1992 Saab 9000 stereo problem

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Just purchased a 1992 9000S w /casette/AMFM/Calrion-Saab stereo (for my wife). Love the
car, but currently no sound from stereo.

-Radio lights up and all seems to work (lights, tuning, caseete motor), but no sound.
-Antenna does not rise with radio on.
-Fuses fine (main fuse panel #19 & 27).
-Tried "radio on one hour" (key on accessories) several times, radio SEEMS to accept code.
-Tried disconnecting power, pressing and holding Band button until "CODE" appears... entered code.

Nothing has worked!

Could it be the fuses at the rear of the unit?
Would functions work if either of these fuses was out?
Can I remove the unit without the special removal tool?

THX in advance!!!

Any assistance appreciated.


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    If you get no answers here, try http://www.saabnet.com for any questions at all you may have.
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    I think it may be fried. Saabs of that era used to do that if you jump started them incorrectly I am told.

    Only thing you can do is pull it out and have it bench tested.

    Oh, you could also test your speaker connections.

    You need a little tool to get the stereo out but the stereo shop might lend you one as long as you are bringing the unit to them. Ask them what their "bench fee" is. This is the charge to check it, and you either pay that to get your unit back or you can apply the bench fee to a new unit. Usually it's around $30.
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