Volvo S80 timing belt problem

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My Volvo S80 2.9 was turning a corner when the serpentine belt came off and the car stopped. The Car was towed to the dealer who had it for ten days and called last night to say the the car had hit something and which had forced something- a tube?- into the timing belt which caused the belt to jump and the valves to be bent by the pistons. He said the factory re told him this because it had happened to others and he could see scrapes on the undercarriage. We are going to examine the car today. We cannot remember hitting anything. We did have a problem with the crank seal which was repaired earlier. Dealer says my warranty or extended warranty will not cover and I owe him for repair and loner which would have been free if the repair would have been covered. Anybody have similar problems or thoughts- I'm ready to sell the Volvo and buy something else.


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    Well, if you really did hit something, your insurance coverage would pay for the damage, no?
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    Yep, less the deductible, they sure would pay for it.

    This whole scenario sounds very unusual. I'd like to know all the details sometime.
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    We saw the car this PM. A plastic tube sticks through the plastic cover under the radiator and in front of the serpentine belt. Tube was scuffed. Svc. Foreman thought we had hit tube forcing it back into the serpentine belt, belt jumped off, part lodging in the timing belt which caused Piston and valves to make contact thus bending valves and causing undetermined damage. Service Foreman said that serpentine belt could actually work for a while after skipping a groove forward before finally coming off. We don't remember hitting anything immediately before the incident but a week earlier were in new construction area with speed bumps which seemed pretty high because of being put on base coat of blacktop prior to finish coat. I was not aware of tube hitting at that time but it is plastic and the windows were up W/AC running. Hard to say but Volvo adamant they won't pay. Insurance says they must see physical damage. Investigator due out tomorrow........ to be continued
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    This sounds highly unlikely....are they saying that the tube hit the belt, the belt jumped a tooth, then worked for a while, then the belt flew off?

    Gimme a break! That's about a one in a gazillion phenomenon....and even if it were true, a lousy design feature....why isn't this belt protected?

    Get your boxing gloves on....
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    The saga is unresolved. Called insurance co. 7/17. Independent appraiser assigned. Said he was going to see car. Had not showed. Spoke with him yesterday was going to see car would call me. No call. Called insurance co. this AM was told this PM that case taken from this appraiser co. and my insurance co. would send own appraiser out. See what happens tomorrow. So far incident happened and car towed 7/5. Volvo dealer took until 7/17 to say they would not fix. Insurance co. had for 10 days with no results. Svc Foreman did estimate cost of repair $1500 to $5000- who knows until they remove head which they won't do until someone agrees to pay.
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    Insurance adjuster looked at car. Agreed to pay for the repairs minus the deductible but said very poor design if timing belt is vulnerable to damage in this way. I agree but paid the $250 deductible. Total bill was just shy of $3000. Bottom line is I think I made a big mistake in buying this car. Car was at dealer's over one month.
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