Volvo 240D - power steering problem

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I have been informed that the reason my power steering went away about a week ago is that the belt involved in such has come off the compressor, therefore needing to be replaced. ~$600 total. I wanted to know if someone could tell me if there is a danger driving it 'manual steering' in the meantime with no power steering fluid obviously flowing ?


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    No, I wouldn't drive it like that...the steering response is very sluggish, and I don't think the various bushing and supports in your steering column are designed to take such high levels of steering effort.

    So why $600 to replace a belt? Are they doing other work as well?
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    (There was not a button to 'reply' on town hall, i think will end up being a new posting. How do I reply to the first message ?)

    Thanks. So its in tight turns that I would experience trouble ? Most of the driving is highway, therefore very little turning. Its actually nice not having the 'play' in the wheel, feels more solid when driving. Turning isn't too bad, takes two hands though ;)

    $600 is the labor and parts cost for a new compressor which they say is where the power steering belt runs along with A/C which they said they would also try and fix. That's a whole 'nother saga. Had 3 attempts to fix the A/C in the past 4 years. Either a blockage or leak or something has prevented it from working.

    Thanks for the response. I'll start scraping together $ for the new compressor and get the steering fixed. No noises, grinding or otherwise so I guess its hard to realize what's going on inside the steering that is 'bad' right now.
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    So the pump is bad? Wasn't too clear there.

    Anyway, I do think it is dangerous for you since you would not be able to respond in an emergency situation. The steering ratios for a car with power steering are different than for one with manual steering. The steering is purposely made slower because of the power would be deadly quick if you just slapped a power steering unit on a manual steering car (as many old car buffs have found out when they put power steering on 1950s trucks!).

    So your steering, that is now manual, is way too slow to avoid obstacles quickly, no matter how strong you are. You just can't swing those arms and elbows fast enough.

    But if you have no choice, I guess you have no choice. Be very careful, though, and bring your good luck charms with you.
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    Thanks again. Lastly, and again, what is the mechanical danger of driving it manually ? Will it in fact lock up at any time ? I'm not working right now, therefore no $ and it would be tough to get repaired soon. -tg-

    p.s. NPR news story a minute ago told of Jeep Cherokees (1 death, 40 injuries) gear shifts faulty causing out of control situations, interesting ...
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    Mechanical danger? Too much stress on steering components and gear in general. Might cause premature wear of bushings in steering column or even overstress weak tie rod ends, etc.
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    It's just a royal pain to steer at low speeds.
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