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Hi everyone! I hope this discussion takes off and becomes a good source of info on older S-10 trucks and a source of comraderie for owners of them.

A bought a white, 2 WD, 1989 S-10 with the Tahoe Package on July 16, 2001. The truck had 134,502 miles on it at the time of my purchase. My truck has the 2.8 V6 and a five speed transmission. It also has air conditioning, which works very well.

This truck was a "rebuild," having been bought from an insurance pool by the dealer from whom I bought it. This is my first experience with a salvaged vechicle, and it has certainly been a pleasant one so far!

I suppose older vehicles are commonly totalled by insurance companies for very little actual damage. This was apparently the case with my truck. The dealer told me that it had sustained only a couple smashed fenders and nothing more than just cosmetic damage.

I was able to buy this truck for $2450.00 with tax and license included! It looks almost like a brand new truck. Even the interior is in great shape, except for splits in the vinyl seat on the drivers side. I am having the bench part of the seat re-covered next week.

I'll bet I would have had to pay $1000 more for this truck, had it not been a salvage.

I have put almost 2000 miles on the truck, and the oil level is still exactly on the full mark on the dip stick! I plan on changing oil every 3000 miles, so I already know that I won't have to add oil between changes.

The gas mileage has been anywhere from 23.2 for a low to 24.1 for a high with my normal mix of driving, and it was 25.6 on a tank of gas that included one longer trip than my normal commute.

I totally love this little truck, and I consider it a steal for the price I paid.

I have had the U joints changed, which took care of a vibration that I had noticed. I have also had a chip on the windshield repaired so that it wouldn't spread.

I am very proud of that little truck, and it looks like it will make a great daily driver.

Let's hear about YOUR old S-10.



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    I am having a lot of fun fixing small things on that S-10. I am no mechanic by any stretch of the imagination, so I just take care of the simple things.

    I went back to the dealer where I bought it the other day and asked if he had a better beauty ring than the worst one that I had on my truck. He let me search through a pile of wheel covers and beauty rings, and I found one that was in real good shape. He let me exchange mine for that one and did not charge me anything.

    I had the U joints changed at a little shop down at the end of my road, and I hung around and watched them do the work. I really enjoyed watching them do that and talking to them.

    I went to a junkyard to look for a seat, but they only had a cloth one in the right color (burgundy) and I want to stay with vinyl.

    I have bought some nice looking floor mats for it.

    I just like to do stuff like that.

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    Don't everyone post all at once now. This thing is going over like a lead balloon, huh?

    Oh well, I guess I can always post messages to myself here.

    Bought a new CD player for the S-10 today. It had a factory am/fm with cassett, and the radio kept going to static for long periods and then would come back.

    I got a Pioneer Premier DEH-230 receiver/cd palyer and had them install a powered subwoofer also, a Clarion PSW160. I still need to upgrade the dash speakers for some better high frequency sound. I think I can change those out myself, so I might just get them mail order or something.

    I ended up with a pretty decent sound system after spending $539.98. It isn't world class or anything, but it sounds pretty good.

    Filled the truck up today and got 24.4 MPG with just my regular driving mix on that tank.

    Still lovin' that little truck!

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    Any stereo experts wanna recommend a good 4 x 6 repalcement speaker for my dash? That's the next thing I wil do to upgrade my sound system (and hopefully, the last).

    All I have now is the two factory speakers in the dash and the powered subwoofer mentioned in the previous post.

    The guy at the sound shop said that upgrading those dash speakers would be the best step to take for an improvement. You experts agree with that?

    I've got all the bass that I want now, but I can tell that there is room for improvement in the mid and high range, especially the high range.


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    127,000 miles on our '90 S10 Blazer. Still going strong! 4.3L V6, everything works!
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    Thanks for the post. I thought no one was ever gonna post in here.

    Glad to hear that you are having such good luck with that Blazer. I had a 92 Jimmy 2 door 4 x 4 that I dearly loved, but I totalled it back in 1995. It was medium gray metallic, and I thought it was beautiful. It had the throttle body 4.3 L.

    Keep posting!

