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There's plenty discussion of the bad in auto sales, on both sides of the transaction and I have never been eager to engage in the process, but I've just had a very positive experience. Use this thread to discuss yours.

I recently sent FAX & e-mail proposals to several dealers to purchase an Acura TL. David Lindsey, who handles Internet sales at Riddle Acura in Chesapeake Va responded with a counter offer by e-mail, but it was over my target. I made a counter offer (e-mail) and he accepted. We exchanged detail information by telephone and agreed on a delivery time. My Wife & I met David at the dealership last evening, consumated the deal and returned home with our TL.

David was very straightforward, professional and a pleasure to deal with! He quoted his price as an "out-the door" figure including TT&L (and I countered in kind) and there was no attempt to add fees or pressure to sell add-ons at any point. We dealt only with David and did not have to "run the gauntlet" of managers, "closers", F&I, or "mop & glo" salesmen (as we did in our last new car purchase). Most of our time at the dealership involved relaxed discussion of the car and its features, David handled the paperwork in about 15 minutes. It was the most pleasant car purchase experience that I have ever had!

Thanks David, and Riddle Acura.


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    It's nice that they didn't try to throw the closers, F&I, and mop & glows at you. That's probably why it only took 15 mins - they did most of it before you showed up. I imagine that's one of the advantages of email/fax/phone deals - the deal is 'done' before you step into the dealership.
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    And a good way of doing business. No room for haggling when it's done quick and neat. Good going, Richard.
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    I had a very pleasant experience buying our last vehicle (with four wheels). The salesman is one that DID NOT get the sale of our previous vehicle because we decided on a different brand.

    Because he treated us well and was professional in his dealings, we went back to him six months later to buy our next.

    We made an appointment with him (we live 70 miles away), and went in to test drive the truck. We got to the dealership early since we hate to be late for anything and found the truck we wanted, opened the tailgate, and sat there until he arrived (he made the appointment on his day off).

    While we waited for him to arrive, we were asked by five different sales people if we needed help (customer on the lot, customer on the lot!!). After he arrived, we test drove the truck, made our offer, accepted his counter offer, and did the paper work.

    Easy and stress free. I would go back to this salesman any day if he is selling a vehicle I want!
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    Having an appointment removes 99% of the "high pressure" feeling of being "pounced on." OTOH, those other salesmen were only doing their jobs by inquiring: sometimes, customers complain that the sales reps ignore them!

    You hit the target: reward the good guys with the deals. Then, everybody wins!
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    Thanks for your comments. I was impressed by the salesman and wanted him to get the sale and not have to split an "up", so that was the reason for the appointment.

    In fact, we called this salesman to let him know we were buying something else after our first visit with him and the test drive. His behavior while we were shopping and his response after he found out we were buying something else was the reason I wanted to deal with him again.

    Not only do I reward the good salesmen, but I will not do business with a dealership that tries to take advantage during our research visits!
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    I leased a brand new 2000 Saab 9-3 5-door in December of 1999. The salesman (Mike Avezanno of Ramsey Saab/Volvo) was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, & treated me with respect. I did not feel uncomfortable at all (and I shouldn't) buying a car from a luxury European automaker (I was 23 at the time). He gave me a great lease rate on my car with $0 down. I leased the Saab from him because it was CHEAPER than the Accord & Passat I looked at.

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    You might want to tell your story over in the inconsiderate buyer's section. It's cool that you sat and waited for your guy rather than just going with the first salesman that approached so you didn't have to wait so long. It may sound like common sense but to many people it isn't.
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    I was looking at a Taurus, Mazda 626, and Escape/Tribute. When I asked about the Taurus he said wait a year and buy one from a lease or rental. Their value goes down quickly. I appreciated that. Don't know what I will get for the next car yet, but his frankness impressed me.
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    Not a Taurus. don't want to buy a rental even if it is only a year old.

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    I wouldn't be afraid of a rental.

    His advise was right on target. Few cars depreciate faster than a Taurus.
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    Me either.

    Although... Buicks? SAABs?

