Triton V10

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Just thought we should have some input regarding
the V10!!


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    275 hp is that all.
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    Thats certainly enough!!!
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    Rumor has it The TRITON v-10 will get 25 more horse next year like the 5.4 did this year. 300hp thats more like it for a V-10
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    I thought i would see alot more responses than this regarding the V10!! Motor trend's Truck trend magazine (and i quote) all things except fuel economy considered,Fords V10 is the best truck engine around!!! They also go on to say "its torque delivery is awesome off-idle,and its smoother,quieter,and calmer than the more powerful DodgeV10"

    I know the Dodge has more HP but HP is'nt everything!!

    Comments anyone???

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    There are a lot of comments in the Ford Super Duty conference. I agree with the commentary though -- I like this V10 better than Dodge's for a lot of reasons. That's why I got one. If I got a Dodge (if they made a crew cab) I'd get the Cummins, no question.
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    I agree 100%!!!!

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    I was hoping I could get a little input I'm trying to decide weather to get the dodge or the ford.
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    Look at the number of TSB's for this year's model. At last count the Ford had 1 and it was of no real signifigance, while the Dodge had 10! I also looked at Dodge before I ordered my Ford. The problem was that most of the Dodge owners that I talked to always seemed to have a bit of hesitency about their truck. While reading about the Ford, I did not read so much as a suggestion of regret. Now that I have my own F250 SD I can honestly attest that it is more than I expected. But you have to make up your own mind. I'de thought that I'de put in my $.02 worth.
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    Tom50, thank you for your $ .02 worth every little bit helps, I really appreciate any help or info given. Just incase anyone was wondering I am leaning towards the Ford. Thank you again Tom50 and everyone who helped, well gotta go I am supposed to order it today.
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    Depends on how you plan to use your V-10

    I've had this 99 SD F-250 V-10, EOD 4speed since August . Towed a 26 foot 7500 Pound Tag-along Travel Trailer from PA to California to Texas, 12,ooo miles on it now.

    Rear axle is 3.75, and tows fine as long as you remember to lock out O/D. Otherwise, it will downshift way too much.

    O/D is for empty highway cruising, not towing. Fuel consumption towing in O/D is no better, and tranny strain is certain to cause problems down the road.

    Fuel consumption has averaged 9 MPG towing
    12 solo

    Factors such as mountain grades, headwinds, and hammer down speeds will definitely have an efect.

    Altitudes varied from 285 feet below sea level to 10,000 feet.

    Overall, I am satisfied with this engine,towing load combination. If I decide to buy a larger, heavier trailer, I will definitely upgrade to the PSD and install a Jake Brake,and opt for the Manual tranny.

    Logic is that for serious towing, do what the trucking industry has done for the last 100 years.
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    article in the new autoweek shows the 2000 excursion, says v10 will be rated at 300hp/430lb ft torque. would guess the 2000 sd will get the increased power too.
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    Hey, tom50...

    Where can we find TSB's for Chevy, Ford, and Dodge? Is it available on the web?

    It would be great to have access to them!
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    I have always been a Chevy man, but I just bought a F-250 V-10. The engine and the ride were the two biggest factors in my decision. I have only used two tanks of gas so far, and figure I am getting about 11 mpg with a combination of city and highway driving, and even a high canopy. My Dad has a Chevy 454 crew cab, and has only gotten 12 mpg on the highway and unloaded at best. If I had a 4.10 rear like him, I probably would get about the same mpg. This V-10 has exactly the same torque and almost as much hp as the 454.
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    Just surfing the the Super Duty conference.
    I ordered my F-350 4X4 V-10 cab and chasis XLT package on 2/2/99 and it arrived on 3/4/99 to my surprise. The flat bed will be installed during the coming week. I inspected it on 3/5/99 and was impressed with the quality in the engineering of the unit. I crawled under it to look everthing over. I was impressed. I noted the lift blocks between the rear axle and the frame. I may need the truck lowered to fit my gooseneck trailer. My dealer said it was a warranty item and they would lower the truck if needed at no cost to me.
    Is there an after market chip that will improve the V-10 engine performance??
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    The TSB's are available on the web. and
    Yes, that is dot between nhtsa and gov. You can find info on recalls and tsb's on any auto
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    Thanks a bunch!
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    quick note...on lowering the this friday, the ky plt. is to issue an authorized kit to lower your unit, but only by 2 inches...point is, don't just casually let your dlrshp lower your unit the entire 4 plt. is not authorizing any dlrship to do that...regardless of what your dlrship says...any ?'s, they should call Mark Wilson at the Ky. Plt.
    Thanks! Good Luck!
    JB, aka Singer4
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    American friends give to a french fan of american SUV, the name and Web adress of kits to improve power and performance of the V10.
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