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    I bought an S15 in '88. First year with the 4.3, and only available with an auto. Wish I still had it as it was a blast to drive. Added the front stabilizer bar, but the real trick for handling was in the frame to bed mount. I had the short bed regular cab. The bed was mounted at the four corners to the frame, but there was another cross brace in the middle of the bed that was not bolted to the frame. Really no need to. But if you did bolt it to the frame, and the holes were in the frame to do so, it reduce the flex in the frame quite a bit. I had Goodyear Eagle GT's, stabilizer bar, bed mount mod, the 4.3, and when all was said and done, a good handling little rocket!

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    Mines the big one on the right (00 Silverado)

    The one on the left is my dads 92 S-10. Red cab 4.3 V-6. Is about to turn 100K real quick. Runs great. About 2 more yrs left (until he retires) then it goes to my lil bro (15 now) and he will finish the thing off hehe

    Great truck i drove it for awhile but had to step up to a fullsize.

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    Thanks for your posts, guys. Maybe this discussion will take off after all. Hope so.

    That looks like a nice little S-10, ryanbab. Any other pics of it that show more of the truck? (Nice Silverado, by the way!)

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    sorry i cant post pics directly in here because picturetrail wont let me

    Check out


    there are pics of it in there

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    I tried that link, and picturetrail has a message that the part of their site that I am trying to get to is under repair.

    I'll try later.

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    Well, people, I just couldn't stand having those new goodies and not getting the most out of them, so I had a pair of Rockford Fosgate HPC1246's installed to replace the factory speakers in the dash.

    I paid $120.00 with tax and installation, and the MSRP listed on RF's web site is $130.00. I guess I got a decent deal.

    They did make a nice difference in the sound quality. I had great bass, but very weak mid and high range with just those factory speakers. Now I'm in good shape over all.

    These speakers have a built-in dome tweeter and are deeper than the factory speakers. This meant that the speaker covers would not go back on exactly flush with the dash board. They have a little hump in the middle, which doesn't bother me much, since they have made such a difference in the sound quality.

    I have ended up spending $660 on the stereo equipment all together. Hope I got the most "bang for the buck," but I am a total novice as far as this stuff is concerned.

    I know that you can spend a fortune on that stuff, but I couldn't go that route. I just wanted something decent, and that's what I have now. I was wanting at least the equivavlent of a real good factory system, and I have that and then some.

    Let's have some posting!

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    Would like to have an owners manual for my S-10, since it did not have one when I bought it.

    I called the GM dealer, and they said I would have to order one from Helm, Inc.

    I checked on it, and they want $20 plus $6.50 shipping. I guess that's not too bad, but I don't know if I want one that bad or not. I am going to check a junkyard today to see if I can find one.

    If anyone is interested, you can go to www.helminc.com and order an owners manual.

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    S10 long bed with 4.3, 160 hp engine and 4:11 gears and auto, no AC. It had 70,000 mi. scratch and ding free body, dark blue metallic paint. We tuned it up, went through entire vehicle, changed all fluids, filters, lubed entire chassis and buffed out the paint. Of course he
    proceeded to lower the truck and add a few upgrades. This truck was very quick due to the axel ratio. It was a work truck owned by a construction co. We paid $3500 for it in 1992. My son put 200,000 miles on this engine. Only repairs were alternator and starter. He sold and bought a used '94 lowered reg cab with 45,000 mi, 4.3 and 180 hp engine. This truck was far slower due to 3:08 gears. It was also trouble free to 200,000 miles again until he bought a new '99 Xtreme with 4.3 and 180 HP engine. Again that vehicle seemed slower than his '88. The Xtreme was upgraded with 17 in wheels and tires, lowered 2 more inches from factory lower. Additions of K and N, exhaust, chip upgrade to disable limiter. Vehicle was fast, but lacked tru punch. Again trouble free. He has since upgraded to leased 2001 Xtreme Blazer 2 dr.

