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Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your Excursion!

My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Owner's Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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  • theriddlertheriddler Member Posts: 7
    My wife and I (well it's really hers) own a 2001 Limited. White with the V-10. It has about 10K miles on it. I have added a Hellwig rear sway bar. I'm going to replace the Firestones with Michelin's this weekend. I would like to see alot of discussions on what different updates other owners have done. Also any problems that they may have encountered. Maybe if someone from Ford happens to see a pattern they may address the problem on future models. Hope we don't get alot of sub owners ranting about how much better their truck is. Because we know that isn't true. I'll check back in a couple of days.
  • datillodatillo Member Posts: 1
    We bought a 2000 Limited in Jan. 2001. So far so good with three toddlers here in New Hampshire. White V-10 with the infamous Firestones which are looking pretty tired at 31,000 miles. Hope to change to BFG or Michelins soon. I like to hear about the modifications and upgrades available for Ex owners. IE: entertainment systems tried, reverse sensors added after market and tire and suspension issues identified. By the way does anyone know where we can get one of those cool colapsable tables that mount on the trailer hitch for tailgating? I thought Cabellas had them but it must be somewhere else that I saw them in a catalog. Thanks-Pete
  • edw5edw5 Member Posts: 6
    Doing my part to keep America moving. Traded in a 97 sub. No regrets. Bigger back doors, reclining rear seat, diesel, rear sound standard, arm rests in the right place for a 6'+ person, yadda, yadda...

    I don't get the issues on handling and tires and stuff. Compared to my new Impala, the handling and ride is a little bumpy and the handling a little different, but it is exactly what I expect from a truck. Doesn't seem any different than my 1/2 ton sub (it had Michelin LTX/AT's at 48 psi and it made the ride rough). I am going to leave it just as is.

    The one thing I do miss from my sub is the ability to override the interior courtesy/dome lights. In the sub, you hit a switch and when you open the doors the lights don't come on. Major bonus when you are acclamating your eyes for fishing or night flying or when the family is sleeping at night on the road and you have to stop and get out.

    If anybody has a fix for it, I would appreciate any help. I thought of pulling the fuse and running the leads to a fused switch on the dash, but that will take the power windows with the lights. It might work as a spot solution some times.
  • starrow68starrow68 Member Posts: 1,142
    Enjoying the Ex after 30 years of 2500 Sub's, a '71/350, '79 or '80/6.8L and a '90/454. The greater interior footprint was the selling point that got us into the EX, as well as the 20 to 30% milage improvement over the big block. Once had OE Firestone's on one of the Sub's and did the blowout at 70 or so, wife didn't like the thought of a repeat so gave away the Steeltex's and put on Michelin's the first week after buying when I could get nothing out of the dealer.

    Love the back up sensors, all the room in the driver's seat, first time I don't need to put the seat all the way back and can raise it up and still have head room. Loading with the split doors and no heavy tail gate is also a big plus over the older ones. Ours is mostly used for dog show travel so it gets loaded full but not very heavy on most trips. Done one trip to Vancouver Island for 9 days this past summer and drove all the way back from Anacortes, WA to SF Bay Area in 14 hours with one driving and the other sleeping in the entry exit alley we have to get dogs into and out of their crates.

    Enjoy your Excursions, and I enjoy reading what others have done, not a wrench here, that may help us keep the Ex for years and miles to come.
  • nansennansen Member Posts: 2
    My wife and I (it is hers) bought a 2001 Estate green Limited PSD. Have about 10000 on it and so far no problems. Have put a Pro Comp steering stabilizer, Timbren pads on the front. Am going to put the Edelbrocks and the Helwig sway bar on it soon. Don't know about the tires yet. Also planning on putting in the 2002 cup holders that quickfords alluded to in the other forum. Other than that, just enjoying it. It is snowing here today so soon we will see how good these things are in the winter. Do like the room, being 6'7", it really helps.

