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Dodge Ram



  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326

    You are one smart cookie! That was a great price to pay for your truck. My loaded 99 Ram was 26,550 and I didn't have the benefit of a trade in or rebate! :-(

    I've heard Reedman is a good place to shop if you know what you're looking for. I've also heard it can be overwhelming if you don't. So many cars, so little time. BTW, the truck is doing great, although the driver's side door still moans a bit. I'm getting a class III hitch put on Saturday. I didn't order the towing package since I won't be doing any heavy hauling and didn't need the trans cooler, etc. Just going to be towing a small boat and maybe a pop-up camper. Did I make a mistake?


    Kc's right - I follow the owner's manual to the letter, except I change the oil more frequently than they recommend. The book says every 3750, but I prefer every 3000. Lot's of people have different opinions, but I figure the guys who made the truck should know best. Just my opinion. Congratulations on your new truck! Let's hear some details! Color? Options?
  • Thanks ladyblue and KC, I read the owners manual and am going to follow it to the letter just wanted to know if there were some inside tips from other owners about other things i should look for. As for my truck I own a 1999 Dodge Ram Sport 4x4 quad cab 1500, its Intence Blue, CD player, SLT, i didnt get the tow package because im not going to be towing anything more than a small boat or maybe a camper, I opted for the 5.9Ltr and I also put the ABS system on, i read a review that this was a good option because of the vechiles size, I really like the ABS system, I also paid 26,500 for my truck with a thousand down. I have already taken it off road, and am going camping this weekend i just cant drive it ecough, but still want to keep the mileage down.
  • viperleviperle Posts: 31
    I'm planning on getting the 99 QUADCAB SLT LORAMIE 2WD with everything on it but the kitchen sink and keather. What's the lowest price before fees that you have seen?
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326

    Hey! We have almost identical trucks, except mine has the 5.2L and it's not the Sport (I'm a chrome freak). Same color, same options, and I also will only tow a small boat (getting it this weekend) and maybe a future pop-up camper.

    I must say, you have excellent taste in trucks. ;-)
  • wvbillswvbills Posts: 12
    Hi: I'm new here - just found the site yesterday but I've read all the way back to last November already. Fascinating reading! (or did I just have time to kill?? ;-)

    Anyway, my wife and I moved to West Virginia from metro Washington DC last October and within two weeks she had an accident in her Saturn SC2 resulting from not being able to see very far over the hilly roads and corn fields.

    We ended up buying a 4x4 Dakota Sport SB regular cab for her. I was supposed to get to drive it to work when it snowed but you should have seen her pout when I tried to get the keys!!! She loves that truck!

    Well, now my '93 Ford Aerostar is starting to show it's 108,000 miles and we're looking at a "big" truck for me. I'm deciding between a Ram 1500 and a F150.

    Reading this discussion group has been very informative and I'm leaning toward the Ram. I'll drive both before deciding but that will just be confirming the decision I make from research.

    I have a basic question, though. I can't find it clearly described anywhere on Dodge's web site or any other.

    What is the difference between a "Club Cab" and a "Quad Cab"? 2 doors v.s. 4 doors? All I ever see pictures of is 4 doors whether it's supposed to be a picture of Club or Quad.