    My first S10 was a used 1987 Chevy Tahoe 4x4, ext cab with 2.8L 60 deg 125 hp V6. 3:73 gears, transfer case, skid plates, upgrade tires to UNIROYAL ATX LT235 X 75 15'S. Vehicle had 71,000 mi. I drove it to 144,000 mi. Only trouble was a broken plastic vacuum line. About $2.00. It was trouble free. Comsumer's report rated this truck UNACCEPTABLE, due to engine, electronics and Brake problems witch i never encountered. Only thing about this truck was that it was very gutless going uphill. Offroading was fun and exciting. I liked this truck so much i replaced it was a used 1991 Tahoe Blazer 4x4 4-door mini SUV. It was 39,000 trouble free miles, a lease turn in. It was maroon, had ABS, transfer case and a 160 HP 4.3 engine,
    tow packkage, heavy duty radiator cooling. This vehicle was one of the worst vehicles i have ever owned. Problem area, brake pads every 18,000 mi, ABS system failure to the tune of $1700. I went to all auto parts stores to try and repair myself, they all said it was a dealer item, to go to dealer. This S10 also had numerous electrical problems, engine would smoke blue at start up due to defective valve guides. We finally traded this in a a leaased '99 Tracker 4x4, 4-dr 2.0L munchkin SUV. Which my wife drives exclusively. She love it. I don;t care for it much. I decided to try one more S10 purchase. A 2000 S10 Xtreme with 2.2L Vortec, 120 HP, 3:73 axel, ZQ8 suspension, 5 sp manual with short thro shifter, close ratio steering and beautiful body cladding. It was a reg cab in ONYX black. A great handling commuter vehicle with a 20 gas fule tank and erratic fuel guage that got 28-29 mpg at a steady 67 mph. I upgraded to K& N, a few mods to air box, catback exhaust. She could onloy do 93 mph, 0-60 in 12 secs but was a sweet looking vehicle. Trouble free to 20,000 mi then the Lemonaide factor set in, i mean i was at the mercy of the dealer. Severe stalling, at least 8 times, had to come to full stop before engine would start. Dealer could not find anything wrong, after 4 visists they told me to pick out another vehicle....it was the engine computer
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    Great post! I am feeling about ten feet tall for having bought an older S-10 and hearing how reliable your older ones were.

    Sorry about your bad luck with the newer ones.

    I think the older body style is ten times sharper than the rounded off newer ones. What was the last year of the old body style? 94? Or was it '93?

    Thanks for the post.

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    '93 was lost of the square stying since '82. I still love those old S10's. My Son just recently informed me the Alternator of his new Xtreme Blazer went out the 2nd day. Was replaced and all is ok so far. Try s10xtreme.com or xtreme.com i think. They have a very great web site and message board. I was no 111 on xtreme owners number. They have great data and info on all S10's from '82 to present as well as this forum. I came close to going with advance adapters package for small block V8 shoe in. JTR (Jaguars that run) in Livermore, Ca has a manual that will give you step by step photo instructions for putting Chevy small block V8 into any S10. Lots of goodies are out there.

    Good luck with youyr S10. I feel if i staid with the '91 and the Xtreme i could have worked out the bugs, defects eventually. However when one is burned both financially and severe defects it hardens oneself against that product. My current 2000 3/4 ton C2500 has been trouble free for 34,990 miles as of this date and one year later. Even with heavy add-ons and mods. I still miss my Xtreme. Lots of fun while it ran trouble free for 20,000 mi.

    Have a great weekend and holiday



    PS I ordered the manuals from Helm's for $180.00 for my current truck. They are awesome, can take apart vehicle bolt by bolt with vived instructions. Best out there.
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    Thanks for the info, Andy. I checked out the web site for s10extremes, and it looks interesting. I will get into it more in the next few days. I didn't see much for just plain old S-10's, but I didn't spend too much time there yet. I have it bookmarked.

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    Would appreciate any tips on the maintenance of my S-10. I have no experience with a vehicle with this many miles on it (currently 136,7XX).

    I have always been a fanatic about oil changes, but other people have benefited by that, since I have always traded so often. I have taken care of new vehicles as if I were going to put 200,000 miles on them, but then I would trade them off before they reached 50K (often LONG before that).

    Anyway, I was wondering if a guy needs to do something different or use a different type of oil for a high mileage vehicle.

    I have heard about Valvoline Max Life oil, which is supposed to be designed specifically for high mileage engines. That just hype, or is there any real benefit to that stuff?

    I have used Mobil 1 full synthetic in my last few vehicles, but I don't know if I should put my S-10 on that stuff. I have heard that synthetic oil does not keep the seals and gaskets as soft as regular oil does and can eventually cause leaks. Don't know if that is true or not.

    Please jump in here with your opinions. I have 2200 miles on the truck since I bought it, and I plan on changing the oil at 3K. The dealer had just changed the oil the day that I bought the truck.

