acura 01 integra gsr brake light warning comes on

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Hello all:

I have a 01 acura integra gsr. A few days ago the warning brake light would come on intermitently when i would accelerate or go uphill. Now it appears all the time. I know that I am not driving with the hand brake on. Everything about the engine seems fine. I don't hear any grinding or smell any rubber..I'm gonna bring it to the dealer for some warrenty work. If they refuse..I just keep trying different dealers..I wonder if they'll give me a loaner car. Hopefully its nothing to bad. .I was wondering if any other owners are having the same problem.


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    You should be able to see the fluid in the resevoir(sp?)

    If it is low, it may trip a sensor.

    Since you said it was coming on during acceleration or uphill, I suspect the fluid was moving to the back of the master cylinder and tripping the sensor.

    Hopefully, that is the extent of the problem. But if the level keeps dropping, then you have more issues to deal with.

    I'd say you might have another problem. Three posts to get this topic up. Try Decaf :grin:

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    Hey, he's learning. He got it, too!

    Good suggestions. I also said just about the same thing in my e-mail to you.

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