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Cadillac Catera Maintenance & Repair



  • i also have a 2000 catera. she did something funny the other day, i was driving as usual, not in sport mode..i was stopped at a light and when it turned green, i was barley moving. the sport mode button was flashing and my car wouldnt rev or go more than 5mph. i drove off the side of the road and made some calls and checked the says when the sport mode button flashes that you have "automatic transmission failure" i shut the car off, waited 5 mins the started it without any trouble since. it was scary as i was stuck in the street, will this happen again? anyone....
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    To be honest, I have no clue where it was leaking, sorry. I took it in and a day later told me it would cost $400 to fix. 3/4 of the cost was labor and the part was the remainder. Well, it lasted approx. 3 months and now the engine light and radiator light is back on. TSK TSK

    Now I am hearing the coolant leak has to do w/the water pump. I have chosen not to fix the car and park for awhile. I just don't have $1200 to fix my car. Such a tragedy as I love my Catera. Good luck.
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  • jojrjojr Posts: 8
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    I have a problem with the check engine light coming on and the repair shop said it was a fuel sensor. The sensor was replaced but the check engine light came back on. I'm being told it's being caused by a leak in the head gasket which is dripping into the sensor plug. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?
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    Anyone have a problem with low voltage when it is hot and worst when AC is on? this killed the battery. I replaced with a new one and already appeared to start draining the battery. I had charging system checked, but it is fine. Any help is appreciated.
  • I had my oil changed at Greese Monkey 7/16/05 since then my car alarm has gone off three times last week and twice this week when using the key to open the door which this has never ever happened before. This week Monday while running the air conditon my car oil light came on and battery light i made a complete stop at red light my car stalled i turned off the air condition and radio sat in traffic for about 3 minutes restarted my car and high tailed it all the way home. Later that day i took the car to autozone for a battery and alternator test check and was told that both were very strong i was low on antifreeze so i stocked up and they checked the water in the battery the car ran fine the rest of the day. Today July 23, 2005 my car repeated the same steps above at WEDNYS' drive through window i turned everything off restarted my car and high tailed it home. ANYBODY PLEASE HELP WITH ANY SOLUTION TO WHAT MIGHT BE GOING ON WITH MY CAR 1997 CADILLAC CATERA . THANK A BUNCH JACKIE!
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    I just purchased a 2000 Catera with 74,000 miles on it. The remote locks and unlocks all door properly, however, I cannot open the drivers door (even when unlocked) without putting the key in the door. I do not need to turn the key... just put the key in the door and then it will open. The door opens properly when you open the door from inside the car (the inside door handle. Is this normal? I doubt it. Also, the rear power windows do not work. Any idea of repair costs? Mostly concerned about the door though.

    Hope to get a response.

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    is this for real and how do i use this to my advantage if dealer won't budge. :confuse:
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    We're on our 3rd heater control valve on a '98. It's the 2nd replaced at our cost. I talked with Rebecca Baker at Caddy Customer Relations about Caddy at least paying for the part this time. Nice lady, but do dice. The car was my wife's. We gave it to our son two years ago when we replaced it with a new Mercedes. Apparently Caddy thinks it's better to ignore systemic problems than keep up good will. My wife would probably be driving a new STS if they'd paid attention to us the first time. Now they've lost my son as a future customer, too. And GM management wonders why they're awash in red ink.

    Don't buy GM
  • skip1skip1 Posts: 16
    I had the car go into sports mode 4 months ago, it turned out at that time to be a solenoid in the transmission that was replace. But since then at start up I go into an rpm of 3800 at 25 mph. Cadillac told me since there was no error code they could not fix the intermittent problem. I video taped it and was told the same thing. I ended up seeing the A Cadillac rep and they said they would look into it. no one else has this rpm problem and sent the tape to Detroit, Got a call yesterday that they have 4 or 5 possible solutions. I also have my battery go dead for no reason. They changed a body module about a month ago that was suppose to solve both problems That didn't work either it went dead yesterday. Keep an eye out for these other problems popping up. Good Luck
  • babygirl2babygirl2 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Catera, 90,000 miles I've had for about 6 mths and my lights are messing up too. I spoke with a friend and they think it might be some type of short in the wires or something. I have not had the chance to take it the dealer. I'm afraid that it might be something electrical....So I am trying to prepare myself for that visit.
  • I feel that this car was put on the market way to fast and Cadillac had no intentions of standing by their product. If they did we the owners of this car would not be having so many aftermarket problems and visits to the dealership.
    With all the mechanical failures and over-priced specialized parts the cars ability to handle the road and sound sytems doesn't make up for the impudence of Cateras.
    We have only had this Used car about 7 months now and it was one problem after another especially since it was bought through a secondary dealer Brumos International Motors. They sold a lemon with problems and knew they sold us a lemon and won't stand behind it either. Cadillac won't touch the car since it was not bought through a Cadillac dealership.
  • Hi,