    Anything other tips besides oil related stuff would be appreciated too.


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    Anybody care to pass on their opinion about what I should use as a limit for my highway speed, considering the high mileage on my S-10?

    I have the 2.8 V6 with a five speed. I don't have a tach, so I don't know my RPMs at any given speed. I want the engine to last as long as possible, so I don't want to push it too hard. Right now, it doesn't use any oil, and I would like to keep it that way.

    On a level stretch of road, will I be putting too much strain on the old engine at 65 or 70 MPH? It seems to run just fine at that range of speed. If I just drive without specifically trying to hold any particular speed, it seems to just naturally settle in somewhere between 65 and 70.


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    You guys that are new to trucks or to Chevy trucks in particular are going to enjoy your S-10s, especially if you live in an area that is not swimming in salt about six months out of the year. Hers's a few reasons why:

    1. Trucks were first designed for, and still are aimed at commercial users and fleet managers. That means that they are designed, sold and maintained for their long service life. They typically have more parts available longer than a car, so we also enjoy the benefit. You'll be surprised to find out that even when your truck is 20-25 years old, body items like hoods, doors, fenders and bumpers will be readily available. If they were expensive or unreliable, a LOT of fleet managers would be going to Ford, Dodge (ugh!) or Toyota (ugh x 10).

    2. While you won't usually find trucks in Motor Trend or Automobile magazine because of their latest gee-whiz high tech gadgets, you also won't have to worry about finding an exotic alternator, computer or brake system that "they only used one year and with certain engines and transmissions, and they haven't made in years." Common items like alternators, radiators, fuel injectors and other items often have the bugs worked out of them early in the course of their service life, and are relatively cheap to buy, new or rebuilt. My 2000 S-10 may not have rack and pinion steering, but I can lube all of the wear items on my truck's front end rather than waiting for one of those "sealed-for-life" grease fittings to fail and then have to replace an entire steering assembly.

    As for maintenance on an older engine where you may not know its service history, here's a few tips:

    1. Clean the fuel injectors using a product called 44K made by BG products. It is not some "miracle in a can" sold on late night TV, but it IS used by thousands of new-car dealers to keep their customers happy. If you can't find it locally, go to www.bgprod.com to find a local dealer or www.cambridgeauto.com, then go to the link for ryno products. They sell and ship 44K all over the country from that web site. While you are at it, change the fuel and air filters and the PCV valve.

    2. At 100,000 miles, either remove the radiator to have it rodded out at a good radiator shop, or replace it. I know the manual doesn't mention this as a maintenance item, but it should. While it is out, replace the water pump and fan belt tensioner if they don't look as if they have ever been replaced. While you have the room to inspect it, check the harmonic balancer carefully to make sure the rubber isn't cracked.

    3. Speaking of maintenance, after 100,000 miles, several items should be checked or replaced as a matter of preventive maintenance. These items include the shocks, front wheel bearings, brake wheel cylinders or calipers, all rubber fuel lines under the truck and ALL, and I mean, ALL vacuum lines. I usually just go to the parts store, buy about three feet of the three or four most common sizes of vacuum line, and replace each vacuum line ONE AT A TIME with the new hose that comes closest to matching it.

    4. If you have turned over 100K miles, no one tells you this until they fail or your gas mileage goes down dramatically, but those spark plug wires probably saw their best days about 40,000 miles ago. While you are at it, replace the cap and rotor. Like the vacuum lines, do the spark plug wires ONE AT A TIME. As for plugs, I've heard good things about the AC Delco plugs made for older engines called RapidFire, or something like that. Otherwise, I would NOT recommend any exotic, split fire, double-gold, solid platinum/titanium, whatevers. I don't care how many of your buddies claim to get an extra 5 or 10 horsepower; the only thing most of those expensive plugs do is empty your wallet faster. Same thing about el-cheapo 89 cent specials. Just find out which AC-Delco plug came in your engine, and go with that in 90-99% of most situations.

    By now you can tell I strongly believe in PREVENTIVE maintenance. Fact is, it is cheaper and easier to replace a water pump in my driveway in the shade on a cool engine than it is to do it by the side of the road in 90+ degree heat on a hot motor while traffic races by. As a result, I've never been stranded due to a mechanical problem in well over 20 years.

    Good luck and enjoy your trucks.

