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Ram1500 Experiences

richram123richram123 Posts: 35
edited March 2014 in Dodge
I have a 1998 Ram1500 4x4 Club Cab. I have an
automatic tranny 3.55 gears, 265x75r16 tires and
the 5.9l 360V8. I have 5000 miles on it and I love
the truck. It is powerful, has great steering and
brakes and is fun to drive. I have read many
postings with problems such as brakes,
transmission, and alignment issues. I have had no
problems expect for a minor buzz noise in reverse
on occasion and what I feel is an idle that isn't
the smoothest in the world. This is my 1st big v8
vehicle. Overall I am quite happy with my Ram and
would not want any other truck.

Anyone else out there that is happy with their



  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    I just ordered a 99 Ram 1500 4x4 quad cab. I too have heard stories about faulty transmissions and bad brakes. However, I have been reassured by other owners that I've made a good choice. If you want to see more information, try the Dodge Ram topic. There's more going on there.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    All the newer vehicles will go thru brakes quicker now because of no asbestos in the pads. The new chevys have discs all around which I think both Ford and Dodge will change to soon. I am well pleased with my '98 quadcab.
  • xl_1228xl_1228 Posts: 29

    1999 F-series trucks made after December 1998 have disc brakes on all 4 wheels.
  • glengleglengle Posts: 57
    Just picked up a 1500 2wd reg cab with the 5.9L. I love the truck. I have traditionally been a Ford/Honda owner in the past, so I was a little skeptical about quality. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    My '97 reg cab 4x4 SLT is very comfortable and looks great. However, it's inferior to my '98 F-150 in ride quality, paint quality, braking, and overall "confidence factor".

    It's been in the shop twice in the first 20,000 miles for transmission repair(under warranty). It now has a problem(common to Rams, I'm told) of the rear drum brakes not activating properly, resulting in long stops and fast wear on the front brakes. it's a recurring problem, so once the warranty runs out, it could get expensive.

    The 5.9 V-8 is powerful, but the Ford's 4.6 is surprisingly more powerful "feeling". It revs more smoothly and with less vibration and roaring. The Ram sounds like it's straining even when it's not, compared to the Ford. The seats in the Ram are the most comfortable out there, and I'll keep my ram for work after the lease is up, but the F-150 and silverado are simply more modern designs, and it shows in many areas.
  • murraymurray Posts: 1
    I'm having problems with "pinging" on my 94 dodge ram 1500 with the 318 engine. It started last summer. The dealer replaced the "oxygenator" on a recall and that seemed to fix the problem but it has now reoccured. The dealership has put it on the scope and found nothing wrong. The only way I can get it to stop pinging is to use premium grade fuel. Can anyone help?
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    They should be able to retard the ignition timing to cure the ping. Did they try this? The pattern on the scope would appear the same, before and after an adjustment to ignition timing, so that test proved there is nothing fundamentally wrong. But too little octane for the advance-timing in place will cause ping.
  • markymmarkym Posts: 6
    I had a 96 Ram 1500, 5.2L, automatic, SLT. The only trip it made back to the dealer the 3 years I owned it was when I traded it for a 99 Dakota R/T last month. It was a great truck, I put at least 10K miles on it towing a car. I just got bored and fell for the R/T's performance.
  • bigj1bigj1 Posts: 3
    Am thinking of purchasing a 99 dodge 1500 quad cab
    4wd auto loaded. Been a Ford man all my life but
    think I like that Dodge better than the new Fords.
    Has the 5.9l and I'm wondering if there is anything anyone can tell me about it, especially on gas milage as I put about 30,000 a year on my trucks.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326

    I have the 5.2L in my 99 Ram 1500 quad cab and I'm only getting 13mpg on average, but I seem to be at the low end from what I've heard.

    As far as the Dodge trucks go, so far I love it. I have 2700 miles on it, half highway, half city. I had an F150 before this, and I liked that too. The big difference I've found between the two trucks so far has been the ride. The Dodge is bouncier than my Ford was.
  • richram123richram123 Posts: 35
    I have a 98 Ram1500 4x4 360 V8 auto

    I have 10,000 miles and avg 13-14 combo city highway. I would definitley go for the 360 over the 318. It is more powerful and gets similar mileage.

    The truck is very powerful and drives great,

  • glengleglengle Posts: 57
    I, too drove Fords for the last 10 years. I now own a Ram 1500 2WD 5.9L.

    While I've had a few initial problems (in the shop now being remedied), I still prefer the Dodge truck to the Ford. For what it's worth, I drove the new Silverado and liked the Dodge better than it as well.

    I seem to average about 15-16 mpg with the 5.9L with about 50/50% mix of city and highway driving.

    Good luck,

  • glengleglengle Posts: 57
    Man we're butchering your username. Sorry.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326

    Have you gone to Edmund's buying guide and checked the invoice pricing? That quote sounds a little high to me. I have a 99 1500 quad cab 4x4 fully loaded, the only difference being I have the 5.2L instead of the 5.9L, which I realize costs a little more.
  • glengleglengle Posts: 57
    bigj1 - I bought mine for $100 over invoice with a $400 college grad incentive from my wife bringing it to $300 under invoice. Got 5.9% fixed rate for 60 months as well.
  • bigj1bigj1 Posts: 3
    The quote I got was thru Edmunds & it was $4000.oo less than a local dealer. Thats why I thought it seemed pretty good but I have the feeling you pros out there may know something I don't know. Also I was told to check out thru Edmunds on line, what my trade in is worth, but I have,nt figured out to get into that particular screen. Like I mentioned before, I'm kinda new at this computer game>
  • when you say you have fully loaded truck. and payed less then $28000 that don,t sound like a fully load truck, i did the price check on Edmunds, and it came up with 29300 for dealer cost
    just over $33000 for factory retail price. if your truck has the $ 33000 on the window sticker then you have a fully loaded truck with a 360 engine 4speed A/T 4X4 SPORT 1500. from the factory no dealer add ons.

    now who in the right mine would spend that much money on a pickup and use it as a daily diver.

    the sticker on my truck was just over $ 33000 but i got it around 28000. now call me silly ha, ha.