    Do enjoy the feed back from other owners. Has helped alot. Thanks everyone.
  • tjf2000tjf2000 Member Posts: 61
    We own a 2000 (bought 3/00) Ltd 2wd V-10. We have only had one problem to date, the rear end clunk, that was fixed with the jounce bumpers. I changed to Michelin LTX M/S at 4500 miles and they made a big differnce. I will be adding the Edelbrock shocks shortly. I also ordered the cupholders that quickford posted. I would tell you the price but I cannot find my receipt at this time. We have 3 kids and a large dog, plenty of room for all of when we go out. I agree with nansen that this has been a great board, let's keep up.
  • justhavnfunjusthavnfun Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a new 2002 Limited Ultimate PSD and can't say enough good things about it. Last week I took it to Northern Arizona and it climbed the freeway hills at 80mph no problem. I set the cruise control at 80 and the tach never moved at all! No down shifting, it just motored up the hill!

    After I ordered the truck I read through all of the discussion boards and started to get worried. Everyone was talking about putting new shocks, tires, and anti-sway bars on their vehicles. I have to say that the ride is pretty darn good and I don't have plans right now to make any modifications.

    I always liked the Excursions but never considered one because of the gas mileage. The PSD took care of that concern. On my road trip to Northern Arizona I averaged 16mpg. That's with a brand new truck climbing up to elevations of over 7,500 feet. In town I am getting about 14mpg. I am told that I should expect better results when I get 6,000 miles on the engine. I traded in a 99 Expedition (which was a great truck, just didn't have the room I needed) and it only got 12mpg, city or highway (that's the only thing that I didn't like about it).

    I noticed that on the discussion boards many people complained about the noise of the PSD. The PSD is not as quiet as the v10 that's for sure, but it's greatly improved over other diesels I have had in the past. On the highway you can't tell the difference. I'll trade the mileage and torque for some engine noise any day.

    I like the truck and would encourage anyone who's looking for a large utility vehicle to consider it. It definitely is not for everyone, but it fills a need for capacity, looks, and functionality for me.
  • bear1249bear1249 Member Posts: 2
    Hello All..We have had our 2WD V-10 Excursion for about 14 months and really enjoy it. We have had no problems. We purchased it primarily for hauling around kids (like the third seat) and towing a 26 ft travel trailer. The fuel mileage is low, but that comes with SUVs. Besides, the Excursion is not that much worse than other heavy SUVs, especially if you drive carefully. The extra power and braking for towing, especially up and down hills, is very worthwhile.
  • agoodwinagoodwin Member Posts: 16
    I hope it is safe to post here without the Chevy guy's climbing all over what you say.(Recent experence on the EX. site) I only spoke of what I experenced. Just some info. Anyway, this is my second Excursion, because the other one was sideswiped and totaled out. Very safe vehicle. I walked away without a scratch. The new one is a V-10,XLT,3.73 gears,comfort package,BFG's KO's 295-75-16's,12,500 V-5 hitch,Tint all around,White with Gray molding,cloth seats and very spacious inside. No major problems with either one of the two I have owned. Although I do recommend changing the tires to something other than the Firestones. I'm not bashing the Steel TX. But the ride difference and handling it made for the new Ex. was quite a bit better. I ordered the shocks,stablelizer and swaybar. For the other Ex. I've have yet to put on the stuff on the new one, because the tires made the difference I needed. For now that is. I'll find some time soon to put the other stuff on. I would also like some info on the 2002 headlight swap. Is it better? I haven't checked into it at the dealer yet. C/ya later
  • dallasdavedallasdave Member Posts: 1
    DallasDave here, have been enjoying the discussions for a while now. Bought my Beast in July of this year, it's big, black and beautiful. It's an XLT, loaded 4WD monster! I just put the Rancho 9000's on, and they do make a difference. Have the Hellwig anti-sway, but have not installed it yet. Just wanted to introduce myself to the club.
  • edw5edw5 Member Posts: 6
    I was wondering if the soft vinyl full cargo liner was any good and if there were cut outs in it for when the third seat is installed. We travel with the middle seat down and the third seat in place and the liner on the back of the middle seat would keep a lot of dog hair out.

