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Cadillac Escalade Maintenance and Repair



  • matlincamatlinca Posts: 5
    also dont get me wrong it is a great suv but the dealer should know of this problem or atleast know how to fix it. also to replie to auto 007 the suv's lights are very bright people are just flashing you because your new headlights are blinding but thats not your problem, you just bought the suv........there just gunna have to deal with the lights.. :shades:
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    The thing about the vibrating mirrors is that it is loose to the touch, and the passenger mirror is rock solid. This problem shows at 50+ mph speed, even on smooth roads.

    As for the lights, I adjusted them downward so that it matches the beam height of my wife's BMW, and no one complains anymore.

  • escy07escy07 Posts: 3
    hey Folks. I bought my escy 3 months ago direct fromm texas.
    I was the first in my dealership to notice the whistling noise in the mirrors(the fix is a piece of foam that they ordered and installed- its perfect now)

    Has anyone been expieriencing A low idle and most importantly a deceleration a "hesitation" ? its very noticable when you take your foot off the gas at low speeds around a corner and go to put your foot back on the pedal and theres a buck and a low idle.

    Any suggestions..??? i brought it intoservice 3 times and there was a small adjustment caddy made on a "idle" issue but after programing it only helped about 50%......
    any ideas???
  • wcb22wcb22 Posts: 1
    I just got my 2007 Escalade about two weeks ago. The only problem I'm having is with vibration/shaking at high speeds (i.e. 60 mph or higher). The car vibrates or shakes, almost like you're going over the rumble strips on the berm of the road, while traveling at 60 mph or more. This happens even on smooth roads. I haven't taken it in yet but was curious if there's an easy fix to things here. I have 22" factory installed wheels on the car.
  • gap2006gap2006 Posts: 20
    That doesn't sound right. I have 3500 miles on my '07 with 22s and even at 90 it's a pretty smooth ride. I know a few people have had vibration problems with their driver side mirrors but I have not noticed that either. Sounds like you better have a dealer take a look and maybe consider 20s or 18s.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    I would think that it is either a tire balance issue, or worst case, that one of the tires has a flaw. You might want to suggest that the technician at the dealer do a test drive.

  • chadmanchadman Posts: 2
    I'm still having the starting problem. Did you get yours fixed? If so what was the problem?
  • cody10cody10 Posts: 3
    I have an 07 Denali. I love it except two issues. I too am getting the throttle hesitation. When I slow down, and then hit the gas again there is a 1 second delay before it begins to throttle up. I sure hope there will be an updated flash for the 6.2L soon. The other issue is a nagging "service suspension" message on the DIC.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    The hesitation is something that is a mostly a programming issue, of the throttle by wire, and optimal gearing. The transmission needs time to shift into a higher gear before allowing the throttle to open, so this takes time. I've had this "feeling" in my GM's since the '01 Denali. You actually learn to drive with this, meaning you anticipate the delay, and work around the delay.

    As for the suspension, you should go to the dealer. Provided you have not lowered the suspension (shorter springs), or removed the level sensors, you probably have a problem in the air level pump and/or plumbinb. There are two air lines that run from an air compressor (just in front of the spare tire, behind the axle). There are is a small-thin plastic airline running to each rear shock. These can pop off, because GM used in some models, a plastic retaining clip, rather than a metal one.

  • rcrick10rcrick10 Posts: 1
    hi, i have a '02 escalade. i've ownd it for one year now. i resently started having problems with my a/c. first my rear a/c quit working and about a week later my compressor went out. i've replaced the compressor and had the a/c charged. the front works great but the rear a/c still won't work. just wondering if any one can tell me where to start. thanx, rick
  • whatsnuwhatsnu Posts: 5
    i have 95,000 miles on my 2002 Escalade and have differential lock-up problems when the trans gets heated up. Has anyone else experienced this? the wheels, when turned cranked all the way to the left or right start 'skipping' on the pavement as if the limited slip differential is locking the wheels. the dealer stated that despite encountering this problem with other cars, they cannot accurately pinpoint the problem without going through a number of 'fixes' as a process of elimination---at MY EXPENSE! (1)this does not seem reasonable and (2) i can't believe the dealer actually expects a customer to pay for their 'R & D'....any suggestions from anyone will be greatly appreciated. i love this car...up until now!!!!
  • kcikci Posts: 1
    Sorry to hear seems that I have the identical problem. Took it to two dealers...neither could diagnose???!!

    Is there a Cadillac complaint hotline?

    Please advise!
  • Hi,
    Does anyone know if part number 0123521 is compatible to 0019911 on a 2002 escalade AWD 6.0 liter. Other numbers on the shocks are:
    old 15058601, T7K new 15762865 T4A
    The air bag on the old shocks leaks and I can buy the new shocks for 1/3 the price of new from an online source.
  • I have the same issue with my 2007 Escalade. I have talked to the dealer and do not seem to be to concerned about it. I do have a problem paying $60,000 for a suv with this type of a problem
  • escy07escy07 Posts: 3
    I have a huge issue with this hesitation. Yesterday I slammed on the breaks to avoid a car cutting in front of me then put the gas on full. and had no response for a good second when i needed it immediatly.

