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Dodge Ram



  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    Good advice get the V-10
    the 5.9 is a dog!
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Hey ladyblue! I have a '98 quadcab and the doors were a major concern. I am fussy about unnecessary noises ( my last acr was an Infiniti Q45 ). I have 15,000 miles on not even a hint of asqueak. The doors close properly and the convenience of the rear doors make owning a truck for my daily transport realistic and practical. If mine is this quiet, I'm sure that yours can be fixed just as good. Don't back off the dealer. Good Luck!
  • goforitgoforit Posts: 6
    Ladyblue your not alone with truck problems.They picked my 99 Ram with diesel up with a rollback last night.Left me sit along side the road.Didnt even run a tank of gas thru it.Dealer called today still cant find out whats wrong.Its very frustrating paying that much money than something like this happens.I understand things happen BUT!!!!! My Fords never let me sit anywhere.I guess the ford gods were angry I bought a Dud I mean Dodge.Will keep everyone updated.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326

    I'm so sorry to hear that! I didn't get around to working on the doors this weekend, but - guess what? Quiet as a mouse today! That doesn't mean the noises won't return, but at least my Monday morning commute was peaceful. Hope they can get you back on the road right away. I'm not ready to write off Dodge just yet. Hang in there.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    Thank the humidity today after all of last night's rain. Keeps the gaskets warm and moist.
  • cabovercabover Posts: 12
    Kcram and All,

    About three weeks ago I was inquiring about 2500 vs 3500 payloads. You responded that the weak link in the 2500 was the tires and that the axle was the same as the one on the 3500. Well last Friday I went out and bought a 2500 QC with a cummins. The truck I bought has the camper option on it (rear sway bar and overload springs in the rear) and the tires appear to be rated at 3042 Lbs each.

    I have two questions I would like to ask all:

    Does this mean that if it were up to the tires alone and I could somehow distribute the weight evenly I could haul 6084 Lbs?

    If the tires are still the weak link and I eliminate the tire restriction by buying heavier rated tires what is my payload capacity with the overloads and new tires?

    Thanks for all of your valuable input.
  • cabovercabover Posts: 12
    I have another quick question for all on this topic.

    Do you have bug guards on your Ram? Do you have all three pieces? What type do you have and like?

    If not, is your paint getting chipped up from rocks and debris?

    I sure don't want to cover up any of that good looking front end if I don't have to!!!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    Right now, your rear GAWR is 6084 pounds, the tire capability times 2. If you added tires that exceeded that, your next weak link is the springs, which on a Ram 2500 are rated at 6500 pounds. Your rear axle is 7500 pounds.

    Yes, your tires can theoretically support a total of 6084 pounds, but remember that includes any weight in the truck that the rear springs would support. This includes the weight of the truck itself, your fuel (diesel weighs approximately 8 pounds per gallon), passengers, and luggage you might have in the cab. All these reduce your payload, thus reducing your camper weight capacity.

    By comparison, my tires are the strongest part of my 3500. The rear GAWR, axle, and springs are all 7500 pounds, but my tires are 2470 lbs each = 9880.

    In your owner's manual folder should be a computer printed camper sheet, with your VIN and what your truck's camper capabilities are. If your slide-in exceeds the information generated for your truck, then you probably do need better springs and tires than what was provided for you.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326

    I have a bug guard on my Ram. It's a one-piece that covers the center of the hood and fits behind the chrome where the Ram emblem is. You can see it these pictures of my truck <<A HREF="">>;
    I can't remember off the top of my head which brand it is, but I'll check tomorrow and let you know.
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411

    Does the bug guard make the mirrors shake. I heard the smaller side pieces (which fit on the fender above the headlights, which, by the way, I notice you don't have) make the mirrors vibrate. I bought the bug deflector made by AutoVentshade, and returned it without even taking it out of the shrinkwrap. Didn't want to stick the tape on my paint, and take the risk of my mirror shaking to pieces. Then I would be stuck.
  • cabovercabover Posts: 12

    Thanks once again for the info. Are the springs still rated for 6500 Lbs or has their rating gone up with the overloads from the camper option?

    The Cargo weight listed in the computer print out you mentioned has to be wrong. The sheet I have shows 1373 (Lbs I think it's not clear) while all of the information I've received from the dealers and brochures show a payload of 2780 Lbs.


    Thanks for the picture. Thats the kind I want if I get one. I've seen some that cover up the entire top piece of chrome while yours mounts above it. If you can find the name I'd like it.


    How many miles do you have on your truck? Have you seen any wear and tear on the paint of your hood from rock chips ect. I'm wondering if the Dodge trucks are susceptible to this with their more aerodynamic design. My 91 Ford sure took a beating on the nose.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326

    I chose the bug guard I have for two reasons - 1) I didn't want to cover up the chrome and emblem, and 2) the one I have screws on instead of being taped on. The separate side pieces are only available with the tape, and I was afraid of having the darn things fly off while driving.


    I'll go outside a little later and look at the name. I got it from the shop that did my cap, liner, steps and window guards. They pretty much picked out the bug shield for me, recommending it over the others that were available.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    That print out is not wrong. "Cargo weight" is shown as less than payload because they assume there will be payload besides what is in the bed (passengers are subtracted at a standard rate of 150 lbs per person). Certain options also reduce your payload - when they are listed in the brochures, they are for the base model and a specific powertrain. Adding the SLT package adds AC, power equipment, heavier seats, etc.