    I bought my car in 2003 and it had 32,000 miles on it and this car has been in the shop twenty times since I bought it for misc. reasons. Right now it is in the shop for the same reason, low voltage and not starting except when the car is jumped. I took it to the repair shop due to it not starting, they replaced the battery the next day it won't start, they replaced the starting switch or sensor, forgot the exact terminology for it. Two weeks later it won't start again, this time I am told it is the alternator, they replaced that then three days later it won't start again, I was told it was a bad alternator, well one month later it wouldn't start again, so it is in the shop again. I noticed when the air is on and I am running around in the car the alternator voltage almost hits the red mark. I think it has something to do with the car running w/air and very hot outside, this is just my observation on this problem. Funny thing when the car sits over night it starts right up and the voltage needle doesn't move until the car runs a while.

    Did you (cat2ksi) ever receive an answer on your problem with low voltage? I am up to my eyes with problems on this car and I would really appreciate any help with this problem.

  • I hope your son didn't buy the caddy. My girlfriend has one and it's a money pit. Unless he likes fixing them himself or paying others lot's of money, tell him to skip it.
  • skip1skip1 Posts: 16
    I have had a battery problem for 22 months that Cadillac finally found. I ended up buying a jumper pack to put in the car so I wouldn't keep getting stuck. Every time I took it in they said every thing was ok and no error code so they did nothing . Finally this last time they found a short in the seat switch which would drain the battery. Cadillacs favorite saying is there is not error code so nothing is wrong.

    They have been telling me that for 6 months now on an rpm problem that goes up to 3800 when excellerating to 25mph after sitting for 8 hours intermitantly. no error they cant fix it. they finally started to work on that after I drove with a video camera to record it. It has been in there service garage for 4 weeks and Detroit's hot shot team hasn't figured it out yet. Because there is no error code they wont change anything out. The other day Detroit said they didn't think it was the Engine or transmission may be the wiring. I said then change the harness there answer we cant just change parts out Guess why "THERE IS NO ERROR CODE. Friday they said to me that they are going to have to give me the car back if they dont find anything this week. Because there is no code. and its intermitant and they cant duplicate the problem. They must of thought there was a problem to send the tape to Detroit. Needless to say this is the last GM car I'll ever buy and I get an employee discount all the time
  • The positive battery cable had internal corrision that created high resistance that prevented the battery from getting a proper current flow. Battery operated voltage eventually caused battery to not start car. 6 repair trips to cadilliac and a note from my son in law describing what was creating the problem they decided to replace positive cable. By this time the cable had actually turned white near the battery from overheating.
    Problem solved. STEALERSHIP got me for $500 plus in unneeded repairs and battery replacements (3).
  • I have a 98 bought new from dealer (Sewell who was great, in TX; now in Hawaii. Just told transmission will have to be replaced because its not electronic(?) problem for $4500 plus. Dealer also wants $800+ for side mirror because its cracked but works. This is all besides the $114 for each item they diagnose. I only have 67,500 miles and am currently talking with GM while dealer has car. We also had to replace battery twice in past year and both times the driver's airbag light came on; Goodyear fixed first time but refused second time saying it was the car's problem not them replacing battery -- am I driving around with no airbag? Told dealer couldn't afford a third diagnoses fee until I knew about the transmission. Also, since very early days, the skyroof gets stuck and has to be reset to close -- but problem getting worse -- any help there? I hope I'm not being naive about help from GM. I love my Catera -- the air is great; wonderful ride and protects me better than other cars from outside fumes. :confuse:
  • hulacatera here; GM and Dealership coming through for me on transmission! :shades:
  • I bought my catera about 3 years ago. it is a 1997 catera fully loaded with only 36,000. since i have owned it i have had the one of the pulleys for the timing belt break(this was at 39,000 miles), which for those of you that don't know engines that well my values stayed down well my pistons came up, bending all my values cracking both heads and putting a hole in the engine oil cooler. cost, and this with my mechanic doing the work for free, 4500 dollars. after finding out that a campaign that gm came out after i had shelled out the money for the pulleys to be recalled, i called gm and they gave me 2500. also i have had the transmission sensor changed once which cost 400 dollars plus labor. and now it needs to be replaced again. recent issue are a bad alternator and two electrical shorts. since i have new mechanic, he has had the car a total of a month and a half. i will never by another gm for the rest of my life unless it is an old classic, i also own a 1992 ford bronco 351 5.8 liter which has 330,000 miles on it and it still runs great.
  • I to own a 1997 catera I have it in the repair shop now with a bowed out or bent piston? THe repair shop can't figure out what caused this, they are saying lack of lube condition. There is oil in the engine do you have suggestions what I can tell them to check to see what caused this?? I have purchased an extended warranty and they will not cover this unless the repair center can tell them what caused this?? The repair company says the oil pump and etc is fine??? Any suggestions???
  • silva2silva2 Posts: 1
    :sick: Does anyone know where they sell the positive battery cable besides the dealer? Is this cable a straight cable or splits up have way down to alternator.
  • last time i saw a bowed piston was when the engine got to hot and it made the piston week, this was on a different car it had all of it's pistons bent. the mechanic said the the oil had not be changed in a year. it might have been caused by the previous owner not changing the oil on the car when needed.
  • tford2tford2 Posts: 3
    It is a bowed connecting rod #3 piston. Would you be able to drive this car for 11 months without a problem?? How would the mechanic prove this . The warranty company wants an exact cause or they will not cover the part?
  • I have a 98 Catera it has a coolant leak. My husband thought it was the water pump but after taking hoses etc. off discovered it was not the water pump. Anyone have any answers. My car has 110,000 on it and I haven't had a lot of problems except tie rods in the front and O2 sensors.
  • podrespodres Posts: 58
    I have been readings posts for other vehicles, but since I have owned a '97 Catera since it was new, I thought I'd post my experiences.

