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Cadillac Escalade Maintenance and Repair

mars24mars24 Posts: 3
edited August 2018 in Cadillac
What should i look for when i pick my 2002 suv up any thing guys


  • guerry1guerry1 Posts: 1
    No comparison in ride-- ( 4wd better) --- no way to tell difference--- we were demoed a 4wd that we were told was a 2wd--- dealer would not deal with us on price-- so we ordered a 2wd from another dealer --- now we have a mess-- the 2wd should not bear the cadillac name. All reviews i have seen talk about the 4wd escalade.
  • timcadtimcad Posts: 1
    Anyone with these kind of problems out there?
    My Escalade is beautiful and I still believe in all the hype but mine is eight months old and the first nite the power steering went out,then their was some kinda of noise in the rear underneath witch turned out to be a heat shield,and the rear hatch needed to be adjusted because in a turn it would turn on the interior lights,then the 02 censor needed to be replaced,now the awd has a drive line noise that they cannot fix,also the rattle in the dash (first they have to find it)!
    The driver side mirror won't adjust out enough to see down the side. Any one with these problems?
  • I have a 2002 Escalade with custom (GM) wheels that seem to lose their wheel covers easily. I've had the SUV for 1 year and have replaced 4 covers at about $45 bucks each. Anyone had the same problem? Any solutions?

  • Bought a 2003 Escalade EXT in September and the transmission makes a clunk just before the vehicle stops. This sound is the transmission dropping back into first gear after it has run up through the gears. I mentioned it to the service department and the lubed the transmission spline, but did not seem to help. Next time I go in for service I am going to test drive a new one to make a comparison. Does anyone else notice this or is it just me or my EXT?

  • My 2002 Escalade's transmission will occasionally make a low pitched grinding sound. I haven't been able to figure out when it will happen and I can't make it happen. My brother-in law's Denali does the same thing. Post an answer if you find one.
  • Are you sure it's the transmission? My '02 Denali makes a sort of low-pitched buzzing/humming sound that occurs intermittently at low rpms, only after the truck has warmed up. I think it's either a heat shield or a baffle in one of the mufflers. I had our service manager test drive it with me and he agreed.

    I can get it to do it pretty consistently if I drive the truck long enough to warm up, then put it in drive, hold the brake and accelerate to about 1500rpm or so. More of a nuisance than anything,and something for which I originally made plans to have fixed, but I've decided just to wait 'til my next scheduled service.
  • Thanks, I'll try it.
  • ANYONE ELSE WITH THIS PROBLEM?Had growling noise in P/S in July 02,Dealer installed NEW STYLE pump & bracket.Nov. 02 pump is noisy again.I'm told all 02's are noisy.Dealer brings me another 02 to drive.It's not quite as noisy as mine.Dealer says he like to show me an 03 because their P/S isn't noisy.Noise getting WORSE.Called dealer today and he called the factory.Factory says 03 pumps won't fit 02.They say it"s a characteristic of the 02 Escalade and you have to live with it.ANYONE ELSE HAVE P/S PROBLEMS with 02 Escalade.Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2003 denali and I get the same clunk. It is the same engine and transmission. It is because the gear goes into 1st too eatly and you feel the hard downshift. They need to adjust the shift point for this car. I have called but they won't listen!!

    good luck
  • I have an early 2002 Escalade 2wd with a noisy front end. Purchased new in August 2001, my vehicle is used as my wifes station wagon. It has never seen hard or off-road use, yet I get a clunk from the front end at low speed maneuvering. I have taken it to the dealership three times for this. Sounds like its in the left front suspension. Column has been tightened, suspension has been lubed and retorqued, steering column support e7638 has also been replaced...any one else with this problem?
  • Please, if anyone has had or heard of this problem contact me immediately, [email protected]

