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Hyundai Sonata Accessories and Modifications

dougndodougndo Posts: 136
I replaced the entire sound system in my Sonata GLS. Although I liked the OEM head unit, the sound of the system was weak. I had the top end, double-din, CD/cassette, and six speakers, but the sound was not all that pleasing, especially compared to my girlfriend's Tiburon.

I debated replacing just the speakers, just the head unit, or doing both. I decided to have everything replaced by a local sound shop, and boy am I glad I did.

Let me say up front that the first reason I'm glad is that I didn't do it myself. In the past I've done my own installs, but the Hyundai is different than the Mopars I'm used to, so I didn't want to risk breaking something. The stereo shop techs took nearly eight hours to do the install—that's two guys for eight hours. I know because I watched them from the waiting room, and I'm really glad they had to deal with it. I'm sure they estimated about 4–6 hours total for the job, so you can see they ate the labor. Just the effort on removing the rear package shelf and removing/installing the speakers was enough to make me glad it wasn't me.

To their credit, they didn't break anything, and they did a good job.

The rounded Hyundai dash opening makes it difficult to get an exact fit, but I got a Pioneer FH-P4000 200 watt head unit with CD/cassette/AM/FM/XM and changer controls. It sits right behind the rounded opening with the gaps filled by some kind of matte material they put there. When the detachable face is in place, it fits inside the rounded dash enclosure for a very good look.

I replaced the factory speakers, which were simple paper speakers that had paper "buzzer" cones. They really looked cheap. In their place are Blaupunkt poly separates up front (6.5" in the doors with a crossover and composite tweeters in the pillars) and Blaupunkt poly tris in the back (6X9" in the back shelf).

In the trunk, there's a Pioneer 12 CD changer and an amplified Kenwood subwoofer. The changer and sub are components I already owned which the shop installed for me.

Let me tell you, the sound is terrific. The Sonata makes a good soundstage when quality components are installed in the factory positions, and the trunks is a good chamber for the sub. I'm not getting any rattles or harmonics out of the car, so life is good.

How much? Well, I spent $800 on this install, including the installation of components I already owned. I'm pretty sure the dealer got nipped on this one, so the next Sonata install might cost more. (I did tip the installers.)

Why did I replace the stereo so soon? I figure I'll be driving this car for at least three years, and I want to enjoy great sound every time I drive, instead of waiting for six months or a year, then regretting that I waited so long.

When (if) I sell the car will I reinstall the OEM stuff? Maybe the head unit, but not the speakers. It's just too much work to get them out.


  • "I replaced the factory speakers, which were simple paper speakers that had paper "buzzer" cones. They really looked cheap. In their place are Blaupunkt poly separates up front (6.5" in the doors with a crossover and composite tweeters in the pillars) and Blaupunkt poly tris in the back (6X9" in the back shelf)."

    How about the front speakers How does it look?
    did you remove the original cover with the 4" speakers and the back did you cut hole to fit the 6x9?
  • dougndodougndo Posts: 136
    Before I took the car to the auto stereo shop, I looked at several Web sites and store displays, and all of them indicated that the front speakers were 4" and the rear speakers were 6.5", but my direct observation of the rear speakers was that they were 6x9. Maybe it's because I had the GLS Leather with the six speaker layout (tweeters in the front pillars), but the spaces for all the speakers, including the separates in front were already there. No cutting was needed.

    You might look at your rear speakers from underneath to see if you have 6.5' or 6x9", and this is easily done from the trunk.
  • Hi,

    Your post was very helpful in my planning to replace factory installed speakers.

    Could you please let me know the specs of the speakers you chose in more detail?

    More specifically, it seems like that you installed Blaupunkt component system for tweeters and front speakers. If so, do you remember which model you bought? How about rear speakers? Since Blaupunkt has various kinds of speakers from high end to low end, I am wondering what kind of model you exactly chose.

    Thanks in advance,
  • dougndodougndo Posts: 136
    The rear 6x9 tri-axial speakers are Blaupunkt PCxt693 models. They handle 70 constant watts but will soak up 210 watts peak. With my Pioneer head unit, there's plenty of room to spare. My ears give out before the speakers do. The speakers have a blue poly VFP (vacuum formed poly cone) which is very tight and precise. I've frequently preferred the clean sound of polypropylene in small speakers, such as 6x9s, and they handle power well. The speakers also have EXP (extended pole design) for a little more travel.

