much worse mileage than the V8.
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    Good advice get the V-10
    the 5.9 is a dog!
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    Hey ladyblue! I have a '98 quadcab and the doors were a major concern. I am fussy about unnecessary noises ( my last acr was an Infiniti Q45 ). I have 15,000 miles on not even a hint of asqueak. The doors close properly and the convenience of the rear doors make owning a truck for my daily transport realistic and practical. If mine is this quiet, I'm sure that yours can be fixed just as good. Don't back off the dealer. Good Luck!
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    Ladyblue your not alone with truck problems.They picked my 99 Ram with diesel up with a rollback last night.Left me sit along side the road.Didnt even run a tank of gas thru it.Dealer called today still cant find out whats wrong.Its very frustrating paying that much money than something like this happens.I understand things happen BUT!!!!! My Fords never let me sit anywhere.I guess the ford gods were angry I bought a Dud I mean Dodge.Will keep everyone updated.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that! I didn't get around to working on the doors this weekend, but - guess what? Quiet as a mouse today! That doesn't mean the noises won't return, but at least my Monday morning commute was peaceful. Hope they can get you back on the road right away. I'm not ready to write off Dodge just yet. Hang in there.
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    Thank the humidity today after all of last night's rain. Keeps the gaskets warm and moist.
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    Kcram and All,

    About three weeks ago I was inquiring about 2500 vs 3500 payloads. You responded that the weak link in the 2500 was the tires and that the axle was the same as the one on the 3500. Well last Friday I went out and bought a 2500 QC with a cummins. The truck I bought has the camper option on it (rear sway bar and overload springs in the rear) and the tires appear to be rated at 3042 Lbs each.

    I have two questions I would like to ask all:

    Does this mean that if it were up to the tires alone and I could somehow distribute the weight evenly I could haul 6084 Lbs?

    If the tires are still the weak link and I eliminate the tire restriction by buying heavier rated tires what is my payload capacity with the overloads and new tires?

    Thanks for all of your valuable input.
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    I have another quick question for all on this topic.

    Do you have bug guards on your Ram? Do you have all three pieces? What type do you have and like?

    If not, is your paint getting chipped up from rocks and debris?

    I sure don't want to cover up any of that good looking front end if I don't have to!!!
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    Right now, your rear GAWR is 6084 pounds, the tire capability times 2. If you added tires that exceeded that, your next weak link is the springs, which on a Ram 2500 are rated at 6500 pounds. Your rear axle is 7500 pounds.

    Yes, your tires can theoretically support a total of 6084 pounds, but remember that includes any weight in the truck that the rear springs would support. This includes the weight of the truck itself, your fuel (diesel weighs approximately 8 pounds per gallon), passengers, and luggage you might have in the cab. All these reduce your payload, thus reducing your camper weight capacity.

    By comparison, my tires are the strongest part of my 3500. The rear GAWR, axle, and springs are all 7500 pounds, but my tires are 2470 lbs each = 9880.

    In your owner's manual folder should be a computer printed camper sheet, with your VIN and what your truck's camper capabilities are. If your slide-in exceeds the information generated for your truck, then you probably do need better springs and tires than what was provided for you.
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    I have a bug guard on my Ram. It's a one-piece that covers the center of the hood and fits behind the chrome where the Ram emblem is. You can see it these pictures of my truck <<A HREF="">;
    I can't remember off the top of my head which brand it is, but I'll check tomorrow and let you know.
  • davids1davids1 Member Posts: 411

    Does the bug guard make the mirrors shake. I heard the smaller side pieces (which fit on the fender above the headlights, which, by the way, I notice you don't have) make the mirrors vibrate. I bought the bug deflector made by AutoVentshade, and returned it without even taking it out of the shrinkwrap. Didn't want to stick the tape on my paint, and take the risk of my mirror shaking to pieces. Then I would be stuck.
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