    Just as a comparison, my payload is listed as 4615 pounds, but my camper printout lists cargo weight as only 3314.

    As for the spring packs, I'll look into that for you and tell you what I find out.
  • hadjontihadjonti Posts: 2
    This might seem like ancient history to some of you Dodge folks buying new rams, but maybe some of you can help me out. I am considering purchasing a 1993 dodge 4*4 club cab diesel ram 250 from an estate. It has less than 40,000 miles on it. From what I have found on the net about this truck it must be the last model before the new rams came out. Can anyone tell me anything about the history and reliability of this truck,I am especially concerned about the diesel engine.
  • dodgeramdodgeram Posts: 202
    Well the diesel engine didn't change until 98
    where they really did some work to it with the 24valves and all. They did increase the hp and torque in 94,95,96,97 modles, but not enough to make a real big diffrrence. And with only 40000miles its got lots of life left. As for the old style rams, they ram tough, industructable machines, and they can carry alot too. I had a 81 ram and it lasted me until 1996 when I sold it for $2500.00 dollars!. That was the best truck I ever bought, and I know a friend who has a 93 dully 4x4
    ram x-cab with the auto tranny and diesel, and he pulls a 30+ft praire shooner fith wheel, and it handles it like there was nothing back there. And the suspension is rock solid, wouln't buge one bit with the fith whell on it. The only down side (to some people), is the engine noise, which I like to hear, but some don;t like it, especialy the older style rams, because they have no insulation for noise. Bside that it a very reliable strong truck.
  • dodgeramdodgeram Posts: 202

    Do you the actual payload and towing figures for the 93 dodge 4x4 2500, and 3500 dully models?
  • Hey all,

    In my search for a new Ram P/U I found a local dealer who had one equipped the way I wanted, except for color (Flame Red) and the fact that it was on his Used lot. It is a 1999 1500 Reg. Cab SWB, w/SLT pkg. V8, Auto and some other extras. I don't know the mileage as I saw it when the lot was closed. They also have 2 similarlly equipped trucks on the New lot. My question is, besides being a demo or a trade, why would they have a 99 on the used lot? Also, would it have a good chance of still having the factory warranty on it? I know I need to ask the salespeople there, but if it still was like new and had the warranty, and if I could get it for a better price than the new ones, I'd go for it and live w/ the color. I am going back tommorrow to do a test drive and was just looking for a little advice from previous and knowledgeable buyers. TIA!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    I'll see if I can find them
  • HI, Dodge Ram lovers

    I order a 99 ram 1500 with all the goodies, it's the solar yellow sport, on March 1, 99 the dealer said that was the last day you could put a order in for a yellow ram they were discontinue the solar yellow. if this is true how would I be able to fine out how many were made. I have only seen two other one's in this area.
  • axleaxle Posts: 9
    I believe that what the dealer meant is that, that is the last date they can order a 99 Ram with the solar yellow, the factorys have cutoff dates on different options/packages near the end of a model year production. As far the production numbers, Chrysler is the one that would most likely have them, but do not know who to contact.
    Good Luck
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    From what I can dig up, the auxiliary spring packs are good for 500 pounds per side.


    the 93 Ram Club Cabs were GVWR'd at 8510 and 10,100 for the 250 and 350 respectively (the extra zero in the model number came with the new body). That translated into payloads of 2200 and 3600. Still looking up the tow ratings.
  • dodgeramdodgeram Posts: 202
    Why does the 93 rams suspension feel much more stronger than the 94 and above, if the numbers aren't that diffrent. My friends 93 ram is almost impossible to sink it down with a load, not even his 35ft fithwheel sinks it, just 2-3inches thats all.
  • i should be getting my new 1500 q/c 4x4 dodge next week, has anybody heard anything i should be aware of, it has the 5.9 auto, the only thing i left off was the stereo control on the string wheel
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326

    The steering wheel audio controls was the one toy I couldn't live without! I use it all the time. What color is your truck? I've had mine for a little over a month now, and except for the creaky doors (still working on that) it's been a pretty great truck.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    The older trucks had shorter, stiffer leaf springs than the new design. There was very little flex because of the shorter length of the leaves. In comparison, the new Rams have 60-inch leaves - they can be made softer (in terms of spring rate) while their extra length makes up for the load capacity.
  • Ladyblue, it will be the solar yellow sport,
    i'm trying to fine out how many was painted this yellow in the ram, in this area i've only seen a couple yellow rams, how many have you seen
  • do all the Q-doors creak on the rams
  • ladyblue:

    i jump in and seen your truck great looking truck
    you did gooood!

    did you get a good buy on it?
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326

    I've seen a couple of solar yellow Rams around here (NJ) and a few yellow Dakotas. They certainly stand out in any parking lot. I guess you would have to ask Chrysler to find out how many were produced.

    I'm sure not all quad-cab doors sqeak. I just happened to get lucky! I'm also probably more sensitive to the noise, since my last truck was a three-door F150 that was quiet as a mouse.

    BTW, thanks for the compliment. I did get a good buy on it - $500 over invoice, and the kind of treatment from the dealership that is priceless. I really love the truck.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    I have a '98 quadcab without a hint of squeaking or rattling. It's surprisingly quiet even on rough roads.
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