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2002 Tacoma Doublecab

joebojoebo Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I live in South Jersey and am looking for a 02 Tacoma Double Cab Prerunner with the limited Package. I have tried several dealers who told me that that vehicle is not being produced at this time and that I would have to wait several months. Does anyone know a method of contacting toyota to check on when these models will be produced. Also if anyone has purchased a 02 tacoma how was the pricing and what area of the country did you purchase it. Any help would be appreciated!!


  • They're starting to trickle into the dealerships here in the SF Bay Area. Most dealers are quoting a +$200 price hike.
  • is that sticker + 200? or list+200?

    I bought my DC, list + $1K, i thought i got ripped.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    a pre-runner? in new jersey, id assume you could use the 4x4 in the winter. also, you can expect to get ripped whenever you buy a toyota. they're all overpriced. try a nissan- you can equip a frontier 4x4 crew cab XE off-road pkg. equipped auto, with power everything including a rear window defroster and the jd power award for highest compact truck quality- all for right at $23300 sticker price. most nissan dealers around here will sell for a little over invoice. $200 usually. a little less horsepower (20), but a whole lotta truck and the same quality, if not better. just an idea. you could get this truck, including 4x4, for probably less to same price of a double cab pre-runner. to me, the choice is clear. jmo though. regards
  • 4x4, two words, "ladder chasse", i know the DC is not the ultimate Off road 4X4, but heard stories of Nissan's uni-body chasse twisting and crack windshields during off-road. Nissan uses the Xtera chasse for the CrewCab.

    All depends on funds and what you will really do with a 4X4, I could have bought a loaded SC Nissan for the same price as my DC. But the Chasse was the selling point as with the back seat fitting a 6ft person.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    dude, where'd you get that info at? its completely wrong. the frontier crew cab DOES NOT use a unibody chassis. i think you're thinking of Jeeps. as a matter of fact, it's frame is more solid than the tacoma's. it is FULLY BOXED, not just the front section as the tacoma is. grab a brochure and see for yourself. the nissan frame is possibly the strongest of the compacts. its the only one that is fully boxed all the way back.

    also, the Xterra uses this same frame. it isn't unibody. never has been. its a fully boxed frame with like 9 crossmembers.

    again, i have to ask you how you can compare a 2x2 tacoma to the 4x4 crew cab XE nissan. like i said earlier, its a no brainer. the nissan's quality and refinement is obviously evident as you close a door. the '02 interior and cockpit gauges look trick as he77. the rockford-fosgate stereo option is cool as well. toyota cannot compete with nissan in the bang for the buck category. and nissan dealers aren't raping their buyers. its your choice though. just wanted to set you straight on your misinformed facts though. regards
  • toyrotatoyrota Posts: 66
    It is true that the Tacoma frame is not boxed front to back. In fact, I know of a guy whose frame was bent due to a combination of flexing the frame (jumping the truck) and massive weight at the rear bumper area. However, I feel confident that Toyota engineers did failure analysis studies and optimized the design for maximum strength to weight ratio. The frame design (a '99 model) was "fixed" on the 2001s to add additional stiffening gussets in the fatigued area.

    The Xterra is a very competent off road vehicle. The CrewCab, however, is really not configured that well for off roading. In fact, in one of the latest issues of Motor Trend online, there is a comparison between the CrewCab and DoubleCab. Bottom line---if you're buying a truck to use as a pavement pounder, buy the Nissan. If you're buying the truck for offroading, go with the Toyota. Things like ground clearance, locking rear differential, and better off road tires make it the best choice for offroading.

