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Toyota Truck Owners - Future Models

geezer3geezer3 Member Posts: 30
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Don't know if this is the appropriate forum or not for this discussion, but after having my Tundra SR-5 for nearly two years would like to see these additional features.

1. An exhaust driven Turbo option for those of us that operate in the higher elevations.

2. A door post with a ' carry through design ' to reinforce the roof for rollover protection.

3. Encase all of the logos ( SR-5 Tundra, etc. )in plastic so they are easier to keep clean and wax around.

4. Outside Temperature and compass option. I understand that may be offered on the '02 models.

5. Additional cargo tie down hooks that are more readily accessible with a bedliner installed.

6. An option for factory installed dual exhaust system.

I have really enjoyed the Tundra but will be looking for these features when I purchase another pickup in a couple of years. I would be interested in knowing what others think and any ideas for making a good truck even better.



  • paul_ppaul_p Member Posts: 271
    What about automatic climate control 65-75-85 - I've seen it on the Prius. I'd like to see it as an option on the Tacoma/Tundra as well.

    Of course, since it is a Toyota people tell me (at 139,000 miles) my '93 truck is just breaking in. So it will probably be a few more years before I consider a new (used) one.

    - Paul
  • idaho4x4idaho4x4 Member Posts: 4
    So I have read that there may be a redesign of the Tacoma for the 2003 model year. Has anyone else heard this? If so its coming down to the wire and I haven't seen anyhthing. I've also heard it may just be a better 6 cyl motor. Anyone got any thing to verify this?? thanks
  • tgravo2tgravo2 Member Posts: 70
    I was wondering the same thing, some people told me 03 others 04. Im not sure which year it's gonna happen but I would like to know for sure so I can make a decision on what I want to buy.
  • sjwsmwsjwsmw Member Posts: 131
    I had read a reference that 'insiders' have learned that Toyota has decided to delay the redesigned Tacoma for 12 months, introducing it as an '04 model. I read this several weeks ago, don't recall where and I just found this forum. Any new news I will reference the source.
    I wonder if the delay was caused by the success of the Chevy Avalanche and incorporating this functionality in the Tacoma was the reason. ?? I have to think that every truck manufacturer is busily working on a version of that flip-down rear wall feature.
  • sbell4sbell4 Member Posts: 446
    2003 will have a stepside.

    2004 will have the double cab with the standard size bed.
  • djtibbdjtibb Member Posts: 2
    One way to tell if they're going to make a radically different model is to look at production dates. Depending on how many plants a manufacturer has, they will usually produce all of the trucks for the final model year of one style early so they have time to retool for the new models. Sometimes options begin disappearing toward the end of a model run too. This also helps simplify the production process to help ramp down production and get ready for the changeover.

    I've read other posts on here about looking through production lists to order a truck with ABS. This should give some indication of whether they're stopping production for a retool and when.