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    Thanks a bunch, Joe. I enjoyed your post very much.

    I have done some of the things you mentioned, or at least checked them.

    It looks like the plug wires have already been replaced on my truck, so I think I'm in good shape there for a while.

    The radiator was replaced during the rebuilding of my truck, since it was damaged in the accident that resulted in the truck being totalled.

    I did have the cooling system flushed shortly after buying the truck. I thought that just cause the radiator had been replaced didn't mean there might not be some crud in the block. The radiator shop where I had the flush done reported that the stuff that came out of it didn't look bad at all.

    I have replaced the PCV valve and the air filter.

    I've had the serpentine belt checked and was told by a mechanic that I trust that it still has some time to go before it needs to be replaced.

    We were going to check the front wheel bearings, but the grease looked real fresh, so it appears that they have recently been cleaned and repacked. I will need a brake job in the next few months, so I agreed to the mechanic's suggestion that we just wait until then to inspect the bearings.

    I really hadn't given any thought to vacuum lines, so your tip on that was really useful. I'll get that done before too long.

    Also, I will probably check on that fuel injector cleaner that you mentioned.

    Thanks, again, Joe, and please respond to my question about how fast I should drive on the highway. I don't want to needlessly drive slow, but I SURE don't want to put too much stress on that little 2.8 either. It really seems to like to go 65 to 70, and I don't think it's under much strain at that kind of speed. I would like to hear other peoples' opinions on that.

    Sure do love that little truck! I think I have a good one, and it was a steal at $2450 on the road price.

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    My mom had an 87 blazer with the 2.8. Blazer was great only had one problem with a hose when new but it was taken care of under a recall. Never was in the shop after that. She sold it May 2000. Truck was 13 years old had 136K on it. Only thing wrong was the air conditioning needed a new compressor. Guy didnt care.

    She didnt drive it crazy and it lasted. It was tough to get the thing up to 70 but when it got there it was fine. I dont think it ever seen 75.

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    I have been the proud owner of a 1991 S-10 Blazer that currently has 148,000 miles on it. It is my daily driver since I don't like to get my 2000 3/4 ton Silverado dirty... but we won't go there.

    The Blazer has been a great vehicle and the reason I bought the new PU. (there was a day when I said I would never own a chevy)

    Anyway, my reason for posting is I have experienced a problem now for a while and I am hoping someone here can help. My Blazer has the 4.3 V6 with auto trans. The water pump started leaking and was changed out at about 120,000. The shop that did the work had to change the water pump two more times because the replacements also leaked... but they did it under warranty and it did not cost me any additional money. However ever since the first change out of the water pump the temp gage has always read hotter than the truck ever did before the change. Before the water pump was changed out the gage never read above 200. Now on a hot day the temp will almost go to the red line. I have taken the truck back to the shop that did the work and they flushed the system and changed out the thermostat (twice) but I still have this problem. I have not driven the truck much this summer due to it getting so hot in traffic. That is the other thing.. while driving at highway speed the thermostat will read below 200, but will rise when in stop-N-go traffic.

    Also a little more history about the truck.. I bought it in 1992 with 25K on it and have always had the oil changed at 3000 miles. It now needs some minor cosmetic work but other than that it has been a great truck. Hope to get over 200,00 on it.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
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    Speed: Speed is relative and not much of a factor in a vehicle with an overdrive transmission or 5-speed. At 70 in 5th gear, the engine is probably turning about 2200-2400 RPM, depending on your rear axle ratio. However, it can put a load on other components. So, I would recommend driving it reasonably as long as everything else has checked out OK. About 70-75 shouldn't be a problem, as long as you know your brakes, steering and suspension are in first-class condition. You can actually do more damage by leaving the truck in 1st gear too long when driving away from a red light. That is because the engine could easily see 4500-5000 RPM if you "dog" it.

    Heat: Welcome to Texas, NativeTX! Sounds like the shop has an air pocket trapped in your engine's coolant system. Check with the Chevy dealer or have the shop pull your truck's information up on Mitchell's or AllData to see if there is a proceedure to bleed any trapped air out of the cooling system. Otherwise, I would suspect they damaged the fan clutch when they replaced the first water pump. Have them check it; they should have looked at that already.

    Good luck to all!

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    Thanks for your post. I was going to suggest some kind of fan problem, since you said it stays in the normal range at highway speeds. PAman beat me to it.

