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i heard that changing the pulley will increase more horsepower. i just wanted to find out if this is true and what are the drawbacks. also, does this work on any type of engine?

thank you.


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    It doesn't really produce more horsepower but it releases more to the wheels and away from the accessories. The results vary considerably but aren't really that much, let's say maybe 3% on a 170-200 HP engine.

    There are definite problems and cautions with using power pulleys. Some very experienced tuners are not in favor of them, such as Steve Dinan of Dinan BMW---and he knows a thing or two. Sometimes they will screw up alternator output (on high output units) and sometimes interfere with harmonic balancing.

    It's a subject that requires a lot of consideration of cost and gain on one side and risks on the other.
  • jeproxjeprox Member Posts: 466
    thanks for the info.
    i'm looking at different ways to increase power including changig pulleys. sounds like this is not the way to go!

    thanks again.
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    WEll, by all means explore all the info you can get on pulleys. I just didn't want you to go in without looking at all the pros and cons. I could use more studying on the subject myself, but I do recall rejecting the idea for my own cars. They might be a better idea for stripped down 'street' cars that do a lot of drag racing, as the pulleys apparently help overcome the inertia of the accessories at low rpm.

    But like everything regarding speed equipment, you trade off.
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