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Car starts very rough

ovpolianovpolian Member Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
When I start my car, the engine works very roughly for a few first minutes. It may even stop and need restarting. After a while the problem seems to dissappear and you can drive seemingly well. It also whistles a little bit as you drive.

Any idea what that might be?

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corsica
Year: 1993

Thanks a lot.


  • ovpolianovpolian Member Posts: 4
    My air condition switched doesn't work properly. As in most of other cars I have many modes: None, ax, Normal, Windshield etc. I seem to be able to only switch between ax and None. All other positions work just like ax. It's her inconvenient, asp. in winter when you really need to warm your windshield.

    Is it something easy to fix or should I go to the garage?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Ah, rough running could be a gazillion different things. Usually, if it clears up when the engine warms up, it is perhaps a fuel delivery problem or a vacuum leak in the intake manifold. Ignition problems don't readily fix themselves, but a bad fuel mixture with a cold engine (too little fuel I mean in this case) would be a correct fuel mixture perhaps with a warm engine. Also, leaky manifolds can seal themselves as the engine metal expands.

    As for the a/c, I don't understand the question as you've written it.

    Mr. Shiftright

  • ovpolianovpolian Member Posts: 4
    1. The problem with the engine was identified by some people as engine overflooding (with gas). I guess, it means it should be seen by a mechanic.

    2. Well, let me try to rephrase. The air conditioning switcher has sevral positions. Among those are 'Off', 'Maximum', 'Heat', 'Fan' etc. The problem with my car is that effectively only two positions work: 'Off' and 'Maximum'. Switching to any other position results in the air conditioning working as if it is set to 'Maximum'.

    Another problem, which might be in fact related, is that when the airconditioning is off, some air still leaks inside.

    That might be the problem?
  • ovpolianovpolian Member Posts: 4
    I need to look at the airconditioning switcher which requires removing the air conditioner control. The manual says any work on electrical system may cause the airbage to inflate, so it needs to be deactivated first thing.

    Would removing an airbag fuse do the job? Frankly, the manual says, no and it recommends to undo the steering column and disconnect some connector. But I don't understand how a circuit can work without a fuse and if it can, what it's for.

    Thank you.
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