VW Quality Assurance Issues

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It has become apparent that VW is suffering from various quality control issues effecting its products that are produced in Mexico. The VW Beetle and the VW Jetta are both manufactured in Mexico and seem to have quality assurance problems that has been problematic.

Consumer Reports Magazine has reported many problems regarding the VW. Most notable is the electrical problems.

Why has VW in Mexico been having quality issues as compared to the VW plants in Germany? Don't they have the same production standards? Is the work force the problem?

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    Workers are never the problem...if the workers aren't doing the job, then management is the problem. Perhaps it is true that some types of workers need different training than others, but stil lthat's for management to figure out. Certainly during wartime in this country it was proven that motivation, decent conditions and excellent training would allow even the poorest and least educated members of American society to produce high quality precision equipment for military use.

    This doesn't answer the question of VW quality control problems, however. Do you have any statistics of consumer complaints or perhaps a JD Powers survey that gives VW performance relative to other makes? My impression was that VW's record is a little worse than the top automakers but still above average.
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    Volkswagen Jetta- "Reliability has deteriorated from average last year to below average now, we can no longer recommend the Jetta"

    Volkswagen Beetle--"Reliability has been disappointing"! Highlighted by Consumer Reports in a solid black circle.

    Both these models are manufactured in Mexico whereas the Passat is manufactured in Germany. Consumer Reports recommends the Passat by the way.
    Reliability has been average.
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    Okay, thanks, that's a start. Anything from JD Powers? The reason I'm asking is that it is difficult to make broad assumptions based on one opinion from one mag on two models of car...this is not the same as saying "All VWs made in Mexico are defective".

    Could be a quality control issue, could be that the basic designs of the cars are faulty (not the workers)...you see what I mean here...there's a lot more yet to learn.
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    Are given in exchange for fantastic looking interiors. VW has to cut corners somewhere to give you that $20K Audi like looking Jetta. Give me better mechanical componetry and a bit less fancy interiors.

    The current Jetta/Golf/Beetle IV platform has a lot of quality control and component failure issues.

    Hopfully the Jetta V platform will address all of these problems.

    According to J.D. Powers initial quality report on the 2000 Volkswagens, the Jetta, Beetle and Golf (Mind you that at the time the Golf was made in Germany, now it is assambled in Brazil)these cars ranked at the bottom of the barrel along with its Korean built counterparts.

    The industry standard for defects is 150 per 100 cars. The 2000 VW Jetta scored an alarming 235 defects per 100 cars. The Chevy Impala of the same year, 144 defects per 100 cars...you get the picture.

    The ownership experience of a 1999 VW Jetta of a friend of ours has reinforced the belief that 'Lower' level VW products are something to avoid all together.

    The Passat is a much better machine because it shares a lot of components with its Audi cousins.
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    That finding affirms what I have already thought. I was shopping for a small sedan and the Jetta is what I wanted.....until I kept reading and hearing negative things about them. No one should spend their hard earned money on something that is statistically prone to give you problems without researching. There are MUCH better cars out there and some of them are more affordable. IMO, the classy interior, exterior, and driving fun of the Jetta do not outweigh the fact that chances are good that you will have many headaches with the car.
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    I have a 2001 Jetta TDI and couldn't ask for a more relaible car. I've had it a year now and love it. I've seen nothing that shows me that production standards have deteriorated in Mexico. The problems that we're seeing over and over have to do with electirical items and oil consumption. This isn't a production problem, but rather an engineering problem. I would like to reiterate: I've had 0 problems from my car.
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    No problems for now.

    Give your Jetta another year or so and watch the little critter crawl up your car...

    You said it. The Jetta has engineering problems so your car sooner or later will develop the problems you mentioned.
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    The Jetta is a nice looking car but for a few thousand more you can buy a Passat. The Passat is a fine car and has been praised in various automotive publications.
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    Have a 1998. Have a glove box full of parts. many nuts and bolts have been tightened by me
    as I notice they are comming off. I live in cold conditions and the bumpers turn to glass
    when winter sets in. Had two fall apart like glass. The local dealer said what do you expect from plastic. They don't care and said VW does not either.
    ML light a real problem in this area. Local dealer said cover with black tape.
    Regret selling my Nissan.
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    Have heard nothing but good regarding the VW Passat. Anyone have any problems with the one they own?
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    Read in today's paper that all 12,500 workers went on strike at VW's Mexican plant today. They want a 21% increase in wages which VW has refused to pay.
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    My 2000 GLS, which I bought used (from a dealer) & insisted on the extended warranty, now has 20k miles. There has not been any problem with the car. However, I feel better knowing I have the warranty
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