97 Chevy toubles

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97 Chevy troubles

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#1 of 3  97 Chevy troubles by fordgrapevine  Aug 26, 2001 (02:56 pm)
My 97 Chevy Ck2500 5.7 Vortec skips and hesitates slightly when on the highway 65 mph and up. Have had a complete tune-up by my mechanic and the problem persists. Took it to a dealer who replaced an oxygen sensor, cleaned the injectors, problem still persists. Dealer said next step would be to replace fuel injectors. Riding around town the trucks zips along nicely, it's just the highway driving that's the problem. Has anyone heard of a rpm limiter and could this be the problem ? The dealer clearly has no clue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Doesn't your dealer have a portable scanner with a button to punch that "captures" streaming data at the moment of the incident?
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    I've brought it back to them and specifically told them not to guess at the problem. If they don't know they are to call me and I'll find another dealer. These guys are a GM dealership that only sells trucks
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