    At the moment the model number of the front component speakers escapes me, but it was a step up from the PCxt series.

    I should point out that these speakers, while very capable, still require the use of a competent, powered subwoofer to fill out the sound. In fact I've never been satisfied with 6x9s alone to provide the low end in car audio, 'though I came close with some JBLs in a Dodge Ram 1500 (along with a 300 watt JBL power amp). The 80 watt, tuned and ported 8" Kenwood I put in the Sonata's trunk works well. I can't compete with the hobbiests, but then I'm focusing on the sound INSIDE the car, not outside.

    My girlfriend still thinks it's too loud and "thumps too much." I think it's nearly perfect.
  • It appears that is the mecca of all things cool for our Sonatas.
  • etmtpetmtp Posts: 1
    I cant figure out for the life of me where to begin to remove my stereo in my 2000 Sonata. Nothing looks obvious. Any help?
  • dadscardadscar Posts: 3
    Not sure where I heard about k&n filters, but thought it was here. Since it isn't here already I thought I'd give the link, Has any Sonata owner used the air filter and what were your results?
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    Anybody know if there is such a thing as after-market heated seats or a kit to convert the leather seats into heated seats? Thanks in advance!

    I think they have a heated seat package, not sure if it's for the Sonata.

    Has anyone ever put leather seat covers over cloth seats? I'm wondering how close they'd look and feel to the normal leather seats.

  • tark101tark101 Posts: 6
    I purchased a used 2002 GLS and was told it didnt have keyless entry, but after getting it home I was reminded by my wife that the ford dealer we bought our used van from said the same thing (and was wrong they had just lost the remote)

    So how can I tell?

    I have the package with the sunroof and abs, but nowhere on the Hyunda website do I see a package that cotains keyless entry. Ofcourse Im looking at the 2003 models
  • alc4alc4 Posts: 11
    anyone know if a cat back dual exhuast system is available for the 1999-2001 2.5 v-6 sonata if you have heard of such a item please let me know
  • ray_h71ray_h71 Posts: 212
    After Googling 20 pages and 4 pages on eBay, I threw in the towel. Doesn't mean there isn't someone out there marketing what you're after for your Sonata V6 - just that it'll take more time and effort than -I'm- willing to put forth. Two points to keep in mind:

    Hyundai spent considerable money supplying your car with a totally stainless steel exhaust system down wind from the cast iron exhaust manifold. As such it'll be long lived. Some of these performance exhuast systems are just aluminized mild steel, tuned for noise, and decorated with impressive decal logos, so be careful what you choose. Since your existing catalytic converter will still be in the system, it'll still be the final arbiter of how efficiently your revised exhaust system flows.

    Be cautious about buying into the promise that replacing your current exhaust system will result in an instant 17% or more power gain. It's probably baloney. After exhaust system flow efficiency, there are two additional determinants of how much power your engine produces: the engine management computer's algorithms and how much air passes through the intake system. Unless you plan to change the latter and re-program the former (and know what you're doing), a new exhaust system will supply you with a satisfying burble and little else.
  • tark101tark101 Posts: 6
    Anyone know where I can order one?

    Hdk doesnt mention 2002 spoilers on their website
    Do the 2001's fit the 2002's?
  • I didn't get a cargo net with my 2003 LX (something fishy about that). Can anyone recommend a good aftermarket net I can install? I saw one on the Foreign Motors site for $28 but they haven't answered my email on how it gets installed. I don't want to drill holes in the trunk.
  • ray_h71ray_h71 Posts: 212
    I -did- get the "factory" (actually installed at the port of entry in Long Beach) cargo net on my 2003 base Sonata, but, it was listed as a $38.00 option on the window sticker. There are a series of plastic "rivets" that fasten the trunk liner in place. One on each side had been popped out, and two replacement "rivets" with hooks molded onto the heads were pressed in the vacated holes. The net is then merely stretched between and looped over the hooks.
  • I just had a 60,000 mile maintenance performed at a shop. Upon completion the shop said he did not change the fuel filter because the maintenance sched does not call for it. Is this correct? Thx.