    Thanks. I'll keep you posted of my decision process.
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    Club cab = 2 doors
    Quad cab = 4 doors
  • akjbmwakjbmw Posts: 231
    I thought club was Dodge for extended or super cab???
    #474 not wrong, just not enough right. ;-)
  • jerryfmjerryfm Posts: 3
    I have a 99 quad with an auto and the 24 valve Cummins.
    I also feel the "bog" in 4th gear but it feels more like the after burner is kicking in. It will shift into 4th at about 45mph and almost immediatly I will feel another shift and the rpm's will drop another 300 rpm's. Is this what you people are feeling and is it a problem the dealer should be told about? I only have 2200 miles on it and am thinking of all the problems I should bring up to him when I take it in for the first oil change.
    Someone said something about the cummins eating up the auto, what did that mean? Am I going to have problems if I tow much?
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    We have about 1500 miles on our new 3500/Cummins/4x4. The wife drove it back from our place in the Adirondacks last weekend, doing 70 - 80 mph all the way, and we both agree it rides, handles and steers much better than our old 1500 4x4 Ram. According to the mileage computer included with the Travel Convenience Group, it's getting 16.4 to 16.9 mpg. I'm currently checking this gadget, as I find it suspect.
    We equipped it with the Dodge contoured front mud flaps, fullsize rears with Stainless Steel border, a Leer fiberglass bed lid painted to match, ( the kind with the nitrogen-filled shocks to assist it opening ), a Python Security system, auto-start, and keyless entry, and last but not least, a full size set of Manik 3" Stainless Steel Tube steps with 3 steps per side. ( They run from the front flaps clear under the dual rear wheels).
    Although these steps look great, I would not suggest them to others for now. They have QC problems with their welding/fixturing process, and they neglected to provide a center support in the area of the rear seat. (middle step) Consequently, when someone steps up with a little heft (200lbs),
    the whole bar bends down about 4 ". I have been in contact with the engineer from Manik on these issues, and they are having a meeting Monday concerning my own and similar complaints from others on these bars. FWIW.
    My only regret (just a little...) is not getting the power drivers seat. The seat provided is extremely comfortable as-is. Maybe I just want some buttons to play with on long drives, who knows... All in all, it's a hell of a truck.

  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    One afterthought...
    I never know how long to let the Cummins run after a run, even to work. Sometimes I sit for a minute, other times for two. If I could be granted a wish from Dodge, I would ask for a sensor to be installed that would provide some indication of when the appropriate parts of the Cummins are cool enough to shut it down.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    There are aftermarket exhaust pyrometers that will give you that very information.

    Click here for a buddy's website that shows the pyrometer he installed, as well as a phone number for info.
  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    jerryfm, The 300 rpm drop is the torque converter lockup..You will also get that in 3rd gear. It almost feels like you have 6 speeds. This is normal. Don't worry about your transmission. As long as you don't abuse it, and keep it properly maintained.
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    Need some help...
    I'm having a bugger of a time putting air into the rear wheels. Both valves point towards each other on the inside. I don't want to install extenders like you find on RV's. I have two good-quality BridgePort Truck tire gages with the dual-ended, angled ends. What I'm trying to find is an air chuck with the same type of end as the tire gage, only I can thread a 1/8 or 1/4" NPT fitting on the opposite end that will fit my air hose.
    If anybody knows where I can get a tool to make this task easy, don't be shy.

  • akjbmwakjbmw Posts: 231
    I have seen the type of chuck you describe on the air hoses of automotice service centers. I don't remember the brand or even looking for a brand.
    I suggest tracking down a Snap-On dealer or call a local industrial equipment sales shop.
    Maybe even a Post Tool or a Harbor Freight store.
    Good luck.
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    Sorry for appearing rude, it was unintentional.
    Thankyou for your suggestion. My dealer gave me similar advise, saying that his techs obtained these specialty extended air chucks from on of the "traveling" tool reps, among which are MAC and Snap-On. I'll try calling tonight.

  • Blong1Blong1 Posts: 17
    Just got a call from the dealer and after 3 days of checking they claim the bog or lugging after shifting into OD is normal. I asked to take another 98 out for a try and they convienently didn't have one.. What is the general opinion is this normal??? Again this happens around 42mph just after it drops into OD. sort of feels like it is in the wrong gear (sort of like starting in 3rd gear)
  • godswayegodswaye Posts: 1
    I am considering the purchase of a 99 1500 quad with LB. But it does not have the "anti-spin" differential that others I have looked at have. How beneficial is this? Any advice?
  • brumie824brumie824 Posts: 3
    I like this page. A lot of useful info here.
    I have decided on a 1500 Quad Cab 4x4. Not in a hurry yet so I may wait for the 2000 model year. I'm having trouble deciding on the engine size. I like the idea of the 360, but don't know if I really need it. I commute to work 40 miles round trip. The ram would be used mostly for this purpose and for errands and family trips. I have no trailer and do not haul loads regularly. I plan to purchase a boat or jet skis down the road. The only other towing would maybe be a moving trailer once every few years. Should I spend the extra $600 on the 360, or will the 318 be a better engine? Does it get better gas milage?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    rk #483,