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    Anything Korean are probably the worst.
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    Conversion vans, any make.
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    This goes back about a couple of years when I bought my Audi A4. The salesperson's appearance was pleasing:no gaudy jewelry or the fake "welcome to ..." stuff. Neatly dressed in khakis and a polo shirt with Audi logo.Very professional.

    Now, at that time,based on what I read , a 5-6% over invoice on A4s was considered a good deal, as demand was high and supply tight.
    This guy offered to sell me the car for 7% over without any haggle within minutes of my test drive. He simply said that the msrp was $x and he could sell me the car for $y. Not a special deal, but just a nice honest price.I accepted that in a heartbeat...I was not going to grind him for that other 1-2%. He did all the paperwork himself,ordered the car and it was ready when he promised. No finance officer or any pressure to buy anything extra.

    A few other things also impressed me. I did not know what "leatherette" was, and asked him. Based on my previous experience of salesman, I was prepared for a long harangue over how great the stuff was. Instead, he just said , "It is fake leather , that's all"!
    The test drive was fun as well:he simply gave me the keys,went over a few basic controls, and told me to be back in 30 minutes.
    Best car buying experience of my life.

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    Who was he? I have friends who may be considering an Audi and we're not far from New Jersey.
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    I purposely left out the dealership name thinking it would be against Edmunds policy to name names. But since I see the orginator of this thread has done so, here it is:
    Joel Lambert
    Flemington Audi/Porsche/VW
    Flemington NJ

    It is kind of far from CT, though.
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    where in jersey is flemington?

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    It's in the upper-middle of the state. If you take 287 out west and then hop on 206 south, your getting close.
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    I bought my new car back in Feb and it was pretty eary going as well. I checked the price on Z3 thru the web and came up with what I though to be a reasonable price. Ran the (or something close to it) and got their price which was a bit higher than what I though was a reasonable..(Feb in Philly...convertible is not going well.) Sent e-mails to 3 or 4 local dealder within 15 miles of my residence or work and waited. One place called (Don Rosen BMW) and told me up front that they won't give a quote on a phone but would like me to come down and test drive and talk... 1 place called and left a message on my machine basically quoting a MSRP...I passed it...another place called and gave me some discount but not to my I went to the first dealer and test drove....Told the sales guy that I know that the BMW was offering a dealer incentive and asked him to pass it to me as a discount since that won't make no difference on dealer's profit margin prior to the BMW incentive... Sales guy says no problem. next I wanted more discount since it was Feb and the sales of convert was not that great....we came up on my desired price within 5 minutes of discussion... Next came trade-in...I told him my desired price (armed with info from Bill and Terry from trade-in topic) and 20 minutes later, (they wanted to check my they offered me lunch while waiting...) we agreed on trade-in.... asked him to throw in floor mats and wind screen and he said he has no authority on that but would talk with GM telling me it's most likely going to happen. He talked with GM for a minute or two and came back saying OK.... I think whole thing took about 1 hour from me walking in to he's office and signing the dotted line...and 20 - 30 minutes were spent on test driving..... I would say the sales guy was great and the dealership didn't have any finance guy trying to sell me something...(Sales guy did the financial paper work and he was the one who told me to go with BMW finanicing b/c they had low APR which did beat my previously arranged loan...) I would do business with this guy/dealership again....
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    I hope you gave him a great report when BMW called. 100% CSI scores are like getting a good tip.
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    They didn't call but they sent 2 surveys....I gave good scores.
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    on a great experience.

    Funny how the place that refused to give a phone or email quote turned out to be the best place to deal. I think a lot of people here would've dismissed them immediately because of that. Sounds like they would've missed out on a great experience.