    Of course, this is all dependent on whether Toyota will be using a new or different plant for the new models.
  • rosey4rosey4 Member Posts: 42
    I've seen a picture of the step side version of the 2003 Toyota Tundra, but nothing of the double cab Tundra. Motortrend says Toyota plans to come out with the heavy duty crew cab in 2003, but Toyota isn't saying anything. A few sales people have told me the double cab will be a 2003 model. Does anyone know for sure?
  • vixtervixter Member Posts: 34
    Here are the changes for Canadian spec. 2003 Toyota Tundra:
    All models are to receive a revised front bumper, grille, lower valance & body-side mouldings.
    All V8s: LSD, Trailer hitch w/7-pin
    In Tundras w/ bucket seats you'll find a center console out of a Sequoia
    In the Limited you'll find steering wheel mounted stereo controls & 17" alloy wheels.
    Some colours are being replaced as well.
    No Tundra HD or Crew Cab for '03. Don't be surprised if you see the new 4.0L vvt-i V6 engine around the middle of the model year and possibly the introduction of a 3/4 ton as a '03.5 MY. No step-side for Canada(thank god). That's the skinny from up here.
  • dschmiddschmid Member Posts: 2
    The Detroit News has a photo of the 2005 Tundra Crew Cab due out in 2004.
  • sbell4sbell4 Member Posts: 446
    more legroom then Dodge and Ford and the bed is longer and depper then the F150. The inside looked like the Sequoia.
  • docralphodocralpho Member Posts: 50
    I saw a Tundra Step-side today; have been awaiting a viewing. The bed capacity appeared reduced a fair amount (inside dimension is narrowed), though it is a bit deeper than the "regular" Tundra. The taillights are large and nicely shaped. The vehicle looked fairly massive to me. Nice appearing truck; will wait to see a few more on the streets to get a better perspective.
    Next generation Tacomas--I understand these will be 2004 models, will be somewhat larger than the current version to compete with the Dakota and the new Colorado from Chevy. Engines are said to be larger than current ones, too. Likely will be same as the next-gen 4-Runner engines. A V6 of about 3.9 liter and maybe as much as 240-250 hp; and a V8 with less horsepower, but more torque for towing."Time will tell"- Toyota has not revealed much about the new Tacomas that I can find.
  • docralphodocralpho Member Posts: 50
    Am posting again in hopes someone out there may know more about the next version of the Tacoma. I'm interested in the 2004 Tacoma Prerunner 4 door. I did see a new (2003)FourRunner and was quite impressed. It is my understanding that the Tacoma will be put together with some FourRunner components including engines. The FourRunner does have a 4.0l V6 or a V8 option. It is unclear to me whether or not these engines can run on regular unleaded gas; I hope so in the case of the Tacoma. The '03 FourRunner is larger than the older version and a nice size, I think. A larger Tacoma would be appreciated, and with 4 doors would obviate the need--in my case--for the larger Tundra. Anyone know more?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Member Posts: 897
    There is VERY limited information regarding the upcoming redesign of the Tacoma. This is not unusual for Toyota, however. One of the biggest discussions that is going on from my understanding is if they are going to have a I4 and V6 engine combination or just a V6 and V8 option. The little that I have heard is that it will be much bigger, about the size of the Dakota and will definately offer the 4.0L V6 that is due to come out in the 4Runner. It will offer at the very least suicide style doors on an extra-cab model and still offer a double cab model. There is a rumor out that they might possibly offer a hybrid version of the Tacoma sometime after the first year. As I get updates, I'll keep you informed.
  • docralphodocralpho Member Posts: 50
    Please do keep the forum informed of any info you have regarding the updated Tacoma--out in 2004, I think. Thanks!
  • vixtervixter Member Posts: 34
    Sorry about all your issues sflip, it may help to know that you are one of very few who are having problems like this. There are some things that you may want to clear up before posting again.
    Why did your battery short out? Why is your manifold cracked at 37,000 miles if the manufacturer won't cover it under their powertrain warranty (5yr/60,000mile). Why did you have 1qt. too much oil in there for the first year knowing that the dipstick wasn't the right size? Did they replace the dipstick? Being it was Tundra's first year, I assume you've had it serviced only at a Toyota store, is this correct? Did you service it regularly?
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  • dmmakoskidmmakoski Member Posts: 72
    I just read in Petersons 4Wheel & off-road (FEB) on page 15 in "This just in..." That Toyota will introduce a true 4-door crew cab for the Tundra in 2007.

    Can this be ture? This far off?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Member Posts: 897
    I don't have the actual launch date yet, but I have a source that has told me that the 4-door model of the Tundra has a prototype out at least. From what they've told me, take a sequoia from the back of the rear doors forward, extend the wheelbase 18", and give it a 6 foot box and you have your 4-door tundra. I'll keep you informed as I get more info.

  • steveb84steveb84 Member Posts: 187
    Be sure to visit, word it that a Tundra Double Cab will be on display.
  • 2000tundra2000tundra Member Posts: 2
    Toyotaken-related to your information, are you talking about a 2004 model to be released in 2003? This is the approximate release date I see posted most but the previous comments of it being released as a 2007 model scares me.
    I'm putting off a purchase now to get this crew cab, if it comes out by the end of this yr (03). Any longer, then I need to look at other options.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Member Posts: 897
    The '07 tenative release date as far as I know is for two things. First, Toyota wants to have a hybrid version of all of their products available by 2007. They are in the process of looking at sites for a new plant to build super-duty pickups which should be available sometime between 2005 and 2007. The "double-cab" version of the current Tundra, from what I understand should be available as a 2004 model, with anticipated release date of the fall 2003.

    Hope this helps.

  • buffalonickelbuffalonickel Member Posts: 113
    Any word or has anyone seen any signs of what the Tacoma will look like for 2004? Is the 4-Runner the precursor to a new Tacoma platform?

    The car show hits St.Louis next week....

