Tiburon rear wheel tire wear dillema

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Excessive tire wear on the rear tires of my Tibruon have me frustrated. After 75,000 Hwy. km I have gone through 3 sets of tires. The rear wheel alignment does not keep even though my front wheels have never been out. My last set now need replacing after 12,000 kms. on even thread wear. I couldn't even rotate them to get max wear from all tires. My front tires still look new. Help someone please.


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    The only thing I can think of is that either you are using incredibly cheap tires (there are some really bad ones out there) or that something is bent on your rear axle/hub/etc.

    What is the nature of the wear on these tires? do they wear out on one side only or uniformly across the tire's tread? How careful are you with tire pressure? What brand of tires are you buying?

    All this might allow us to come up with something for you.
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    You didn't say what year, what Tiburon model, or give additional details about your tires so its hard to offer constuctive advice.

    What I would do (and did, BTW) is go to Alldata.com and look up recall and TSB info on your car. This may be a known issue that affects other Tiburon's. If not, then it may be isolated to your car.

    Have you taken the car to another shop that specialises in suspension work? It may be wise to get a second or third opinion. Maybe someone else can discover previous damage or a excessive worn part or poor design.
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