Theft and Vandalism

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Has this happened to you?

A week ago someone stole one of my side-view mirrors - just the glass, not the whole unit. (I have a 2001 Suburban LT) It's a power mirror with defrost/defogger.

Then today, someone stole the other one! I am awaiting an estimate from the shop. Meanwhile, try driving a large car in a city with no side view mirrors!

Is there a hot market for stolen power mirrors? Or perhaps it's a collectible and I'll be able to buy it back on eBay? Or maybe the thief just likes to look at himself. Any insights?


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    Sounds like the Mercedes hood ornament or Saab side market light epidemic all over again. Look for these on skateboards in your neighborhood soon!
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    The defroster grid is useless unless they got the whole backing plate and motor. I can tell you from experience I had one knocked off by a mail truck. The housing was fine but the glass and mounting plate broke loose from the motor. The price for the mirror was $290 at the dealer. I got it through my source for around half and replaced the whole head myself. It was a GM part in the GM box. It saved me having to involve my insurance company, and the mail lady paid for the mirror.

    The mirror was easy to change, the little triangle at the top of the door pad pops off and there are 3 10mm nuts and the wiring plug to undo and replace. The replacement mirror may need to be painted to match your truck, mine was already, but the guys said that they were going to a paint to match mirror soon. A guy in another topic, ryanbab, says that the covers pop off and on so you might be able to do that instead of painting the new ones.
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    yep the outside part of the mirror which is body colored (mine wasnt it was chrome on my silverado) pops off. 4 clips and 3m tape holds it on. Take a butter knife and work your way around it and with some careful lifting and sawing (of the tape) they will come off. Dont force it though

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    Just happened a week or so ago to my brother on his 2002 Tahoe at the local TGIFridays. They took just the mirror glass, unpluged the defroster wire. His insurance said covered no deductible under his glass coverage if listed as just glass. Bought the glass and installed it himself. Believe the glass was around $30.
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    What a strange thing for someone to steal. I know that on some of the older cars you could get to he door lock through the mirror. I wonder what they are doing with the mirror glass. You could put it on a basic mirror, but the heated part wouldn't work w/o wiring it up for that. Sounds like a lot of work for a heated mirror.
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