    It just goes to show that there isn't one "best way" to sell cars and make customers happy.
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    And have been the top dealer in the state for 22 years. Still...probably do lose a few when we won't give numbers to go shop!
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    Isellhondas, what's wrong with offering a price over the phone, or at least a price range? If I were doing some serious shopping I might call someone like you from a distance, how do you handle that?
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    If the sales man tells me as a policy of dealership that they don't give out a quote over the phone and is curteous about it...then I don't see the problem.....I'm shopping for a car that cost 35K+ here and I wouldn't make a deal over the phone before I check out how they operate so if they tells me that they don't do business over the phone nicely...well no problem with me. Curtesy and good service goes a long way in my book. Now, I'm considering an Audi S4 for my next purchase and guess what? the Don Rosen also has Audi dealership and it will get my first call/visit.
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    when I will do everything I can not to give out numbers over the phone. I will give a customer a range if they persisits. The funny thing about a range is what the customer will actually remember when told the range. I seriously doubt if anyone here has called 3 dealerships for prices over the phone and only one store gave them a number. Am I to believe that they went into the one store that gave them numbers? Things must work different in my neck of the woods if this is how people are buying cars.
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    I can understand if you are shopping locally, but what if you are too far away and just want a quote? One of the isells could answer this also.
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    Steve Willis at Park Inn Ford in Valley Stream, NY saved a Mustang sale for Ford after I was treated very badly at another dealer. I have since bought 2 additional cars from him and recommended him to several friends. A good guy who deals honestly with with you!
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    one good thing about living in/near a large city is that I have access to any car dealership in local area......:)
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    My family has bought 3 vehicles from our local Chevy dealer in the past 18 months. The forst was our 2000 Chevy Silverado. My step-Mom needed this truck to tow a horse trailer and she was very picky how the truck should be configured. We shopped a lot of dealers and found the best deal and service right in our town at Freehold Chevrolet, Freehold, NJ. Mitch Zarrow (called "Big Mitch" because he is 6'5" tall) was up-front and dealt with us in a very professional and straight manner. He was patient as my step-Mom asked repeated questions about axle ratios and hitches. Mitch is a "car guy" and loves his job and it comes through. His business is 95% referral. We got a great price on our Silverado and left thrilled.

    When I lost my company car due to a career change I went to see Big Mitch. He had a 1997 Monte Carlo Z34 on his lot that caught my eye. Mitch gave me a REALLY good deal and we signed the deal that night. Again, he was a pleasure to deal with. While the paperwork was being processed we BS'd about Corvettes and shared a few laughs.

    My Dad got the itch for a new car this fall and the 0% financing was too good to turn down. After driving a lot of different makes, my Dad decided on a 2002 Chevy Impala LS. Mitch took great care of us yet again. By this time we know all about his son who is going away to college. The relationship is one built on trust and respect. Mitch should serve as an example of sales done right!

    I refer people to him all the time. I think we need to show our appreciation when someone give you great service and makes the car buying experience a good one.
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    Had a very nice buying experience at Brown Daub Chevrolet in Nazareth PA. Salesman name was harley Davidson (believe it or not). Knowledgeable about the products he sold. Very upfront with us and honest. Negotiating the price last only 10 minutes that includes the standard trip to the manager (what do you guys do back there). No problem with working my credit union and financing. Car was filled with gas, washed and waxed and delivered as promised. Unfortunately he isn't there any more. He is now the sales manager at the Ford dealership across the street.
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    Way to go with the referrals and continuing business to a "considerate" salesman. If more people did this, and DID NOT reward the inconsiderate sales people (and dealerships) with their business, it would really improve whole process for everyone.

    Too many people will put up with too much when buying a car. I am not really sure why people reward behavior they claim to hate, but seem so hesitant to reward the kind of good behavior that Big Mitch has exhibited to you and your family.

    Hopefully this is a dealership that can keep salesmen like Big Mitch and is not a "revolving door sales person dealership"!

    Again, way to reward good behavior! It really is done too little.
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    Harley Davidson! Are you sure he isn't in show business and has one of those "made up" names!!!

    I guess someone named this way would have no options in life other than work in some type of automotive/motorcycle related field or become an outlaw biker.

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    I found a wonderful salesman. He is at BMW of Palm Springs. This is what happened..... (friend A)leased a new 2002 BMW X5 3.0... soon after, he received a DVD in the mail. It's one of the coolest things you will see. I haven't seen all of the clips yet but the one with Madonna in it is sooo funny. The title of that short video is called "Star". You guys have to see it!

    Back to the story.. Another mutual friend (friend B) heard about this DVD and called the local BMW dealership and "Brad" picked up the phone. My friend explained that he had heard of this Madonna DVD and wanted to know if he could buy one. (He doesn't own a BMW--- he has 3 Mercedes and a Rolls) The salesman had no idea who my friend was or his financial status.... "Brad" said, come on down and I'll give you one. (he actually gave him two of them) There are five shows on the DVD. Now, that guy is one considerate smart salesman. My friend is going to send a Thank you note. You never know, he just might consider a BMW next time... I know I would.