    Very expensive - don't forget, you have to swap both axles, not just the rear (can't drive with a 3.54 front and a 4.10 rear). The speedometer/odometer module also has to be reprogrammed at the dealer because it is now electronic - the old mechanical set was just a matter of removing the right number of gear teeth.
  • eric16eric16 Posts: 38
    I am looking at ordering a 2500 Qcab with the cummins. I have heard that dodge has put new brakes and suspension on the 2000 year. Have anyone heard of any other changes? And when will the prices be out?


  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    I can't believe I forgot this important detail.
    It's not a major deal regardless. We thought that after 3 years of planned travel with our new 3500 that we might change plans and pull a small 5th wheel or toss on a nice truck camper. The 4:10's would be a better choice for this I think if the initial cost wasn't prohibitive, as it seems to be.

    Depends where you live, IMO. If you spend your winters anywhere in snowbelt country, like I do in Upstate NY, it is definitely an asset you should not do without, believe me. In the South, SouthWest or CA, it would not be as useful, unless you spend time off-road.

    This is entirely normal. Kcram knows the gearing specs on this issue. The RPM's drop considerably when OD kicks in, and in my last Ram with the 318 and stock gearing, this did indeed occur about 42-43 mph. The engine, at this mph, is substantially outside of it's powerband, and consequently feels like it's struggling. The 360 has greater torque and is not affected as much at this lower RPM.
    As a suggestion that has worked for me for years, I leave the OD turned OFF for all about-town driving up to 60 mph. ( 5.2L ) I did not see any decrease in my mileage in doing this, probably because at the higher RPM, the engine had to work less to pull the truck around. This also eliminated the frequent "searching" as the transmission shifted in and out of OD, especially when driving in the 35 - 45 mph range. Experiment a little to see what works for you.

  • Blong1Blong1 Posts: 17
    Thanks for the info. Sure is annoying though. I'll give the OD off thing a try. Fortunately I drive at highway speeds most of the time. Thanks again
  • cmassharcmasshar Posts: 1
    Interesting conversations. I too am considering a Dodge Ram 2500 Quad cab 4x4 (maybe '00?). Found a couple of interesting web sites. This web site ( ) is used to describe this gents Ram that he sold because the tranny couldn't take the Cummins (his claim). However, a good link to talk tranny issues is given on the site as well ( - follow the tranny link). They talk about the poor torque converter (for the Cummins) and some other issues.

    The other site is the $99 over invoice for Dodge posted by a gent at Melloy Dodge in ABQ NM.
    ( )
    Unfortunately Rams are $500 over (still a good/great deal?). He has to order the trucks to get this good deal and they are retooling for '00 at this time, so I'll have to wait if I decide to go this route. 8-(.

    Sounds like, for the most part, people are happy with their Dodge trucks? What are some good sites to check out for accessories, etc? Things like: Brush guards, nerf bars, winches, etc?

    Thanks in advance - love the forum going here.
  • glengleglengle Posts: 57
    Well, my service manager told me mine was excessive, until the shop foreman said he couldn't fix it (tried adjusting the TPS etc.). Now her story has changed to "characteristic of the vehicle". It didn't do it (at least this bad) when new, it's getting worse, and my buddies with a 5.9 and 5.2 don't do it. Hmmmm.

    Can't fix it? Must be normal.

    By the way, my truck has been in the shop now since 6/1/99. I marked the tires over the weekend, and it didn't move until I brought it to their attention yesterday afternoon. They gave me no loaner, and had not called me (9 days?) to even give me a status. Seems they're waiting for a new gas tank and valve body tranny kit to come in. Oh, and they parked it under a pine tree for the duration, so it's covered with sap.