    I personally own a DoubleCab. When I was in the market for a new truck, I looked at the CrewCab. I liked it (and it's smaller price tag). But when it came time to buy, I did not get "raped" by my Toyota dealer ($300 over invoice). I did not think that the slightly smaller pricetag of the Nissan compensated for the shorter bed and much smaller rear seat area. Oh yeah, and the styling.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    a frontier vs. tacoma forum, but i must say this. what i meant by getting 'raped' by toyota is the significantly higher price demanded by toyota for a lot less truck.

    like i said ealier, a 2002 frontier crew cab XE, loaded with the power package for $999 and an auto can be stickered to $23300. that includes power windows, locks, 100 watt factory cd radio, and power mirrors as well as a rear window defroster. a locking rear differential is available as well, but i do not need this option, as an open diff works fine in most real world situations.

    as far as the rear seat goes, i have a two year old, and most adults will fit back there. you dont usually tour in compact truck, but you could i suppose.

    and the styling is the hot thing about this truck imo. the XE is available with black flares and black grille treatment. this is far better looking imo to the se's body colored panels.

    the ground clearance is only 1" lower than a tacoma. that can easily be made up with the right tires. the XE also comes with 15" tires, which are more easily accessible and cheaper.

    the tacoma is very old fashioned in styling, its been out since '95, with just front end treatment changes. the interior is pathetic and plasticy 80's looking. the '02 frontiers new interior looks like it came out of an airplane cockpit. very trick. these are of course just my opinions. the tacoma is a nice truck, but imo, way overpriced for what you dont get compared to what you do get with frontiers and rangers especially. the quality isn't that much better, if any.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Tbunder, isnt Ranger vs Taco forum enough for you? You have to move in here as well?

    Talk about specs:
    1. 210hp Charged! V6, and still it can't beat a stock 190 hp V6 Taco (if you want proof, it can be provided).
    2. Whats the gas milage with a charger? It's 16mpg without, so around 14mpg with.....the charger probably requires premium gas too.
    If it aint broke, don't fix it. Taco looks good on the outside, and feels good on the inside. You ever testdrive a Taco, tbunder?
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    scorpio. why are you even in the truck forums? do you actually think people buy 4x4 trucks to race? are you that naive? people buy trucks to pull stuff, haul stuff, etc.
    tell me, how does the 3.4 compare to the 3.3 supercharged version in the frontier in torque? also in price? where you from? come to iowa and ill drag you in my ranger just to be stupid like you. ill guarantee a win. wanna? or are you gonna chicken out like pluto? i just served the ball........
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    I tell you what, I live in Iowa City and sometime on my way home to Southwest Iowa I will meet you in Des Moines or somewhere. (i.e. Indianola, Ankeny, etc.). We will see how your 4.0 compares to a S/C 3.4 a in race, then we can tell everyone on this board what the results are.

    I am hoping to get sometime off coming around Thanksgiving and maybe we can work something out.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Taco and Frontier differ in this: SUPERCHARGED.
    How about you compare a charged Taco and charged Frontier, wouldnt that be a fair comparison?
    And to dodge the serve: I really don't feel like going up to Iowa to race you. Two reasons: my Taco will be here in 3 weeks, and it'll take 1K to break it in, and I happen to live in Texas, and I'm not wasting 3 days on you.
    You've been served a challenge by pluto, but apparently you keep on ignoring it. Don't you want to prove your superiority? Come down and race him...we'll see. Otherwise, when the time comes and my truck is ready, you might complain that I have mods that gave me unfair advantage.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    looks like Tbunder is starting to ruin another forum. You have to wonder why he hates Toyota so much. I guess jealousy is a powerful motivator.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    i never said my 4.0 would outrun a s/c tacoma. if i did, prove it. i said that an s/c frontier will outperform a stock 3.4 in power and torque. you guys are making things up and twisting things around as well i see. it must be common amongst you toyota owners.

    also, i never bashed toyota here. i simply stated my opinions to some guy about the frontier compared to the tacoma. you guys jumped at it and are evidently frustrated with your trucks or you wouldn't take it out on an innocent convo.

    i dont dislike your trucks, i like the TRD pkg. but i do think its way overpriced and can't compete with nissan, like i said earlier. that s/c you speak of on your tacoma is nice, but how much more did that push your price up? a loaded crew cab frontier XE 4x4 auto. with power everything and a 300 watt factory rockford fosgate stereo can be had for around $23900 sticker price. your s/c with double cab will easily push your price close to $28-29K sticker price. for a compact truck? get out. if your 3.4 is so powerful, why do you think it needs a s/c?

