Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!

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Much like Dorothy's trip to OZ, we encounter many Additives, Power enhancers, Snake Oils, and Info-commercials proclaiming the benefits of XYZ product.

Question. Do any of them really work?
Can you drive a Viper in the desert with no Oil in the Crankcase?
Can you set your car hood on fire and not burn it with lowly old Turtle Wax?
Can a Tornado send Dorothy to OZ and add 15 HP to your Civic?

Ah....Snake oil salesmen, Carpet-baggers, and elixirs to cure what ails your Car...

Doe any of them live up to the hype?


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    Why, oh why, are there apostrophes in your words to indicate the plural? Dear God, why?!

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    For Lancers benefit...please delete's the s's in the title line. :<p

    Thanky you's
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    It's an severe hangup on my part. A sickness, really.
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    Okay, done!

    Now where were we?

    "AS SEEN ON TV".....

    Ah, yes.

    My biggest argument against all these products has always been that if they did what is claimed for them, automakers would have incorporated them years ago in their production lines.

    The only conclusion, therefore, is that:

    1. They do not in fact work (e.g., "fuel magnets")

    2. They work but in such a minimal way that they are not cost effective (e.g., octane boosters)

    3. They work but their side effects are too strong for regular production cars (e.g., air filter modifications, etc.)
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    lancer... no need for that 12-step program...yet!! lol
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    Well, except for synthetic oil where the manufacturers know that it works contrary to additives. . To a very limited extent this(synthetic) is used as original fill in some models and it is an example of a better product yet manufacturers do not use it. Now why!

    Is dino sufficient for normal use?
    Is the service dept revenue an issue?
    Do they not trust owners to check their oil in extended drain scenarios ?
    Is big oil in cahoots with the manufacturers?
    Will it make the engines last too long?

    Why isn't synthetic oil standard on all cars produced?
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    Bardall and Motor Honey when I was a yute. didn't seem to help or harm my already woefully worn engine. I remember the Bardall Man said it would help. sniff sniff. he lied. :(
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    I had one experience that I found interesting...
    I was riding a Yamaha 650 twin (not the imitation EZ Rider sold in the states!!! - a Cafe Racer Version, but anyhow) and one day on a whim I bought some Motor Honey (or some equivalent - I don't remember the brand).

    My thinking was that an air cooled bike which was being ridden every day in city traffic needed all the help it could get.

    The instructions said to put the 'motor honey' in the engine oil with the engine running, I believe.
    In any case that's what I did - put it in while the engine was idling.

    The engine began to idle NOTICEABLY smoother. It's pretty easy to notice a smoother idle on a vertical twin engine like that.

    I don't know if it made the engine last any longer, but there was an empirical effect that I could observe.

    Now, in general, I tend to side with Mr.Shiftright - if this stuff was so great, you would see it offered on (or in) every car - you wouldn't have to wait for a Sunday night at midnight infomercial to buy it, but I did find this particular case interesting.
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    The reason some manufacturers don't use synthetic is not obscure, but, to me anyway, pretty obvious. The engines last plenty long enough with "regular" oil. It is overkill for an automaker and one thing most automakers WON'T do is put any MORE into a car than is necessary for happy owners.

    Or to put it more bluntly, there is no sense in trying to make an engine go to 300,000 miles because the rest of the car isn't going to make it to that mileage anyway. This is what happened to differentials...they used to be the only part of the junked car that was still good, so when automakers found out that the differentials were outlasting the rest of the car by a long shot, they stopped over-engineering differentials. This makes perfect sense if you are running a business, and I have no problem with that.

    That being said, some automakers DO use synthetic now, but I think it is a marketing item and not at all necessary.

    Now we do recall that American automakers shunned radials for a long time, and also disc brakes, and also fuel injection and just about any technological advance for as long as they could get away with it (until Japan ate them for breakfast)----so maybe we WILL see some things like synthetic as regular production material in the future. Depends if the automaker can be convinced that it pays to do this. I am presently skeptical on this matter.
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    Is there an "H" in that? I've dumped a quart or two into crancases over the years, but discretionary income is harder to identify these days, so I quit. I never noticed any positive or negative effects either way, except as noted concerning the loss of lucre. Synthetic engine oil came to affect me in similar fashion, but I am contemplating a return to test the folly of it.
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    I've tried Prolong in my previous vehicle. Couldn't tell if it made a diff. Then Prolong came out with the "conditioner" that you need to use every 3,000 miles. I figured I'd best stop there as I was out only $20.