    The heated seat inside my BRAND NEW 2003 Escalade caught on fire as I was driving. The fire department said that it had to have been smoldering for many days!
    I also noticed that the drivers heated seat is unusually hot. I am afraid to put my toddlers back in the car, repaired or not.
  • espinoza30espinoza30 Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a 2002 escalade with about 16000, and the parking brake is out. I was told it needed rear shoes. I am a master technician with infiniti, have been a technician for 14 years. I had never heard of a parking brake go out so soon,(unless it was left on while driving). I declined to have the work done and I am seeing if anyone has had the same problem. I would like to see if there is a problem with these shoes, and fight warranty.
  • l71934m2l71934m2 Posts: 3
    Reply to message #5: Mine does the same and Cadillac admits to the problem but states that there is no fix at this time. I am presently persuing the state lemon law.
  • brilesbriles Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Escalade. Been in shop 3 times for noises underneath during turning. Now makes noise inside at steering column. Dealer said some models were not lubed properly. They re-did and it helped for a week, makes noise again. also, steering wheel does not rotate back after a turn, it stays. Dealer said they all do that and nothing they can do. Very dangerous when making steering maneuvers. We are reviewing lemon law.
  • erosenbrgerosenbrg Posts: 1
    When my wife and I test drove the 2003 Cadillac Escalade, the DVD Navigation System had a clock in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Yet once we took delivery, the clock had disappeared! Despite reading and re-reading the manual, calling the dealer, and trying to find online tech support, we have not been able to restore this clock! Since the Bulgari clock absolutely sucks, we really would like this clock to show up again! Has anyone had this problem and found a solution?? THANKS FOR ANY HELP! Send any advice to [email protected] :)
  • gdbrittgdbritt Posts: 1
    i bought a 2003 awd escalade august this year. i have the same cluck just before stopping. called 2 separate dealers they say it s just the make-up of an awd. has anyone had any luck in getting theirs repaired? please respond.
  • I just purchased a 2003 EXT. It also clunks just before stopping. Did it from 1st day I received. Had only 12 miles on it. Tokk to dealer & demanded a different vehicle. They have run thru thier arbitration system. Service manager (very nice) checked out with tran. tech. He agreed with me that it is not what you would expect to get in a 50,000 dollar + vehicle. They have a service bulletin covering this issue. Bottom line says this is a normal condition & no repair is required. Am supposed to hear Friday the verdict, repair, replace or do nothing...better be replace. Am seriously considering getting my attorney involved. Vehicle has done this with only 12 miles on & its getting louder as time goes on, have 600 miles on it now. Anyone else having a problem with an positive resolution? My email address is: [email protected] Thanks Steve
  • Slowing down at 15 mph hear two clunks. Like many of you Caddy says it's normal. My attorney says I'd lose using the lemon law but might win using the Caddy name against them. After all, It's a Caddy, It's 50,000+ and you don't expect to have that kind of problem for the money or the name.
  • brilesbriles Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Escalade that I have had suspension problems, steering wheel noises and the steering wheel won't rotate back after making a turn. Been in the shop 7 times, I called Cadillac Corporation and they called me today to say the steering wheel problem is the way it is designed, no fix for problem. Because the noises don't occur every time I drive it, they can't fix. So!! I am trading the thing in this week! I hated it!
  • I have a 2003 Cadillac Escalade.I've gotten 4 flats within the first 10 months of ownership. Three of the four flats required the stock Good Year tire to be replaced. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • Anyone know the number of the Cadillac Complaint Department for the CLUNKING? Thanks
  • The noise I am experiencing is a CLANGING noise once the truck warms up. This noise can be heard over the radio while driving or sitting and idling. It is not the usual oil pinging noise you hear when the truck is turned off and cooling down. The dealer has changed the straps and the muffler because they said it was a broken baffle. At arbitration the GM rep said it was due to a muffler design change and that was normal. This has been happening since approx 1500 miles. I now have 9100... Does anyone else have this problem and what was the fix???
  • thehamtheham Posts: 20
    Has anyone with the transmission clunk had any resolution of the problem or currently proceeding with the lemon law. Please post any information or stories here. I have a brand new 2003 denali with the same problem.

  • We have a 03 Escalade and it has the clunk. It seems to happen shifting in and out of 2nd gear in stop and go traffic. For what it's worth, I had an 00 Chevy 2500, that did the same thing, only the sounds was MUCH worse. I mean to the point of being embarassing to have anyone in the vehicle with me. I had it in the dealer a few times, and as usual, I got the "it's normal" answer. The Escalade's clunking is not very noticable, so it doesn't bother me too much. I know the dealer is not going to do anything about it, so I won't even bother with them.
  • I just purchased a pre-owned 2002 Escalade AWD. I have around 27,000 miles on it. The only transmission noise is the occasional low speed 1-2 or 2-1 gear change. I asked dealer about it and like everyone else, say that is normal. Doors are a bit noisy and scrape when opening or closing. Also, when I turn the ignition on, I get ehat sounds like a noisy fan from the microphone above drivers head.

    I have been told the clunk is from the transmission moving out of gear when coasting and when the accelerator is pressed, it clunks back into gear. May not sound good, but believe this is a common feature for the 4L60E and 4L65HD transmissions. My fix: I am playing around with a Diablo Sport Predator Programmer. So far I have uploaded the performance program and will test this out for a while to see if the quicker shifts help eleminate the clunk. Next I will begin modifying the shift points. I just did this last night, no test drive yet. I'll keep you posted.
  • In response to " muffler noise by phattruk1", I have an '03 Escalade that does the same thing. It started after about 500 miles and has gotten steadily worse. It's very embarassing as well as irritating as I, like you, spent over 50K for a vehicle that I am becoming very unhappy with. It appears there's no quick fix. Apparently there is a the TSB (02-06-05-005B) that I plan to ask my service advisor about and see if that applies and if so, whether it resolves the issue.
  • juan27juan27 Posts: 1
    i want to buy a used truck which one is better gmc,chevy , escalade or navigater
  • I have a 2003 Escalade with 27,000 miles. Twice now the engine has shut down (not off but down)the message center displays that the stabilitrac system has been disengaged and the engine power has been reduced. We have followed the instructions in the manual and restarted the engine. The last time this happened it took several restarts to get the system to reset. It is now at the dealership as they wanted to "reprogram" the engine controller but have found some other readings that they do not understand at this time... Anyone else having this problem?
  • cad2003cad2003 Posts: 1
    Best vehicle I have every owned. A friend of mine has a toyota landcruiser but never wants to ride in it and would rather go in the escalade. No problems with vehicle, quality is great, has more features than any other luxury vehicles.
  • tenacitytenacity Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a new (probably 2005) Escalade and I live in Florida and have no use for 4 wheel drive. Are you saying "there is no comparison in the ride"? Also, you said the 2wd should not bear the Cadillac name. Please elaborate.
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