    Sometime when the temp gage is showing high temperature, park the truck and leave it running. Then pop the hood and see if the fan is turning. Also, check the condition of the fan blades and the shroud. (AFTER you shut off the engine, he he).

  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Thanks to both of you for your posts.

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    Could be air in the system, but if the fan clutch does not do a full engage at idle in heat, I guarantee that 4.3 will heat up. On mine, it was quite obvious when the clutch locked in as the roar from the fan increased a lot. Also, check that the fan blades are not cracked. If so, they will flex and not move as much air. And you sure don't want to throw a blade at speed or you will see how fast hoses and belts can be removed!

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    I have always suspected the fan but was not sure. Too me it just does not seem to be truning as fast as it should, however, with my limited knowledge I was unsure. I will check it and see what happens.

    Thanks again.
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    whats it cost to get hoses replaced and belts replaced on a 1993 chevy s-10 with 2.8 V6?
    also it may need a clutch...are we talking $199 here or like $599?
    thanks for the help guys...
    mine has 109,000 miles on it and runs like new...i love my truck. 1993 s-10 Tahoe with five speed...one great little truck.
    i am currently looking for a new ranger to replace it, because even though it gets 23 mpg in all-around use, the rangers get more like 26 and the new four cylinder has more power than my old V6.
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    '83 S-10 4x4 Extended Cab 2.8 4 speed from 1986 to 1990. I loved it and kept it in beautiful condition. It was a great truck until one day, with 107,000 miles, the intake manifold gasket failed. The first symptom was the bang-bang-bang of a collapsed hydraulic lifter. I was only doing about 30 mph and stuffed in the clutch and shut it down within 10 seconds of the first bang. Towed it to a shop to have the lifters replaced. Mechanic calls with the bad news...half a gallon of coolant in the oil pan...all bearings shot. Wants to know "rebuild or replace?" I was a senior in college, driving school busses for a living and engaged to be married...the cost of either option might as well have been a million dollars, because I couldn't even come close. Had to sell it in "Does not run" condition and buy a rust-bucket '78 C-10. About three years later I saw a high school kid driving "my" truck...broke my heart. (I know it was mine because I put the toolbox, running boards, fender flares, bug deflector, stripes and alloy wheels on it myself...would be one hell of a coincidence if somebody else made exactly the same choices.) I'd probably still have it, if I'd been able to affoard a small-block swap at the time. I've still got the wife and the degree, and she still has the diamond that made me so broke at the time, so I guess I'm not doing too bad, but I may have to find an old S-10 to fix up just right for one of my sons....
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    Hi Folks! Got that bench seat re-covered today. I just had the seat bench re-covered, since the seat back was in good shape. Cost me $100.00.

    The new material is a very close match to the seat back, so I am going to stop here and save the extra $75 it would cost to have the seat back done.

    Now the inside of my truck looks as good as the outside.

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    I saw your post about speakers, and was going
    to recommend you have a look at crutchfield.com,
    but it looks like you've gone ahead and had
    some new ones installed already...I'm leaning
    towards upgrading my factory stereo system one
    of these days, and Crutchfield is a very good
    source for car stereo components and assistance.

    You sounded worried about how fast you can take
    your truck up to and not damage the motor...where
    I live, there are hundreds of old S-10's and
    Sonomas around, and they're always tooling down
    the interstate at 75mph+...the speed limit where
    I am is 70, but that doesn't stop many folks from
    doing 80-85...as I mentioned before on the S-10
    board, I have a 1997 with 145,000 on it...I change
    the oil religiously every 3000 miles, and I'm
    always doing 70-75mph on the highway...I drove
    it to Chicago last summer when it had aroung 120K
    on it, and that was an 800 mile trip one-way on
    all interstate highways, and never had a problem
    with it...

    Someone mentioned the relatively easy access to
    used parts, and most new ones...well, I can tell
    you first hand that there is no aftermarket fan
    clutch for my truck, and the part runs $162
    from a GM dealer, even though the equivalent part
    for the 1996 model year can be had at any parts
    store for only $30...what's up with that ???

    You seem to enjoy playing with your new toy...I
    like to tinker, too, but I also have to realize
    that my vehicle is my only means of getting to
    work (which is 60 miles one-way, thus the high
    mileage I have), so I don't want to fix something
    that's not broken, if you know what I mean...

