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hi, my problem iam having is my van has 2 evaporators one in front and one in the rear, most of the mechanics i went to dont have a clue on how to work on the rear one, so my question is i just replaced my compressor in the van, the ac is great in the front, but the rear is blowing piss warm, i removed to evap covering and, found the evap and the expansion valve, not many places to get a new valve, dont know where this one came from either, the only other thing i can think of is the valve got clogged with some stuff, i hope not, but who knows, any help is greatful. thanks :)


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    Try contacting the conversion company, and find out if they installed the rear air, find out who the parts are from, and who you can take it to to have it serviced. There should be a van conversion sticker somewhewere on the van, it
    s like a black shield, it has a numbewr on it, if you call the number on the shield they should be able to put you in touch with the converter, if they still are around. Only other alternative is the dealer.
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    Sometimes if your compressor "eats it" while you are driving, you very well might pick up debris in the system.
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    with the "plumbing" of the lines that go to the rear compressor. I've had a bunch of cases where the lines rub on the trans or trans crossmember and develop leaks. Causes the whole system to crap out, but the rear air goes first.

    Don't know if this applies to your van, but I hope it will help.
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    thanks all.
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