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    I leased my '99 BMW 740iL almost three years ago, and my salesman still treats me great to this date. Last week I had it in for service, and the service rep told me they had no loaner vehicles available. I mentioned this to my salesman, and he had the keys to a 2002 330i in my hands in five minutes. He also made a point of saving a copy of the DVD "The Hire" by BMW Films for me, even though they were distributed in limited quantity. I know where my next vehicle will come from when the 7 comes off lease in April!

    This salesman has been working at this dealership for almost 10 years now, which I think is quite rare in the business (please correct me if I'm wrong). He is very successful and over half of his sales are repeat or referral.
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    That's a guy who deserves a lot of praise, as well as your repeat business.

    Nothing wrong with mentioning his name here, given the topic.
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    While searching for a used car on the internet last weekend, I found a car that seemed like it met my specifications. I called the contact on the web page, Peter Savale, at Wester Volkswagen in Seaside, CA (near Monterey and Carmel). Since I live nearly 150 miles from Seaside, I reviewed the car's detailed specs with Peter over the phone, and decided to drive down to look at the car. Although it was Peter's day off, he willingly agreed to meet me at the dealership. He was the most knowledgeable, honest and professional car salesman I have ever met -- and he has a great sense of humor to boot. Perhaps what I liked most about dealing with Peter was that he wasn't afraid to say "I don't know" when I asked him a question. In the car sales business, I found this quite refreshing, especially since I had been lied to or mislead many times in the week leading up my meeting with Peter (by other car salesmen). Peter is a "no nonsense" kind of guy. I believe he could be successful in any business -- the car industry is lucky to have him. Would I walk a mile for a Camel? No, but I'd drive 150 to buy my next car from Peter Savale...
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    Couldn't agree with you more!
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    I cant believe that there are very few stories about good salespeople, while the message board for inconsiderate salespeople is growing almost everyday.

    I look to the town hall to see that there are alot of good salespeople around, so that when I do buy a car (havent bought one yet), I dont want to go into the showroom having such a negative impression on these people who are trying to do their job.

    With all the negative boards around here (inconsiderate dealers, salespeople, buyers, service, etc), I hope this positive board can grow as much as those, and inspire both buyers and dealers to treat each other better.

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    Two reasons for this. first, there are a lot of sleazy dealerships that encourage sleazy tactics in this business.

    Second...misery loves company. People love to complain more than they like to praise.

    I once heard someone say. If a person has a bad experience in a retail establishment, restaurant, etc, they will tell nine people. If they had a great experience, meal, service etc, they will only tell two people.

    Also...and I hate to say it...some shoppers bring the bad experiences onto themselves....
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    True, there are some sleazy dealers, I wont deny that, but there has to be a number of honest dealers too, that offer the customer a good buying experience.

    Maybe we could ask the host to expand this to CONSIDERATE BUYERS too, so that salespeople can also post pleasant experiences with customers. This way, customers as well as salespeople can learn from this message board.

    Its sad that human nature likes to complain more than to praise, I dont know if we can change that, but sometimes, one praise is all thats needed to inspire, uplift, etc. a person.
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    Think about the car buying process. The average buyer probably checks out 3 or 4 brands and a couple of dealers per brand. That's a lot of salespeople to talk to.

    In the end they only buy one car. And even then some of them buy it from an inconsiderate salesperson.

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    I plan to buy a new car within the next couple of weeks and I really hope that I can post about it here. The sales guy I test-drive with last time was really considerate and I want it to stay that way.