    Talk to you soon....

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    I seen my moms old 87 blazer which she sold may 2000. Still looks and runs great

    She still wishes she had it but 3 cars in the family is enough 4 would be crazy
  • PAmanPAman Member Posts: 207

    Don't know who is telling you those fan clutches are not available, but www.autozone.com lists one for $64.99 on their web site. The fan has a lifetime warranty, too. I read your S-10 as a '97 based upon your last post, and I assumed it had the V-6 with air. The make of fan is an Imperial, and the part number is 215158. Depending on where you live, the price may vary by a couple of bucks.

    If you don't live near an Autozone store, see if you can order one online, or try Pep Boys. A parts store not having a fan clutch for a four-year-old Chevy truck is ridiculous!

    Good luck!

  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Well, I have put enough miles on my S-10 that I have the confidence in it to take it on a trip.

    I will be going to Nashville today, which is a couple hours away. If it does ok on that trip, I will drive it to Chattanooga on Tuesday. The Chattanooga trip will be about 240 miles each way.

    I'll be due for an oil change after the Nashville trip, so I have to make up my mind about which oil to use. I have just about settled on a synthetic blend. I believe Valvoline has one.

    Any thoughts about the best oil for my truck?

  • rmblizzardrmblizzard Member Posts: 6
    All this month there is free shipping from Crutchfield. I have bought all my stereo equipment from them and have never been disappointed for instance if you buy any car stereo you get the plastic custom dash kit and adapters so their is no splicing necessary. These install pieces alone cost about $40 minimum which is why most places install radios for free except the parts. Did I mention that tax is not included which again saves you money?

    \Loud and Proud/
  • mdecampsmdecamps Member Posts: 115
    Synthetic blends are a rip-off. Most blends only have about 10% synthetic in them. If your truck takes 4 quarts, it is cheaper (and works fine) to buy 3 regular quarts and 1 synthetic quart. That way you will at least have approx. 25% synthetic. I run 5W30 full synthetic in my S-10 with a premium filter (mobil 1 which can be found at Autozone or AC Delco Ultraguard Gold which can be found at Pep Boys) and do 10,000 mile changes. If you're not comfortable with an interval this long, do at least 5-6K. I will say it again---blends are a waste! At least make your own!!
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    How do you know the percentage of synthetic in blends? (I digress)

    Friend of mine is mechanic for King Soopers (grocery chain) in Denver. Says they have fleet of GM Astro Vans that use the 4.3L V6 engine. He told me laughing with embarrassment about how many miles they put on those trucks, many with over 200,000 hard city driven miles, and 1 with 277,000 and still going!
  • the5carthe5car Member Posts: 26
    I've been to Autozone in person...the guy
    let me watch as he punched in the info
    for my application, and the part was not
    available...I had to have my truck towed
    to my friend's repair shop, and they tried
    every source they could to get the part
    without having to go through GM, but no
    one had it. I checked on many other websites
    too, like carparts.com and Summit Racing, and
    if they had the part, it was an AC Delco
    replacement for roughly the same outrageous
    price that I quoted earlier. I just hope
    that the new one lasts as long as the original,
    because I'll probably have a new truck by then.
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Thanks a bunch for the info! I guess I might go with the Valvoline "Max Life," which is a regular oil supposedly blended for high mileage vehicles.

    If that's a rip off too, please let me know. At least it only costs about 30 cents per quart more than plain Valvoline.

    Thanks again.

  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Man, that little S-10 handled the trip to Nashville and back home just fine! I drove 70 MPH quite a bit of the time, and that 2.8 seemed to like it.

    The 2.8's have more power than I gave them credit for before buying my S-10. I had only test driven an S-10 Blazer 4 x 4 with the 2.8 and an automatic transmission before getting my truck. I guess that's asking too much for a 2.8 to handle the weight of a 4 x 4 Blazer and the power drain of an auto tranny, cause that thing had NO power at all.

    I will fill up tomorrow and figure my gas mileage for the Nashville trip, but from the position of the needle on the gas gauge and considering the miles I have driven, that mileage should be great!

    That will be the first tank with just purely highway driving on my truck, and I am very anxious to see what I get for MPG.

  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Ok, people, I just got back from my trip to Chattanooga, and the S-10 performed like a Champ!