  • toyotakentoyotaken Member Posts: 897
    The new generation of the 4Runner is a stand-alone platform. Other than the V6 engine, there will be no shared platform with the new Tacoma. From what I've been told, look for a "Dakota" sized tacoma when it is released.

  • toyotakentoyotaken Member Posts: 897
    I just heard a rumor and it looks as though it is true that Toyota will have the crew-cab Tundra (4 full-sized doors) spotlighted prominently in the upcoming Terminator 3 movie. Sounds pretty good to me!

  • mca2mca2 Member Posts: 20 amp;- amp;- amp;- amp;- amp;thumb=1

    Love the Sun roof and roll down back windows (like the 4 Runner)

    Make sure you pick 24 picture per page to view the nice pic of the inside.
  • steveb84steveb84 Member Posts: 187
    The T3 was shown at LosAngles Auto Show, actually a modified Access Cab. Maybe the one in the movie is a Double Cab, but the timing doesn't seem to make sense.
  • suvsbobsuvsbob Member Posts: 12
    But I heard Toyota will have a total redesign of Tundra for 2005/2006 model year. I guess that'll include the crew cab. I hate to buy a new truck that'll look old in just two years.

    What's your take?

  • mca2mca2 Member Posts: 20
    Toyota has introduced the new 2004 crew cab. My link above shows the new 2004 crew cab from all angles. Its bigger then the new 150 crew cab thats coming out.
  • buffalonickelbuffalonickel Member Posts: 113
    What changes are in store for the Tundra under the hood, transmission, and gears?

  • mjsornmjsorn Member Posts: 4
    Attended the show this weekend and the crew cab was on display. According to the Toyota reps will be available this fall. Was very sharp on the outside but could not get an up close or interior look. Also saw an ad in last weeks USA Today.
  • rosey4rosey4 Member Posts: 42
    You say you saw the Crew Cab at the Chicago Auto Show. Is it extremly large? I talked to a Toyota rep over the phone last week, who told me the Crew Cab is very large. Larger in the front seat, and much more space in the back seat for adults. I am looking forward to seeing in later in the fall
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Not sure if you can really tell from these photos.

    Chicago Auto Show: 2004 Toyota Tundra Double Cab
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    It is bigger than the new F150 Crew Cab that is coming out this summer.
  • aubrey4x4aubrey4x4 Member Posts: 11
    I've heard from a fairly reliable source inside toyota that the great mid-gate design in the popular Chevy Avalanche and upcoming GMC Envoy XUV will be coming out in the 2006 Tundra(Double Cab). Any truth to this exciting rumor Toyotaken, others?
    Also I've heard the Tundra will be coming out with a 3/4 & 1 ton versions with 5.4L V-8 gas, 5.7L V-8 gas and 6.0L Turbo-diesel powerplants about the same time. If so, does Toyota have any history/experience with the proposed turbo-diesel engine?
  • aubrey4x4aubrey4x4 Member Posts: 11
    I've heard from a fairly reliable source inside toyota that the great mid-gate design in the popular Chevy Avalanche and upcoming GMC Envoy XUV will be coming out in the 2006 Tundra(Double Cab). Any truth to this exciting rumor Toyotaken, others?
    Also I've heard the Tundra will be coming out with a 3/4 & 1 ton versions with 5.4L V-8 gas, 5.7L V-8 gas and 6.0L Turbo-diesel powerplants about the same time. If so, does Toyota have any history/experience with the proposed turbo-diesel engine?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Member Posts: 897
    I'll be honest with you, I have not heard anything about an "avalance-like" model of the Tundra, but I would not say that it is an impossibility. What I have heard about the re-design is that it will be ALOT bigger. How much so, I don't know. Toyota doesn't tell us any more than the public and often less.

    As for info on the larger engines, I don't know the exact sizes, but I've heard that they will be in the mid- 5L range. As for the turbo-diesels, Toyota has a HUGE number of vehicle and engine configurations worldwide that may or may not be available here in the US. Quite a few of them do have diesel and turbo-diesel engine configurations. The biggest difficulty for diesels here is the very low demand for them compared to other countries and the difficulty if meeting emissions requirements with the current fuel quality standards.

    I do know that they plan on a "super-duty" truck to be sold and probably built here that they have pegged for a 2006 launch so far.

    Hope this helps.

