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  • And I also want to know how can you tell me my product doesn't work when you have no clue what the name of it is & you have no clue "cause you haven't used it" if it works? You may know alot, but you don't know crap about me or my product that I am talking about.
  • texasestexases Posts: 8,997
    Unless you can post a link to tests by an objective laboratory proving mpg gains, you will have no credibility here. You may have seen what you think are benefits, but they are either caused by you driving more carefully or doing maintenance at the same time you started using this. Not one of these products has ever been found to work.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    The EPA tests some gizmos. The last one tested, Super Fuelmax, turned out like all the rest. They said:

    "The EPA concludes the following from the testing conducted on these two vehicles: the Super FUELMAX device has no effect on fuel economy or exhaust emissions."

    You can find the laundry list here.
  • This is not called Super Fuelmax. I can't send the info out to anyone in here as it is in a format that only goes through e-mails. I can say if anyone is up to trying the product to put all thoughts aside I would be willing to send it to you, not sure how to do it at all, but it's a thought. I am tired of going back & forth on this & knowing that it works. What other way can I tell you that it works? I mean really! To add to what I had happen to my car, I let my daughter in law use it too in her Jeep & do you know what? It is running better & no repairs, no upgrades, nothing!! She had the same thing going on with her car as I did with mine & now it isn't doing it. My son don't know how to fix cars & they don't have the extra money to go to get it repaired. If this is turned down I will just delete my account & go on about my business. No matter who sells the product, no matter who makes it, no matter what you say, if it works it works & I will continue to use it.
    I did read in my searches that this company is partnered with EPA Smartway Transportation Partnership not sure what this part of the EPA does, but this company is partnered with them.
  • Can you tell me what this means? From the EPA 40 cfr 79.21
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    It's just a regulation for fuel additives. Registration of an additive doesn't constitute endorsement by any agency of the United States.
  • texasestexases Posts: 8,997
    Consumer Reports just tested a gizmo that looks identical to the 'current regulating' HS one. Guess what? They found it was WORTHLESS! Big surprise!

    As for our previous poster, I did a little looking around, turns out she's pushing this stuff all over the net. So she's not a 'satisfied customer', she's one of the scammers. The gas treatment is nothing special, the maker doesn't ive make the crazy claims, they leave it up to the 'satisfied customers' to do that...
  • zaken1zaken1 Posts: 556
    edited December 2010
    Texases; Thank you for the breath of fresh air. I've been hoping that someone would be able to cut through all the hype about that issue. And yet, according to the 'fact' that this scam device is being regularly sold by such established institutions as Hammacher Schlemmer and Heartland America; we also have a classic example of why sales figures have ZERO correlation to objective reality.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    *** Warning - Warning - Warning ***

    The troll called skywatcher1973 is back. Avoid using the products of this scammer at all cost; it's only purpose in life is to separate you from your hard earned cash.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    we also have a classic example of why sales figures have ZERO correlation to objective reality.

    Late to the show... just saw this and all I can say is "AMEN."

    I've got someone trying to sell me on their program, citing the number of members, stating that "X number of people CAN'T be wrong."

    Well, in any scenario, this is statistically an impossibility, and the reverse is true - X number of people must be wrong.

    Let's say, for example (purely fictional numbers), that 20 million people look at the Toyota Camry. Of those, 5 million buy the Camry. Can Toyota say that because they have high sales numbers that "5 million people can't be wrong?" If volume is the major indicator of product quality, then surely the 5 million people ARE wrong, because 15 million people chose something else.

    I've heard this fallacious argument used a number of times in an attempt to "peer pressure" others, and always want to ask, if X million people CAN'T be wrong, please explain how X million people following Hitler was right. (extreme, but it does show that number of advocates does not relate to being "right.")


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