    First of all, on the trip to Nashville Sunday and return on Monday, I got 25.6 MPG.

    Now, for the Chattanooga trip.... (Drum Roll, Please). I got 28.3 MPG going down there and 27.6 coming back! I am one happy camper.

    I tried to hold a steady 70 MPG, but I don't have cruise control, and I caught that little truck running 75 MPH a few times. Once, on the way home, I looked down at the speedometer, and I was doing 80!

    What a great little truck!

  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    I meant to tell you guys that my little S-10 came up Monteagle Mountain in Tennessee in fifth gear and with the air conditioner on, while maintaining 60 MPH. The temperature gauge stayed right on 210 degrees the whole time.

    Coming up Monteagle from the south is a steep climb for those of you who have never been there.

    What a fine little truck!

  • mdecampsmdecamps Member Posts: 115
    I have not personally used Valvoline MaxLife, but I have heard good things about it. We have a lot of oil discussions over on the maintenance and repair board. I wouldn't be afraid personally to just go with a full synthetic (preferably Mobil 1 but not Castrol), a premium filter (Pure One, Mobil 1, or AC Delco Ultraguard Gold), and 6-10K oil changes. You will see good results. A cheaper alternative would be the Valvoline MaxLife. I've heard absolutely nothing bad about it. Talk to you later.

  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Thanks for the info. For my first oil change I just went with regular Valvoline 5W-30, since I couldn't make up my mind about what oil to use. I wanted to get the oil changed prior to going to Chattanooga.

    I would have used the Max Life, but the shop where I had the oil changed only had it in 10W-30.

    I am a firm believer in Mobil 1 and have used it in all of my vehicles for the last few years. I have never owned a vehicle with this many miles on it, however, and I didn't know if synthetic would be the way to go or not.

    My first experience with Mobil 1 was in a 1994 Z28, and I got quieter cold starts and improved gas mileage with it. That sold me on the stuff.

    I have heard that synthetic oil does not keep the seals and gaskets as soft as refined oil does. That is the ONLY reason that I haven't used it in my S-10, and I would really like to know if there is anything to that or not. If not, then no question, I will go with Mobil 1.

  • engine12engine12 Member Posts: 17
    what a piece of junk this truck was,ordered it and paid 10,500 brand new.From 1982 to 1985 Chevy put soft crankshafts in there 2.8's,i had 62,000 miles on it when the engine had a melt down! GM builds crap and i will never own another chevy as long as i live.
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Sorry about your bad luck, man.

    I have only my current '89 S-10 for experience with them, and mine is a keeper. It had 134,500 miles on it when I bought it a few weeks ago, and it has proven to be a fine little truck. It used only about one fourth of a quart of oil in the first 2700 miles that I put on it, and I just got back from a 500 mile trip in it, and I got 28 MPG!

    I have the 2.8 V6 with a five speed.

  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Come on, people, please answer my question about which oil I should use.

    Also, let's get some posting going on around here on any subject related to old S-10's. Doesn't anyone have something to say, good or bad?

    Still lovin' my little truck!

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    oil hmmm

    i run mobil 1 in my silverado. I have since it had 9K on it (20K currently)

    dad runs whatever no particular. He has run pennzoil/mobil/etc. Never had any problems (he changes every 3K). Truck has 100K on it.

    As long as you stick to 3K oil change intervals you should be fine with any
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Tanks for the post. I really, really like Mobil 1 and have used it for the last several years.

    I am just wondering if it is the right oil for a high mileage engine. I'm in new territory with this little S-10: I have never had a vehicle with this many miles on it.

    You can hear all sorts of things, and they are often not based on facts, but I have heard that synthetic oils do not keep the seals and gaskets as soft as does regular oil. If this is NOT true, then I would certainly want Mobil 1 in my S-10.

    I am also curious about Valvoline Max Life. It is supposed to be specifically formulated for high mileage engine with additives to soften seals and gaskets.

    My S-10 uses just a little oil, and I want to use the right oil that will keep that oil consumption as low as it is or even reduce it.

    In my previous posts, I was saying that my truck only used about a fourth of a quart of oil in 2700 miles. This was a true statement, but since I have been driving a little faster, that oil useage has gone up some, although it still isn't bad. At the rate it's going now, I might need to add one quart between changes, which isn't bad.

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