    smgilles- ill heed your challenge. knowing that im down on power since you claim to have an s/c, i have no problem "racing" you, no matter how stupid that sounds. even better though, why dont you take pluto's spot and come down to southeast iowa and go wheeling with me and my buds. two ZR2's and one suzuki. after all, your TRD comes stock with those BFG rugged trails, right? think they'll keep up with the TA KO? dick cepek muds? i live around the area you stated. we should go wheeling.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    just read on, that the 2003 tacoma is going to be redesigned and enlarged. like the new '03 ranger and colorado, it looks like it will follow their forecasts. someone said they are waiting for their tacoma to arrive. next year, that truck will be obsolete compared to the new tacoma coming up for '03.
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    Sounds Good,
    Hopefully I can get sometime soon, I am a medical student, so free time doesn't come all that easy. Yes, I have the stock Bfg, but will soon be replacing them with the 275/70/16 Bfg MT's. I want something that will dig. I think you will be surprised at the amount of power the S/C Tacoma puts out.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    See, man? It wasnt that hard to talk nicely for a change, the Ranger vs Taco is way too heated up.
    The charger for a Taco can be had for around 2K. Don't let others tell you otherwise. Sure, dealership charges 3.7K for it with installation, but I can get a charger and install it myself for 2K. There's plenty of Taco'ers in Austin who could help me if I asked. This is why fan clubs exist. I'm planning to utilize that when I get a 3" lift.

    Frontier wins over Taco on price. However, and even though this is a claim I have no proof of (but I trust it), I believe a stock Taco can beat a charged Frontier. There've been many Taco owners who have claimed to do it. Unless it is a massive conspiracy, or a macho thing, I think they have something there. The thing is....charged Fronter seems awful weak. Their charger isnt that great either, only 40hp, taking the stock engine from 170 hp to 210, when Taco has a 50hp charger, and for that matter, I will have a 210 hp Taco a week from when I buy it. It comes down to doing 3 things:
    1. Installing a airbox mod to increase air flow. ($10)
    2. Installing a performance airfilter. K&N or Amsoil. I'm going with Amsoil. This should be done by anyone who wants to preserve their truck anyway, the paper filters sold in WalMart are....well, paper.
    3. Installing a custom muffler/catback. This can range from $70-70 for Magnaflow or Flowmaster 40/50, to $230 for Gibson.
    Together these mods provide adequate increase in power, and TTORA ( guys are currently doing dynotests to benchmark the power increase.
    What this boils down to is this:
    You can have a Taco DCab at 22,6 MSRP. Throw on another 3K in options, this brings teh MSRP to 25.6K. Being MSRP, no normal buyer is going to pay that amount, so the DCab can be had for a reasonable 23K. Add the 3 above mods, and you have a 200+ hp Taco without a charger for the price of a charged Frontier that will certainly beat Frontier. I think with all the different mods and charger you can drive the 3.4L in Taco to 265hp.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    we got a good thing going here, lets keep it positive.