    Biggest problem was that I had to replace the head unit that controls the A/C twice. First under warranty, and the second time just after the warranty wore out This was a $1,000 job.

    Besides that, the car has been pretty trouble-free. A little problem here and there, but mostly normal wear and tear. I now have 80,000 miles and really enjoy driving it, especially on the highway, where it is quiet, responsive, solid feeling and nimble. It is a well engineered car. Good sound system, too.

    Biggest problem: other than dealerships, few mechanics want to work on them. It is an orphan child.

    I would give it a B+ / A- as an overall experience.
  • I own a 2001 Catera with 54.500 miles has anyone had a problem with it shutting off while driving?
  • lynn8lynn8 Posts: 1
    i was given this car by a good friend a few months ago, and now i think i know why he gave it away, he did tell me the car had problems, when we first start driving the car we noticed white smoke out of tailpipe, and temperture gauge very high, we took the car to a mechanic who then told us the car needed head gasket
    replaced which cost $1300 when car was picked up from shop after being told it was fixed, we drove around and notice still white smoke, took car back mechanic attempt to do more work on car. well three days later we pick car up and still white smoke. after threatning to take mechanic to court for not fixing my car, i drove it around for few weeks and smoke cleared up, but noticed when air conditiong is running temperture gauge very high, well last week car started fluttering like wants to cut off when idle, and check engine light on, took car to advance auto he says needs mass air flow sensor that cost $299 after locating part at local salvage yard for $65 we put it on and car still doing same thing, idling very high, transmission seems to be shifting funny. can anyone help me im about to give up on this car i own a volvo and never had these kind of problems. everyone i talk with says i need to get rid of it, but i would really like to keep car, very nice i just dont wont to spend fortune. HELP!!!
  • Hi, I'm having problems with my local (Atlanta) Cadillac dealer, Hennessy;

    Long story short: My car was due for an oil change, so I brought it in, after calling ahead, to have the oil changed. The service writer (Joey Davidson) came back shortly thereafter to tell me that “The drain plug is stripped so we can’t do it, you’ll have to bring it back Monday.” “What do you mean, the drain plug is stripped?” I asked, “Do you mean that you stripped the drain plug? The car’s never been serviced anywhere but here since it was new.” He went to check on this and then returned to confirm this. “We can’t do anything with it now,” he told me, “It’s stripped and we can’t get it out.”

    At this point I've driven 45 minutes to the damn dealer from Decatur to discover they can't do a simple oil change. I'm really, REALLY not happy, and no, I don't have time to bring it back on Monday, I WORK. This is after the car has had a problem with overheating on the freeway with the A/C on, and they cannot find it after it's been sitting there three times. I want to call/write the local office and complain, does anyone know how to do that? I don't want to waste any time talking to some call centre peon who is going to mouth platitudes at me. (I apologise to all call centre peons because I was one once and so know how much power they have.) So if anyone knows how I can get in touch with someone who might care please let me know. :mad:
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