VW passat ac leak, mixed w/fuel/oil on start

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i just had my 2001 passat serviced, since then on parking the car overnight in the Garage. and starting it in the morning i notice water/fluid dripping consisting of (water+oil/fule+smell of fuel). It lasts for about 2 minutes.
the dealer says it's NORMAL, i would understand it's normal if it was only water. But it's viscous fluid, and i can definitely smell gas/petrol.
However i don't notice the problems @my work pk.lot (after parking for more than 8-9 hrs) ? Is it the heat in the garage ? (or) something else.. Is this normal ?
please advice, the dealer keeps telling me there is nothing wrong.I really need help.

thanks in advance


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    Water can drip from an a/c unit after heavy use, no problem, but uh-uh, not a fuel leak....could be a co-incidental leak from the fuel system near the a/c drain hose....I can't think offhand of how fuel could mix with condensation from the a/c unit.
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    Thanks Mr_Shiftright for y'r reply, the problem occurs only when i start the car in the morning (after it's been parked in the Garage for alomost 12-14 hrs overnight). Also, when i touch the liquid it's mostly water(not very viscous) but does have the stong fuel/petrol smell.
    I don't notice the same when i have parked in my office parking lot for more than 8-10hrs. Is it cos' of some excessive heat in the closed/basement garagae ?
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    Here's my theory:

    1. You drive home in the afternoon/evening and it is hot outside. Your AC works very hard. You park in an enclosed garage (shaded) and leave the car. The AC condensation then drips on the floor, washing a small amount of road grease off to join the puddle. At night, the garage does not get hot or dry enough to evaporate the pool.

    2. You drive to work in the AM. It is cooler than when you go home. AC does not work as hard. You get to work and park outdoors. It is hot and dry. Some water condensation drips from car but has evaporated by the time you return.

    Anyway, barring a coincendental fuel leak (as Mr. Shift says above), that is my theory. Ahem.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Pretty good, Sherlock....I like it! Thinking outside the box.
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    Sounds good, HiC. Chaat, can you try parking in a different spot in the garage? Maybe back in. Locate the car so the drippage will be on a part of the garage floor that's not stained (or use a catch pan) and you should find drippage that is water only .....
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