  • ray hray h Posts: 120
    Since you provided no information about your car's prior service history, either check your owner's manual for Hyundai's required time/mileage fuel filter changeout schedule, or, if in doubt, just have the fuel filter changed anytime as prophylactic maintenance and then follow the factory schedule thereafter.
  • dann_candann_can Bethel Island, CAPosts: 6 doesn't seem to be coming up; even with a edit copy and paste of the site info. Any suggestions?

    I discovered via my insurance company (GEICO) to have some Sonata '04 items: rear spoiler wing, 24 piece wood (real burl, or other materials) interior kit, K & N filters....
  • dhyde3dhyde3 Posts: 9
    I own a 2004 Sonota. I am looking for a chrome upper grill for my beautiful white Sonota. I have been unable to locate one through the dealer or the aftermarket suppliers. Some aftermarket suppliers have a lower grill, but no luck on the upper. Does anyone know a a reliable contact for this?
  • I have a 2002 Sonata, and I cannot seem to figure out how to replace the rear deck speakers. They bolt from the top, but I can't figure out how to remove the rear deck. Any information would be helpful.
  • ocmarcocmarc Posts: 1
    I am on the verge of buying a 2005 Sonata LX. My only remaining problem is determining whether there is an aftermarket in-dash XM radio solution that fits the car and looks good. I am getting mixed answers from retailers. Any help appreciated.
  • v92cv92c Posts: 1
    I cannot find information about programming my remote for a 2002 Sonata. I did find a message that gave directions, but it didn't appear to be year specific, so I am not sure it covered mine. I looked for the electronic unit with a switch on it, but I can't even get the access cover off (I believe the panel around the fuse panel is the access panel). Can anyone assist me?
  • gmccoygmccoy Posts: 5
    I have a 2003 Sonata and have obtained some terse instructions on programming the keyless remotes. It requires removal of the "center fascia". I assume that to be the panel coverng the heater, radio, etc. If that is the case, how is that panel removed? It is not at all obvious from visual inspection.

    Anybody know?


  • ccbloome61ccbloome61 Posts: 35
    Try for your grille. I just ordered some taillights for my suzuki verona yesterday from them. Can't tell you how good the service is yet since this is my first order. good luck
  • Removing of the center fascia refers to the center panel that houses the stereo, heater, etc. You can remove it by simply using a a flat head screwdriver to pry it off. ***be careful not to damage your the panel**** Once you get access there will be a small black box on the lower left area, it will have a switch that is hard to see because its on the side that is not visible when you are looking at it.(when i did it i just took the top part of the box off so that i could see the switch to program it.)
  • chrisundchrisund Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Hyundai Sonata with a stock Am/Fm/Cd player installed. I bought an
    Alpine IVA-D300 indash monitor for my car and I was going to install it myself
    because I've done monitors before. The problem is I don't know where to begin to
    take my dash apart so I can put in the new stereo. Does anyone know how to take
    apart the dash to do this? Also I was wondering if I need to buy a radio adapter
    for my new cd player, or if hyundai's don't need one. It also looks like my car
    is a double din, but I found a kit by metra for my car, and it was single din.
    Does anyone also know if I don't need a car kit? Please reply if you can help me. Really appreciated.
  • slentz1slentz1 Posts: 3
    does anybody know how to disable the open door alarm on a 2004 sonata? i can't
    listen to my stereo with the doors open because of that annoying alarm!

  • This is actually a very simple process. Simply remove the center panel which covers the radio, heater, etc. This panel is only held on by clips and can be removed very easily. Simply locate the area of the panel that separates the two vents from the top of the radio. Carefully insert the four fingers of each of your hands into the very bottom opening of the vents (top of the above mentioned area on the panel) and place your thumbs just under the separation (at the top of the radio) and give it a good pull. It will pop right off. Once the panel is removed you'll see the screws holding the radio in place. Remove the screws, carefully pull out the radio and unplug the connections in the rear.

    As for a car kit, I don't know for sure but would think a kit is needed.

  • jabphdjabphd Posts: 3
    Has anyone looked into or tried a cold air intake system for the Sonata? I have a 2005 w/V6, and am wondering whether such a system exists (as it does from several manufacturers for Elantra and Tiburon), if it is very difficult to install, if it really would improve performance/mileage, and if it would void any/all of the vehicle warranty.
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