Mazda Millenia S Turbo Annoying Whine

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I would be interested in other owner experience with 2000 Mellinia S (< 10K miles). At about 60 MPH (2200 RPM) the turbo emits an annoying whine that can be heard over the radio. My service manager tells me that this is normal. I beleive that noise of this sort is abnormal and indicates a defective unit. Have other Millenia owners had similar experiences? TFS


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    considering your car doesn't even HAVE a turbo to be defective...
    It's supercharged. Big difference.
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    it's the sound of freedom...

    ummm try a different dealer. same story, multiple sources, probably true...
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    sorry, no whine here. i have heard people posting problems with thier 95 s's(compressor).. i maintain my car well, and have had no problems with the engine/compressor. i have 96k on it.
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    Your Stereo's wiring may be causing this sound your hearing; have the dealership remove it and check to see if there are any loose wires (connections) or other sound absorbing objects which may have been mistakenly placed or that may have even fell behind it.
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    Now wait. Do you hear this sound without the radio on?

    YES---okay, then forget the radio as a cause

    NO--only with the radio on----then you need a suppressor on your alternator.

    If YES, you may indeed have a bad bearing in the s/c, or it could be belt noise, or a bad bearing in an idler pulley if your s/c runs off one.
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