  • ramdadramdad Posts: 2
    I just drove my 99 ram sport 2wl off the lot last week. Fire engine red and what an eye catcher. I must say I am in heaven. Going from a toyota extra cab to this is like going to heaven. I enjoy reading all your comments. Obviously I haven't experienced any of those problems yet and hope not to. Any info I can get would be greatly appreciated.

  • what do people think about Dodge quality vs ford or chevy? Right now I am ford bias, but like the Dakota club cab 4x4 and the price is right. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • glengleglengle Posts: 57
    I have to say Ford. I was a Ford man, and bought a 99 Ram in February. Now I'm working with Chrysler trying to get them to buy it back after nearly a month in the shop.
  • sottissottis Posts: 1
    i'll admit to being a dodge fanatic but i've had great luck with them. i have a 95 club-cab w/ 318
    -- i get 20mpg on the road and 16 in town. most comfortable vehicle i've ever driven.
    i'd love to have one of those new quad-cabs.
    the only thing i wish they would copy from ford is the bed rail and tailgate protectors -- great idea
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    Flatcoatman...about your quality question. I own a '98 F-150 and a '97 Ram. I also owned a '95 C-1500 Chevy and a '93 Chevy S-10.

    S-10: not a single problem in 50,000 miles, towing a trailer daily.

    C-1500: no problems in 27,000 miles, but it was boring and wallowed like a pig.

    F-150: other than a cracked rear window fixed under warranty, no problems in 22,000 miles so far.

    Ram: been in the shop 3 times for transmission work in first 32,000 miles, once for rear brake problem, the clearcoat is coming off in a few spots ( it's waxed properly and often), CD player has malfunctioned twice and been replaced twice.
    Not a 100% terrible choice if you buy and keep only until the warranty is up, but no way I will keep this vehicle when I have to pay for the repairs myself.

    Overall, the F-150 is the most sophisticated of the bunch(quiet, handles well, rides well, smooth power delivery, nice interior), the Ram looks the best, and the S-10 was the best bargain ( bought new for $12,100 driveout, sold three years later for $9,200!)
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326

    I hate to admit it, but my F150 was a better made truck than my new Ram 1500. Both great trucks, but the Ford had more kick on acceleration, got better gas mileage and had a better overall fit and finish on interior and exterior trim. It's hard to compare them completely, though. The Ford was a stripped-down model and the Dodge is loaded (more stuff to break). No major mechanical problems with either one.
  • dpettydpetty Posts: 2
    I owned a 1994 Dodge Ram till this June (6/99) when I purchased a 1999 Ford XLT super cab.
    The Dodge was a good truck ( never had a problem ) but it rode rough and it drank to much gas (5.9L)

    I like my XLT, it rides great, very quiet, and seems to be solid.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326

    Congrats on your new truck. I must admit, if the Ford dealer had given me as good a deal as the Dodge dealer, I'd be driving another Ford today. I can't say my Ram is worse, just "different." And you're right - it rides rougher and eats more gas.
  • glengleglengle Posts: 57
    To everyone who followed my saga:

    My Ram 1500 SLT (2WD, SB, 5.9L) was in the shop 5 times for a total of over a month. Problems still exist. I spoke with a district manager who said she would do nothing more than continue to try and fix it.

    The last time I picked it up (Friday) they had put a dent in the hood the size of a baseball and scraped the paint off the edge of the driver's door. All on my new truck with 3000 miles! They have now replaced the transmission, window molding, gas tank, some valve kit, and a plethora of other little things (leaf springs, bushings, brake rotor, etc). As a laugh, the paperwork simply states "Could not reproduce" or "characteristic of the vehicle" for most of these items. No wonder the DM won't help.

    To make a long story short? I'm trading it away tonight. The dealer is giving me $18,700 for it, and I'll never look back. To everyone else who owns a Ram, I sincerely wish you the best of luck and hope you never go through what I have.

    Take care,
  • To glengle (if you're still following this forum),

    I'm interested in discussing your transaction with DC, especially if you have documentation. Please feel free to contact me directly at <<A HREF="">>.

  • I have a 99 1500 quad sport 4x4, and I must must say that I am beginning to get a bit disappointed, compared to the 96 I traded in. With a little over 12,000 miles, the brakes feel worn out, the doors squeak, and the usual shudder in the wheel. The trans whines in reverse when cold, the A/C is not strong enough for the cab size, and the shifter is still a piece of scrap.
  • gashoggashog Posts: 10
    lordbrega @ Post 22,
    My 99 1500 QC 4x4 has the larger 265x75x16 tires and I had wandering and pull right problems when I drove it home from the dealer. Put on about 2K miles and problem remained about the same so took it to the dealer for eval. They did front end alignment and swapped front tires left to right. Truck drives great now!, Doesn't drift or pull even after 9500 miles. I am running 5psi lower pressure in the tires now to reduce the Freeway bounce and that seems to help keep from spilling my coffee on the way to work. If I could just keep it under 75 that might help too. Love to RAM.
  • richram123richram123 Posts: 35



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