    Has anyone heard of any fixes for this??
    i am bringing my 07 escy in for the 4th time tommorrow.
    I'm hiring a lemon law attny if they have no fix. Does anyone know caddy's headquarters service #? or where or hot to complain in detroit?
  • I am on your team. If you find a contact let me no and I will also contact. Please post what you find out. I was told be a service underwriter sometimes this is called a "drive wire" issue. A hesitation. There is no throttle cable and the computer controls everything. To me it is like the vehicle "chokes" when you give it the gas and then finally responds.
  • THis is also for KCI. Perhaps the same prob. Cheap [non-permissible content removed] car would occasionally bounce violently just like you said, a sort of skipping except it would also happen while going straight. Rip off dealership said needed to repair front differential for $1900, if it got worse the cost would be 4-5 K. What have you done with your cars? thanks.
  • cody10cody10 Posts: 3
    I just took mine to the dealer last week. I got the phantom wipe fixed on the auto wipers. They updated the Engine computer with newer code. Did not fact.. I think it is a little worse. With the A/C on, half throttle of the line will cause very noticable hesitation. I am trying to be patient since this is a new engine/tranny combo, but doesn't GM road test these darn things before mass producing?
  • OMG :0)...... I thought I was the only ones with vibration at highway sppeds, mirror vibration and hesitation!!!!

    2 trucks, same thing

    Mirrors, been in 3 times, replaced mirror and then tightened it up per bullentin. mirror is worst. I can fix with a peice of cardboard. They claim caused by wind reversion. My question, why not passenger side?

    Phataom Wipe, got that

    Vibrations: Been in 3x times, a little better but over 75-80 vibrates and is driving me crazy. People talk about low profile tires, etc... My vette cruises a 100 without a hint of vibration. so BS about low sidewalls. I am working with Customer Assistance on this.

    Hesistation, they say no fix, but I came across a website that you can search for comupter updates by VIN. If I can find it again, I will post. But, yes, it said my truck needed tow updates.

    I am giving customer assistance another shot before I go lemon law.
  • gap2006gap2006 Posts: 20
    My 2007 Escalade doesn't have the vibration problems with 22" wheels but it does have the hesitation. Not that it helps much, but my Mercedes had the same issue and so do a lot of other luxury vehicles including Infinity and Lexus. Step on the gas and go nowhere while a big truck is coming to wipe you out. I think it's the technology that is the problem, not Cadillac specifically. Of course, that doesn't do us much good now.

    Keep us informed.
  • here is website to check software updates

    Also, sorry about my misspells didn't notice until read back
  • Love my new escalade, but each half of the truck from side view are two different colors. Front half darker than rear half. To pay extra for white diamond and get this paint job, not happy. Also right rear door is not flush with body and was adjusted by dealer, then by dealers body shop. Still not aligned. Anyone else have these problems or advice on what I should do?
  • did you ever find out what the problem was? My 2000 caddy dies if I don't drive it for 3 days, something is draining my battery. Any ideas?rebeccaf
  • when i push the gas pedal completely to the floor the vehicle does not move there's this revving up of the engine as if the vehicle is in neutral i've replace o2 sensor catalytic convertor,plugs,fuel filter cleaned the injectors.i've read numerous replies on similar issues is this normal for this vehicle? anyone else experiencing the same problem? have not taking to dealer yet why the hesitation and sputter?
  • The problem you described just happened to me this morning. Did you ever get yours fixed? I've had a number of electrical problems with my 2003 ESV, including several blown fuses, power window and heated mirror malfunctions all within the past year. I am currently working with to resolve. This is just the latest problem.
  • Hello,
    Glad to hear someone is happy with their Escalade. I just bought mine a few days ago. A 2003, I do have one questions for you, if I may ? It didn't come with an owners maual because we bought it privately. We are able to get the DVD player to play, I see it but we cannot hear it. Is your DVD player under the rear passenger seat ? And if so, how do you get audio and adjust the volume ????? My kids are watching with no sound.....please help. I know noone else in the are with one and can't ever get in touch with the previous owner.
    Thank you for any help.
    Kym :)
  • Hi everyone, Just purchased my 07 escalade 2 weeks ago. Haven't had any problems so far, however I'm curious to know if there is some way to play the in-dash DVD while driving? I heard there could be a wire of some sort that can be disconnected. ;)
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    The newer '07 GM's all use computer bus connections between the Nav, Audio, Engine, etc. It takes more than just a wire. Consider that a common bus is like a USB cable. Signals, rather than live wires, do all the work for sensors, NAV and such. Even your stereo handles the beeps and bongs in place of separate devices. Costs less.

    Now, there are two companies that have developed solutions, but both are still buggy. One system creates a situation where the volume doesn't work when the DVD is engaged up front (CoastalTech).

  • Hi,
    I realize that your message was from 2 years ago, but I am having this same problem with my escalade. Did they ever figure out whether it was a recall or not?
  • Dealer claims phantom wipe is 'by design'. Says Cadillac intended it to do a single wipe up on starting up so that you know the wipers are on. uh huh.

    Hesitation - having issue when I press on gas when cornering or doing between 35-40 - around town speeds - and you press on the gas and the engine actually lowers RPMs and sounds like it's bogging down, until you finally press the gas hard enough for it to kick up a gear. I complained last time it was in and they re-programmed it and now it seems worse.

    Had the '07 now for 6 weeks and it's been in the shop twice now - both over night.
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