bmw 320i oil pressure

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I have a 1978 bmw 320i that sat for a year and the oil pressure won't go above 6 or 7 pounds even when revved. The gauge and sending unit have all checked out so next I pulled the pan to check the p/u screen, and to check the clearances on the oil pump. all were ok. bypass spring was also the correct length and was not sticking. I pulled a main brg cap and the bearing had very little wear on it. I'm stumped, I know there is oil getting to the top end because you can see it splashing around with the cap off. any ideas?


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    It would be rare for a BMW bottom end to go out. You might want to check with a reliable mechanical gauge that you screw into the block....and don't rev it so much.

    Another possibility is that your oil is diluted with gasoline.
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    I've tried 2 different external gauges on this engine and i changed the oil and filter first thing. Any more ideas. I'm still at a loss. Thanks dt
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    Now refresh my memory many miles on this engine?
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    118000 miles and the brgs look so good i dont think there is that much wear on this engine. when i cranked it for the first time after it had been sitting for a year it smoked very little and cleared up after a few seconds. any ideas. dt
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