    5-star dealership. That and a quarter will buy a cup of coffee.
  • Blong1Blong1 Posts: 17

    Would sure like to know more about your deler sounds like the same story that I have down to the gee this is excessive. Not sure what is wrong, can't fix it. Is a characteristic of this vehicle. If you would like Email me at [email protected]
  • geobcgeobc Posts: 2
    I have a 98 dodge ram quad cab like the truck only have 7800 km on it . have following problems with it has anyone encountered same and what was done. I read all the postings and noticed that there were a couple of problems that I have but didnt read any responses as to what dealer did if anything. Tranny has a hum in reverse when it is cold apparently it is a known problem but dealer gave song and dance that this hum causes no problems and shouldnt break down apparently a valve of some sort needs repacement to correct problem . The other one is the air conditioning. Guess this would cause gas mileage to go up a bit Find that the only 2 spots on the heater dial that the air conditioner doesnt work is when dial is set to blow air to face or set to blow air to feet, the air conditioner works full time in the defrost mode even and also in the face and floor mode. Asked him about it and he says that is normal. any experiences and what was done? thanks

  • ezunigaezuniga Posts: 2
    I am in the market for a truck, and I plan on buying one pretty soon. I just wanted to know if any of you guys and gals out there have a Ram 1500 single cab SB. I want a new truck to replace my aging '92 Dakota with 118k on it. Anyway, I was hoping someone can give me their expereinces with the Regular cab short bed. Also, is the base 3.9 V6 enough power to move the ram. I have that same V6 engine in my Dakota and it does a really good job with acceleration, is it at least a little peppy with the reg cab ram or should I go with the small v8? Any other experiences are welcome. I'm trying to decide between the reg cab F150 and the reg cab Ram.

    Thanks in advance,

  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    geobc, It is normal for the air conditioner to run when in the defrost mode. There are two heat settings, and three air conditioner. All air settings are marked with a snow flake symbel.
  • glengleglengle Posts: 57
    Well, they told me to pick up my truck yesterday. I got there and all of the problems still exist. The truck is covered with tree sap as well.

    I told the service manager I want the truck bought back, so she gave me the 1-800-who-cares number to call. We'll see how it goes.

    If anyone wants the MS Word files I've been keeping as documentation of my experience, email me at [email protected] and I'll send them to you.

    Take care,

  • ramdadramdad Posts: 2
    I just picked up my 99 Ram Sport Quad Cab and I have to tell ya, I'm in heaven. Thing is, I am looking for a Dadge Ram club in the San Francisco Bay Area of CA. If anyone knows of a club, please e-mail me at [email protected]

    If ya just want to rap about ram trucks, e-mail me.
  • fitefite Posts: 1
    Where can I find info on the year model 2000 dodge ram?
  • LohengrinLohengrin Posts: 84

    I have a reg cab/short bed Ram. I really like it. The bed is plenty big for me. The cab has as much room as my brother's Toyota extended cab. You can sit three across in perfect comfort. I had to go four across on one occation and even that wasn't too bad, though I wouldn't do that regularly because there's only three seat belts. Also, there's lots of space behind the seat, enough you can put small grocery bags, gym bags, or a suit case. Not haveing a family to haul around, I don't miss the extended cab at all. In fact, the regular cab makes the truck much shorter and easier to manuver. My truck is a 4x4 and its base engine is the 318. I can tell you the 318 is plenty powerful to push the truck around with confidence, though it isn't much for gas milage. I don't think it even gets better milage than the 360. I can't tell you about the V6, though I hear it's a dog.
  • venomvenom Posts: 1
    I recently bought a R/T Dakota for my Son. It is in the shop for the fourth time in twenty-eight days. The truck has a problem in the front end that causes wheel shake. As of yet they have not located it. Anyone have similar problems?
  • oldblueoldblue Posts: 1
    hi all, i'm new to this board so bear with me. Just to let u know a little about myself. I own an 88 ram 150 3.9 6 (small 6 :o( ) Got it from my grandfather for free so i can't complain. After a little work and two new factory doors (don't buy taiwan tin people) it looks, and more importanly runs, like new, or atleast a 2 year old truck, considering it only has 65 k miles on it.
    My gramps just forked over the cash (37 grand) for a 99 1500 ram laramie slt 4x4 5.9L v8 quad cab (got an ARE cap... nice addidtion) with the chrome step bumers, chrome mud flaps in front (yosemite sam in the back... i had to, its nostalgia). This, until I read some recent posts, was my dream truck, and is still very high on the pecking order (prolly at #2) behind the rumored to be redesigned 2000 rams. I hope the keep the body design... its a classy truck. (by the way, its black with sandstone tutone).

