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Wanted to know if anybody knows where I can get the Micro fiber towel in Canada? Be a retail or on-line e-tailer? I know U.S. on-line sites have them but don't want to pay for the customs fee. Heard a lot of great things about it and many professional retailers are using it. Somebody must know where I can get them in Canada? Suggestions welcomed.


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    The brand I'm after is "Miracle Towel."
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    NicSand, also makes a good micro fiber towel. In the USA they are available at Pep Boys and some K-Marts. Hopes this helps.

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    Jeez, you can find these anywhere. There are a million places online. Check out Griots Garage for starters.

    I just bought 5 micro fiber towels at my local Bed, Bath and Beyond. They're awesome. No more removing wax with a normal cotton towel.....
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    What's the story on these towels? I don't think I have heard about them before. They less likely to scratch paint or something? They mainly to be used for waxing or they have other purposes? Just curious as I currently use old rag towels to wax my car and sometimes it puts a light clearcoat scratch if any wax particles build up anywhere on it.
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    I have used NicSand towels for over a year. They do a great job removing wax and applying a quick detailer after washing. I also have a couple dedicated for window cleaning. No lint!!! You will NEVER EVER use Windex and paper towls again. Go to your local AutoZone or Pep Boys, etc. and get some auto glass cleaner and a micro fiber towel. You will be good to go. Here is a neat trick a learned from a Edmunds Town Hall member, clean and maintain your dash and other hard plastic interior parts with Pledge and a quick buff with a micro fiber towel.

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    I'm from Canada so I want Canadian retailers. Thanks for the suggestions guys. NicSand, I'll remember the name. Any Canadians know where on-line or traditional stores that carry the Miracle towel of NicSand?
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    You can now purchase these microfiber towels at Canadian Tire Stores under the Meguiars label.I saw them there this morning. I bought two from an auto detailing shop last week & have only used them so far for light dusting on the interior.
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