Volvo 960 problems

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Help. I have '96 960 wagon. Have always had maintenance hassels. I really like the car, but am thinking of trading in SOON. In addition to usual things like battery, brakes, timing belt & tires, in the last year I've replaced central locking system relay, A/C compressor, dual feed vacuum element in dash for a/c( and they tell me more to come), and radiator. I have a leaking rear shock and another wierd problem. About twice a week when I start the car--it won't go into gear and the windows won't roll down. Turn key off, turn back on and it all works. It also seems like the transmission is acting strange but I might be getting paranoid. Am I in for spending big bucks from here on out? Has anyone had this failure to go into gear problem and if so, what did it cost to fix?


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    Honestly I think the 960 is a troublesome car, especially in 95-96, and you should dump it as soon as it is working properly.
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    I have a late 97 S90 (re-badged 960) that today started flashing the orange arrow on the dash - which the manual tells me is a potential transmission problem. Car drives ok, any ideas what is up? It looks serious.....

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    I'd take it to the dealer or an independent mechanic and have them read the diagnostic code. If it drives fine but the light's flashing, that's really not a whole lot of information to go on. You might get more luck with your question at which sort of a Volvo-specific Edmund's.
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