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    would be a good thread to add to edmunds town hall. I had one this morning. She had a 92 Achieva with 133,000 miles. She was looking for a used Grand Am. I had a GM certified 99 Grand Am with 32,000 miles on it. After talking with her she mentioned she had $1000 down and wanted to be at $250 month. Since the Grand Am is GM certified I can secure financing of 6.9% for upto 60 months on a 99, cheap money. We take a look at trade and give her $800 for it and kept her under $250 for 48 MONTHS. I was extremely happy I was able to help this single working mother out. She mentioned she was fully expecting a 60 month term. She will pick this car up on Tuesday and I hope I have not cursed myself for posting about it before it is delivered. She had been shopping my competition. She was a considerate customer!
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    Manhattan Auto Group, in NYC. Walked in there right after getting the run-around from a previous dealer. As soon as I got there, I was greeted by a salesman. He didn't pressure me, Showed me what I wanted to see. My wife asked him questions about options, which he answered well. When he didn't have the information, he asked around to get the information.

    When we got to the F&I room, the F&I guy was personable. He asked how we were going to pay. When we said that we were paying in cash he let it go at that. He then asked if there was any add-ons we wanted for the car. When we weren't sure what he meant, he threw out examples, (custom seats, extended warranty). He didn't pressure us, Just informed us some of the things that were available. After that, he put all the info he had into the computer, and supplied a list of what we would need to have when we took delivery. In all, it took about an hour.
    Since then we have called the dealer a few times regarding small things (Lic. Plate #s, when we are going to pic up the car, supply insurance info, etc). When they didn't know, they got back to us. Very Professional in all.

    I haven't finished the transaction, but so far they are all A's in my book.
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    I would like to nominate Alex Sabur at Tate Chrysler Plymouth in Glen Burnie MD. He is the internet sales representative and it is through the internet that I came in contact with him. Our first experience with him was very pleasant and professional, he even kept a box of crackers at his desk which entertained my 5 year older. The only unpleasant part of the whole afternoon was when I was with the F&I person who was very unpleasant when I made it clear that I had already arranged financing and that I was not purchasing an extended warrantee.

    A few months later we were in the position of having to purchase a second car. The website made it clear that the dealer had just what I was looking for and again I made contact with Mr Sabur through the internet. In the follow up phone call I made it clear that I had not been happy with my previous experience with the F&I person and he apologized and assured me it would not be repeated. Although he was extremely busy on the day I went in to see him (It was the end of December and at that time the incentives were to expire within a few days) he was again very pleasant and helpful. The paperwork was printed up, I signed it and was ready to roll. It was a very painless and pleasant experience and Mr. Sabur was certainly a factor in making it so.
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    my wife and I stopped by the local Toyota dealer, close to closing time, to see if they still had the red/black Solara convertible I saw a couple of weeks ago. Someone was test driving it at the time so we asked the salesman to call us on Saturday.

    Unfortunately the lady who test drove it bought it but the salesman told us that there were possibly 5 more convertibles in the southeast region. We go in to see what was available and they were able to find a Red/Tan convertible which is the color my wife really wanted.

    Overall, we negotiated for almost 2 hours but we were able to get exactly what we wanted and we got an excellent deal.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, vince217. I have not modified the title of this discussion to include "CONSIDERATE Buyers" as well as "CONSIDERATE Salespeople." Salespeople, please feel free to post your stories about pleasant sales experiences that you have had here. Of course, buyers, please continue to post your stories about pleasant buying experiences in this discussion as well.

    Smart Shoppers / FWI Message Boards
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    Would it be possible for you to briefly expand on what made your customer a considerate customer? I won't be buying till April or May but I've been following these boards since last September and I'd appreciate hearing the details. I'm not sure if/how much salespeople value customer actions like making an appointment, coming prepared with what you want both for the specific vehicle and for payments and financing, knowing your own credit situation, etc.

    Thanks very much in advance. Chris
  • isellpotiacisellpotiac Member Posts: 122
    This customer did not play any of the usual games I see every day. Whan I asked her where and if she had been shopping she was upfront and told me exactly what had made her previous attempt to buy a car unpleasant. If you ask enough questions a customer will almost always tell you exactly how to sell them a car. With some customers they will lie to you and waste their own time. I am sure it helped greatly for my demeanor that she was very attractive;) When I was about to ask her if she was interested in a warranty she professed she had no interest in a warranty due to a bad experience with the last one she purchased. Just an all around pleasant person to deal with. And for those wondering it was not a homerun commision, it happened to be one of the smallest of the month. We got to her numbers rather quickly and everything was as smooth as possible
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