    A long time ago I used an engine flush on an old Ford van with a 351 Windsor. I can't remember the name but the product was red in color. Anyway, I used it as directed and it did make a difference, cleaning out some of the sludge and allowing the motor to run cooler and a bit smoother. Was it "Rislone"?

    Re: magic wax that will let you spill acid on your paint without damage - actually most any decent car wax will let you do that. As long as you apply enough wax and don't let the acid or fire attack that area too long. It's a cool trick but I am not condoning it.
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    Well, it would come in handy during an acid attack! This road rage thing, you know.

    Yes, it was Risolone or Rislone or something like that. Basically a nasty solvent that ungunked your engine, often dislodging all kinds of crap that would then recirculate and lodge elsewhere if you weren't careful. Also stripped all the lubricant off the cylinder walls. You had to be careful with this stuff.

    For flushing engines, I always recommend buying 10 quarts of some cheapo oil, and running it at idle only for 15-30 min, then dumping it, changing the filter, and doing it all over again...that is 2Xs.....safer than powerful solvents, which could attack seals...too risky on an old engine I feel.
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    is pure, unadulterated crap. My niece worked for the "Direct to Retail" folks in Framingham (DTR now, operators are standing by!) She couldn't believe how many people called for crap like GS 27 scratch remover, the Simonize swirling brush car wash system (that's want to eliminate swirls in your paint, so you wash it with a brush that rotates? NOT!), megadurasynthoil and the like.

    Why can't you buy this stuff in reputable auto stores? Because it isn't worth the gunpowder to blow it all to hell!

    Fact: the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price (only $ within the next 20 minutes and we'll double your order...have your credit card ready!)
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    Saw the infomercial for Durashine{the "lifetime lasting shine that repels water {no water spots after a wash or rain}....Checked out several auto detail club sites...and...most say that it does in fact keep the water spots away and does work in that respect.{you supposedly only apply Durashine and do not wipe it off...only hose it off} to the other claims, such as the lasar beam not penetrating the paint and metal on the treated DuraShine area..I really don't know what that to the lifetime shine....come on...let's get real.
    Any comments from DuraShine users would be appreciated.
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    I too have used that technique, but a slight variation. I have run "decent" oil and filter combos for a couple hundred miles, and then drained and changed all. I know that many motorheads (inluding me) want a CLEAN engine. It is heartening to see oil on a dipstick that isn't grungy.
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    Don't you believe what ya see (on TV)? That's an Un-American attitude!
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    A.J. Foyt on the tube, like, last night, endorsing some product in a run-on commercial. I can't stand to listen and pay attention, so I can't better this report.
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    Well, A.J. gotta eat, jes' like everybody else. Those commercials are interesting to listen to if you really listen. I'm sure A.J. said things like:

    "I use "dura-glop" in my engine every time I fill up"

    TRANSLATION: They gave me 50 cases of this stuff and said "put it in your engine every fillup and we'll give you $50,000"

    "This product is not sold in stores"
    TRANSLATION: We'd rather sell in on TV, make a quick buck and disappear

    "My engine as 150,000 miles on it, and burns no oil and still gets good gas mileage"
    TRANSLATION: Yeah, so does just about every other engine.

    It's amazing how much you can say and still say nothing.
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    ...a good ol' boy. Been watchin' him drive in circles for many a year.
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    I wonder what he REALLY thinks about this stuff....yes, he can drive!
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    Why? Oh, why have the automotive morons decided that we need moped sized oil filters on our over-tuned 4 and 6 cylinder engines? There are a few 6's out there that use "PH8A" size filters, but some of the cans are getting alarmingly little. SIZE DOES MATTER! Would A.J. Foyt run a micro filter? I think not! Surely STP and Motor Honey will plug up one of those little rascals in a heart beat, and then we'd have to add Rislone to thin and clean that mess, then..... *
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    there is a site on this board devoted to oil filters and a discussionon using larger size filters if the thread and gasket match. I do it all the time but some people seem to fear a difference in pressure with different sizes etc. I have not had a problem, if there is room for the larger filter I use it.
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    If you can snag a copy of the NAPA book, you can actually research filters and find substitutes that fit physically in your space available, and will have the same bypass pressures and drain back valves, and seal gasket dimensions, etc.
    I did it for a motorcycle application some years back. Hopefully, the new issue books will still have all the good info in there.
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