    that dc taco, that you say can be had for $22600-which it can, is nowhere near as equipped as that same frontier. the SE comes loaded (outside temp and compass display, available rockford stereo, power everything and those neat powder coated alloy bars which you may or may not like), and the taco at that price has the base stuff, which if im correct, doesn't even include cruise or cd, the stuff people come to expect these days as standard. also, one thing to note as well....the s/c frontier comes with 17" wheels. granted the tires suck, but those wheels are sweet and can take some pretty serious rubber.
    i do agree with you that the frontier s/c sucks performance-wise. it requires premium fuel and is an expensive option that really doesn't improve performance that much. however, it does beat the 3.4 in power and torque, (which means they (nissan)can still keep producing the underpowered but mightily durable 3.3) meaning it may be more useful in towing things.
    that s/c tacoma would be nice, but i just dont see any use for it in the 4x4 model, unless you're racing it professionally or pulling huge loads. and then, i wouldn't think the frame and chassis would be up to the extra weight. only sense i see in buying that crap, is to put it in one of those little sport trucks they have out now. cant remember the name, but it would rule in that thing.
    one thing to remember, when you sell you s/c'd taco, chances are that the buyer isn't going to be willing to give you the extra cash you invested in your ride. most people do not care, thats why toyo makes it a dealer installed option. and with these new trucks due next year, with V8's and 270 horse I-6's, it may be hard to sell when that new taco emerges next year as it will and you want one. just food for thought. later
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    i wasn't meaning that you were being negative. that "but" and then the ....... was meant to start at the truck text of my post. dont get pissed.
  • mpazosmpazos Posts: 42
    Can anyone comment on the on road performance (mileage, handling, brakes, comfort, etc..) of the Taco 4X4 D/C? I've got a Full size truck I use for offroading (mud, sand, snow, not a lot of trail use) and hauling/towing that I'm starting to modify for serious offroad use, and I'm thinking of getting a new compact truck for commuting and maybe some less serious offroad use. And I'm not interested in how the Nissan C/C is a much better deal. I'm aware the Nissan is also a good vehicle, but I'll go to a Nissan forum to ask a Nissan question.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    What I meant was that given a base price of a DC of 22.6K, and adding up the 3K of options (TRD 1.3K, SR5 1.1K, Power 600), you could bring the truck up to 25.6-26K. Thats MSRP, which means you can get 2K off right there. It'd be a nicely equiped DC. Going with a charger is a big move.
    I'm not getting one for my Taco. It drinks gas, it always cuts the engine lifespan in half, and I'd rather invest the 2K I'd spend for it in a 3" lift, headers and 33x12.5x15 tires. Or save it for a house downpayment. Supercharger is about the only thing that still actually brings Frontiers to the level of modern trucks. The only other weaker stock V6 I've seen (and I tell you, it feels WEAK), is in Subaru Forrester. It's 150hp, it gets good milage (almost like an I4), but it's superweak. Unfortunately, since yes, more and more natually aspirated engines are breaking 200hp barrier, Nissan will be sure to redesign the 3.3L. 17" wheels are nice, I agree...but the tires are horrible. They don't look like truck tires at all.
    But it seems these days there is still a big trend in "I have more hp than you" direction. I'm guilty of it, when I was shopping around (I've been doing it for 8 month now), I've checked everything on the SUV market and some compact trucks, and was discarding anything without a V6 in it. So a charger seems like a very natural way to raise the hp. There's always plenty of 17yo highschoolers in their daddy-bought Civics to teach a lesson on the road when they come up to you at the light revving.

    The 2003 models are going to be nice, I'm sure, but, as with any new product, it'll take at least 1-2 years to work out all the kinks. So chances are, we won't be seeing a stable 3rd-gen Taco on the roads until mid 2004-2005.

    And I'm not getting pissed, it's easy however, in the R vs T forum, to make mistake. The sarcasm is flowing freely in there.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Go to and ask those guys. They will give you a very good answer.
  • Sorry, my mistake, I always thought the Frontier was a ladder chassis because I was shopping for one, and looked under there, I did not see anything like my Taco. Guess the sales guys was not helpful either.

    One of my friends (first gen Pathfinder) went offroad with an Xterra, the chassis twisted and caused the windshield to crack. so I thought it was uni-body.

    I did test drive between both vehicles, all 4x4. the areas I compared was:
    1. engine bay, ease of maintenance
    2. options, Nissan won hands down
    3. leg room and height in all seats for 6' foot person.
    4. able to fit my girl friend's 85 year old grandma. the taco rear door won this.
    5. bed size, Nissan did not have the long bed when I was looking.
    6. ergonomics, the Nissan's dash seems to be a little too close to my body. Plastics seem kinda cheep.
    7. at the toyo dealer, the sales man handed me the keys and told me to drive, he did not hop in the truck with me, so my girlfriend and I went off road in a sand lot near by. Nissan did not do this.
    8. I saw a lot more older toyo trucks (pre 1990)on the road, there was not many Nissans.