    I, like manyother people, was pissed when I found out the "chrome" grill wasn't chrome but plastic. And the rear bumper was covered with plastic... what the hell ram makers.. wake up... we like chrome. So I myself gave my gramps the 800 for a custom chrome grille (REAL CHROME DAMMIT) and I had to sacrifice the mint cond chrome bumper from my 88 (i (he's got a flat black from my best friend's ford now... i kinda stole it.. oh well).

    If anyone has any tips for me on getting the most out of my 88 ( i need at least 4 years, get me through college till i can buy a new ram) or anything i can do to it to supe it up. I've been looking for a lift kit, but everything i find has warnings that it screws up some other part of the truck. and any advice on caring for the new 99 is also welcome, cuz if i can't afford a truck when i get our of school then gramps is giving me that one (and he only puts on 7k miles a year so it will be in prime shape)
  • tkabbestkabbes Posts: 14
    Couldn't fork out the dough out for a new dodge so I found a 1995 club cab 8' bed 360 2wd. Great truck, tows the boat well.
    64,000 miles. Check engine light came on yesterday. Light was on about a week earlier. Shuts off with the ignition key and it doesn't come back on for maybe another week.
    Does the Dodge have a provision for the owner to read error codes or do I need to visit my friendly dealer?
    Any reply would be appreciated.
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    The Dealers are notified in July sometime of the new changes and additions to the product line. I would suggest befriending a local dealer so that he/she will pay particular attention to the changes regarding the vehicle you plan to purchase.

    IMO, a few minutes on your dealers computer, coupled with the experience of the mechanic involved, generally yields a quick diagnosis of the problem. Although I have seen gadgets that give you this information when connected to the computer, this means you have to buy this device, plus a service manual that gives the details of the particular error code. You will still end up buying what is defective, if it is as simple as a defective sensor, or be left scratching your head when interpretation of the error codes are required to diagnose a more complex problem, possibly involving more than one area. This is why the mechanics must take periodic refresher courses from the factory. Things are getting pretty high-tech with the new engines, and some problems require only a software adjustment, not necessarily replacement of parts. No more sittin' on the inside fenderwells changing plugs and points on your small-block Chevy or Ford like many of us did. My advise is to seek out a local Dealer for your problem. Browse around a little and be observant. Dealers who believe in recurrent training for their mechanics generally like to display their achievements where the customers hang out. Good luck whatever your decision may be.

  • cc1cc1 Posts: 4
    Can anyone out there tell me what gas mileage you are getting with your ram. I looking at a 99 V-8
  • tkabbestkabbes Posts: 14
    Hey rlkrueger,
    Thanks for the advice on the error codes. I called a local dealer and he said that they could determine the problem via diagnosis for $59.00. Sounds reasonable to me.

  • davisgdavisg Posts: 1
    The Ram 1500 is no good, the F-150, or the Toyota Tundra are better buys. The real deal is the 2500 HD, Quad-Cab. Notice you don't see alot of those in the paper, why because they are awesome. The Ford Super Duties, which look like Rams any way, and the Chevy's have nothing on it. The 360 is standard, but there is something about that Cummins or the 540(V10) that is irresistable. Clearance lamps and 4wd is a must. There is nothing like it. Mine is simply stunning. Save 5,000 if you must, but don't cop out for a fully loaded 1500 SLT for 25,000.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    You don't see super duty trucks for sale used in the paper because this is a NEW model for ford. I would certainly hope no one is selling a truck that is one year old. You seem to mixing the ford with the dodge at least terminology.
  • glengleglengle Posts: 57
    To everyone who followed my saga, I'm posting this on both of the main Ram topics:

    My Ram 1500 SLT (2WD, SB, 5.9L) was in the shop 5
    times for a total of over a month. Problems still
    exist. I spoke with a district manager who said
    she would do nothing more than continue to try and
    fix it.