  • marshal227marshal227 Member Posts: 3
    I just talked to a dealer in Texas and he could not give me any pricing on the Tundra Double Cab. He did say that it would only be available in a Limited Edition. I feel that this would be a large mistake for the success of this truck. My wife would own a Sequoia if it were available with a few less options. She is now in a 2001 Sienna. I currently drive a '95 T-100 SR-5 4x4 with 147,000 miles on it. It has been in the shop once for a Toyota recall on the head gaskets. You cannot beat the quality of these vehicles. I am posed with the difficult decision if I should get the new double cab or wait for the super duty.
  • steveb84steveb84 Member Posts: 187
    To begin with, the Tundra "Big Rig" will have the 4.7 V8, but they are trying squeeze more horsepower out of it. The plan is to roll out a 5.5 L within 12 months of the Double Cab launch, target for the 5.5 is over 300 hp.

    There was a story in Truck Trend that there was going to be a truck/SUV hybrid like an Avalanche. I've heard nothing about that through Toyota channels.

    I think the Double Cab will be offered in more than just Limited trim.

    Toyota just bought 700 acres of land in Texas, there is the new engine plant in Alabama, and Tacoma production is increasing with a new plant in Mexico. Toyota is serious about increasing their truck business, and the one thing I've learned in seven years is - If Toyota says they are going to do something, they do it.

    Seems like we've just scratched the surface of the truck plans for the future.

  • mjsornmjsorn Member Posts: 4
    rosey 4: Can not comment on interior. not allowed in truck. I am hoping it is bigger than current. Looked bigger but not by much. Nothing compared to the new Nissan that was at the show also.
  • rosey4rosey4 Member Posts: 42
    Is there any late information out regarding the new Tundra Crew Cab? Read where it was unveiled sometime ago, but don't know when it will become available.
  • autonutsautonuts Member Posts: 138
    if Toyota plans to put a hybrid engine in the Tundra? Any links out there about this? I would welcome this what with the much better gas mileage. Hopefully the cost wouldn't be too high!
  • 774774 Member Posts: 101
    I own a 2001 Sequoia and it is by far the very best vehicle I have ever owned.Does any one know what the starting cost of the new 4 door 2004 Tundra.
  • rosey4rosey4 Member Posts: 42
    Does anyone know if Toyota will build a heavy duty Tundra next year? There was some talk that Toyota would build a duely, but I don't know when.
  • kcflyerkcflyer Member Posts: 78
    A salesman I spoke with last week mentioned that Toyota was going to make 3/4 and 1 ton trucks next year. He didn't say where he was getting his info. This was a dealer in Enid Oklahoma where everybody and there brother drives heavy duty 4x4 crew cab pickups.
  • rosey4rosey4 Member Posts: 42
    Not much is being discussed about the Tundra Double Cab. Is there any information available on the Double Cab? With the 2004 model vehicles hitting the show room floors in August, are we talking early or late fall for the Tundra Double Cab? Take a look at this picture of the Double Cab, does'nt it look like a beast? I am eagerly awaiting to purchase one. Can anyone estimate what the cost will be? .html
  • steveb84steveb84 Member Posts: 187
    For details, your best bet is on Toyota's website and sign up for updates.

    The Double Cab won't be arriving until November.
  • reggiedoreggiedo Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if Toyota plans to offer XM radio systems as an option? The Crew Cab sounds awesome but would love to see XM radio availability from the factory.
  • moletekmoletek Member Posts: 1
    does anyone know what the price range is supposed to be on the tundra crew cab? Does it come standard with captains chairs?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Member Posts: 897
    sorry to all of those who've been asking questions and I haven't answered. I haven't been on the site in a while but I hope I can get on a bit more frequently.

    First of all, for those asking about a superduty version of the tudra. They are building a new plant in Texas as we speak that will be building superduty models of the tundra. The estimate that I've heard for production is 2006 or 2007 at this point.

    Toyota is starting to offer xm radio as an option in a few of their vehicles and will widen their offerings within the next few years. I don't know when it will be avialable on the Tundra, however.

    Hope this helps.

  • kcflyerkcflyer Member Posts: 78
    I'm a little curious why I see so little media attention on the upcoming double cab as compared to the Titan and new F-150. Is it possible that Toyota is deliberately keeping it low key? Does anyone have anything solid on when we will start seeing them at dealers? Lastly, and this is really crystal ball stuff, but is Toyota planning to address the power short fall in their V8 to as compared to all the other full size trucks?
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