Does an '87 Honda Have a Clearcoat Finish?

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We just purchased an '87 Honda Accord and would like to clean up the paint job. The existing paint might be OK (we don't want to spend the money to repaint it)if we can compound it and then do a good waxing. I'm concerned though that we might make it worse if it's a clear coat finish. (It doesn't look too bad from a distance - it's only when you get close that it shows it's age.) Does anyone have any recommendations?


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    Try a test spot somewhere that is inconspicuous. I believe it is clearcoated, yes, but who knows, perhaps it was repainted without clearcoat. If the paint is really oxidized, you may need a machine to help you, and the proper types of abrasive.

    Normally you cannot damage paint by mere buffing unless you do it incorrectly. That would include burning the paint with the buffer or using too severe an abrasive. If you work by hand it's almost impossible to hurt anything but your arm muscles.
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    If there is cracking on the top of the paint, then it is most likely clear coated.
    If you try and paint acrylic enamel over clear coat, the clearcoat will lift and make a big mess.
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    yes, 87 honda has clearcoat. I worked at a dealer then, and detailed many a 87 honda.

    use rubbing compound in a small area first, before doing the whole car.

    i think all cars after 1980 except yugo and fiat are clearcoat...
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