    After reading all the notes from yesterday, tbunder, you don't even have 4 doors. you may like the Nissan, but you don't have one. I join this board to find out why is my truck having some issues, and compair notes, you are here to be bitter.

    "rockford stereo", BFD, my 88 Honda had 12 speakers and 10 disc changer with 200 watts, personally, I grew up, stereo is not an issue for my 10 min. commute.

    The scary thing is my co-worker has a Samurai, I think he can whoop all of our asses, HP is not an issue if you are going thru big rocks and sand. It comes down to experience and maturity.

    I bought my TacoDC truck because it was the closest to my lifestyle. not 100% what i want, but close. Cellphone jammer (ECM) was not a option.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    excuse me. just pointing out some facts concerning your overpriced 2x2, and a 4x4 nissan. sounds like you're the one who's bitter since i now have enlightened you about what you thought you knew. also, the nissan truck hasn't been worth crap until the 2000 model year. chances why you didn't see many on the road.
    and btw, i do have four doors. i have a ranger quad cab. something not available on ext. cab tacomas.
    one more thing, your tacoma will be obsolete next year, as the new redesigned toyota tacoma is due out. just fyi. have a good day. ill keep my mouth shut next time i see a naive and untrue post like you had earlier.
  • I paid for a 4x4 TuRD, where did you get the 2x2? and i know i paid a lot.

    4 doors means they can be opened individually or independently and not suicide (195X Edsel Ranger 4 door does not count). i think ford started to sell real 4 doors this year, but not indicated on their web site.

    i guess kia had it. Explorer 4x4 4 doors

    I realy don't care if my vehicle is old and obsolete, my civic has 264k miles, and 13 years old, i am the original owner. the registration is like 50 dollars and insurace is like $200/yr full coverage, it's good in CA. Parts are cheap. no complains. my truck will exceed 300k if it does not shake apart or rusted first, i have no reason to buy another car till then.

    Redesigned and obsolete is not an issue. heck, i drive a 67 stang conv. talk about obsolete, 4 wheel drum brakes, just got to brake earlier.

  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    what do you meanby obsolete? so when a vehicle gets redesigned anything before it all of a sudden no longer works? why buy vehicle at all then. most vehicles go through a design change every 5 years or so.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    As I've said earlier, chances are, the new Taco will need at least one year, or more like 2, to get all the little bugs fixed up. Look at the current Tacoma. It started up in 1995.5, and had been revised to produce a 2nd Generation, which is what we are using now (I hope I am right), somewhere back in 1997. Same can be expected (sure, design methods are little better than they were 6 years ago, a lot better) for the new 2003 Taco, so we will not see a solid stable 2003 Taco until 2004 at least.
    Until then, who knows. I'll keep driving my 2001 Taco I'm getting in 3 weeks.
  • The best price I found so far here in CA for an '02 DC, was $500 over invoice. This includes an ABS that I don't really need. When the salesman asked me (over the phone) what I had in mind and I quoted him a figure lower than that, he laughed and I hung up.
  • I just got my 2002 DC 2 weeks ago and my lower back has not stopped hurting since. Has anyone else had any problems with the seats in these trucks? If so do you have any solutions? Any help greatly appreciated.
  • Is anybody familiar w/ advertising fees? I went straight to the fleet sales manager today and he quoted me the invoice price. So far so good, but on the next screen, there are these fees he said that are non-negotiable: T.D.A. - 189; M.A.F. - 252; 2% holdback MSRP - 379; 1% finance reserve MSRP - 189; PIO holdback - 7. These fees are not charged if you base the cost from the MSRP. Would I be better off haggling some more from the MSRP?
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    You are being screwed, probably. I bought a Taco through dealers internet sales, and paid TTL, $100 over invoice. Plus got a student discount.
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