    The last time I picked it up (Friday) they had put
    a dent in the hood the size of a baseball and
    scraped the paint off the edge of the driver's
    door. All on my new truck with 3000 miles! They
    have now replaced the transmission, window molding,
    gas tank, some valve kit, and a plethora of other
    little things (leaf springs, bushings, brake rotor,
    etc). As a laugh, the paperwork simply states
    "Could not reproduce" or "characteristic of the
    vehicle" for most of these items. No wonder the DM
    won't help.

    To make a long story short? I'm trading it away
    tonight. The dealer is giving me $18,700 for it,
    and I'll never look back. To everyone else who
    owns a Ram, I sincerely wish you the best of luck
    and hope you never go through what I have.

    Take care,
  • Blong1Blong1 Posts: 17
    Greg, sorry to hear that you are trading away. Unfortunately I am just about at this last resort. My 14K mileage RAM has some features that make it terrible to drive. The DM keeps insisting that this is normal and refuses to ride with me to "feel" the problem. the 1-800 who cares number was less than helpful. It's a shame as I really do like the truck other than the vibration. I waited a long time to get this truck and hope I can salvage it, but it looks pretty dismal.
    Best of luck on what ever you pick as a replacement.
  • doc6doc6 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have advice about purchasing a 99 now, or should I wait for the 2000 line? Dealer said they would be on the lot in 6-8 weeks but had no prices yet. I'm looking at a 99 Ram Quad Short bed, 5.2 liter in Driftwood. I was going to wait for the 2000 because the dealer said they would have Patriot Blue which looks great on the Durango. Will they cut the price down on the 99's soon? Thanks for any comments.
  • glengleglengle Posts: 57

    I think Dodge just came out with a $1000 rebate not long ago.


    Thanks and good luck to you as well.

  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    So sorry to hear of your troubles. The biggest problem I've had so far is still the doors. The driver's side still squeaks and now the rear door on that side is almost impossible to open. I think they've "tightened" it to the point that it's stuck shut! Like I have time to keep going back to these morons.

    Other than that, the truck is great. Good luck to you.
  • Does anyone out there have any more current information concerning the availability of either the 6-speed manual or the improved Alison automatic transmissions? If they are "a long way off" I will buy an existing 5-speed now. If they are "on the near horizon" I can wait a bit.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    The 6 speed manual is expected to be a regular production option for 2000 Cummins-powered trucks. No word yet on Allison availability.
  • gashoggashog Posts: 10
    In post 495 and 497 you were cussing and discussing the A/C settings and I thought I'd throw in my $.02. The A/C is operating in so many different switch positions that it is better to identify where it does NOT function. Geobc is correct that it doesn't function at the feet only or face only position. It does function in the FEET & FACE combination position even though there is no "snowflake" (always wondered what that symbol meant, thanks mharde2)at that position. There is a one line explanation in my 99 Ram owners manual that says so.
    It is really too bad that Dodge didn't follow the Chevy and Ford lead and put in a separate A/C on/off switch.
    Have you folks figured out which position blocks outside air and which position brings in outside air?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    The 94-97 Ram AC controls would have driven you nuts. Technically, there is an AC on/off, but it isn't set up that way. The center knob for the fan speeds goes in two directions from 12-o'clock (off) - clockwise increases fan speeds without AC, counterclockwise increases fan speeds with AC on.

    As for outside air, only "Max AC/Recirc" is a completely closed system. All other settings let in outside air.
  • fairygm1fairygm1 Posts: 1
    After lurking about a couple of days... believe someone out there might be able to answer "what is a SOLID or LIVE axle as seen or pointed out by certain salespeople on the 4x4 Ram. Yeah, I'm a gal & we're not 'sposed to know stuff like that but hubby is looking over my shoulder. Any ideas or explanations a greenhorn might understand?
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