97 f150 overdrive switch broke off

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We bought 97 f150 new, has 52000 mi, end of gearshift knob with the overdrive switch broke off. cost of repairs $150, $50 was covered by extended warranty, leaving out of pocket cost of $80. Dealer would not budge on cost, called the Ford Cust. Service rep, no luck there either, asked for her supervisor, they called back, said I was SOL, supervisor said her supervisor does not speak to or communicate with customers.

A couple of the employees at the dealership, said this is not an uncommon problem, they see it quite often. after some research, it appears Ford does not have a tech bulliten on this problem.
What do I do now? Cust service rep said that if Ford put out a recall on this problem, I would be reimbursed at that time. I think that there is not much of a chance of that. Has anyone else seen this, and what was your expeirence?


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    I think legally Ford's obligation is over on this.
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    $150 is very reasonable and very fair, especially for the fact that the vehicle is at least 3 years old. The other option is to try gluing it on, but it won't last.
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