    I was also trying to decide between the stock Ford rubber floor mats or Husky's. They look aweful similar.
  • mom21mom21 Member Posts: 2
    Hello Ed,
    I have a 2000 V-10 Limited 4x4, and one of the first things I did was to buy a complete set of slush mats and the rear cargo liner from Ford. I don't know how people do without either, they keep the carpet in good shape not only from camping outings, but just every day wear. I really shouldn't tell on myself, but the Beast is almost a year and a half old and I've never taken a vacuum to it yet. The mats catch most of the dirt and what they don't catch I take a occasional whisk broom to it keeping it looking like new. I would suggest everyone get slush mats in all their vehicles!

    About the liner, mine just covers the cargo area behind the third set of seats. I still have not figured those rear seats out yet. My husband swears that they should fold up nicer. Sat in them twice, I didn't care much for the ride in the back, so taking them out completely might not be such a bad idea.
    P.S. What types of dogs are you showing?
  • edw5edw5 Member Posts: 6
    ...don't show, we do long distance drives in the northeast to vacation property. We have a hairy golden that keeps my daughter company in the back. We put down the middle seat and mount a 19" TV VCR behind the driver.

    The cargo liner is a must buy, I agree. As are the slush mats. I see that Husky and Ford offer a set, I was wondering if one set was better than the other. There is also a full cargo area liner I was interested in because of the dog.

    I prefer the third seat to second seat when my wife is driving. I like stretching out and watching TV. I will admit, I was surprised that the second seat is not as flat as the sub, but I can live with it. Third seats are in the way if you are not hauling people. Ours is 50% in 50% out.
  • quickfordsquickfords Member Posts: 18
    Yes, it too is *my wifes*, although 40% of the time it sits in the driveway, I drive it 40% and she drives it the other 20% (she works @ home). Our 2000 Ltd is of the 4wd V10 breed with the 4.30 locking rear. All available options except skid plates. Lately, I have been getting 11+ mpg and am quite happy about that (no highway). Not a lot done: bug shield, Limited badges on doors (like Explorers), V10 badges, Ford mud flaps and mini flaps before rear tires to keep the boards clean. I took off the cross bars on the roof rack, easier to clean and they rub anyway. PIAA super white bulbs are a big help, but still dreaming of 2002 upgrades- although someone is coming out with a HID replacement (oooh) soon. I just had the cooling TSB done, new front sway bar links, new steering stab. and a squeeky belt replaced. Dealer is great so far. With 24,000 miles, it is still great to drive, different than all those grey suvs you see. Yes, the cupholders are great-do it! And the rear sway bar is a must!
    Remember-- No Boundaries---except the pump.
  • theriddlertheriddler Member Posts: 7
    I've been reading some of the issues that other EX owners are talking about and one of them was floor mats. I thought I would pass along what I installed. I also wanted something to protect the carpet so I was going to purchase a set of Husky liner mats for the front, middle and back. I didn't like the way they fit in the front. They had a lip on the side (I know it was to contain all the snow) but I thought it was to big. The accessory dealer also handled mats called Catch-All made by Nifty Products. I liked them better for the front and middle because they seemed to fit better and had a smaller lip. They are carpet covered to match the carpet of the truck but you can take and wash them just like your other floor mats. I bought the husky liner for the cargo area because I felt it would be easier to keep clean then the carpet covered mat. I'm also wanting to install the new cup holders and I want to put on the V-10 fender badges I've seen on some super-duty pick-ups. If anyone knows the part number of those V-10 badges could you please pass them along. My EX is a 2001 LTD. white with 3.73 limited slip. I have installed Hellwig bar and Michelin L/T AS 265/75 16 10ply so far. The bar made a big difference on how the truck takes curves. The tires made a difference also but not as big as the bar did. I talked to Michelin about tire pressure, they had me weight all four corners of the truck. It weighted 1800 lbs on 3 corners, right rear corner weighted 1840(can't figure that one). Michelin suggested when I'm not towing or hauling any heavy loads that I can run 45 psi in the tires. So far they feel real good. I plan on installing Edelbrock shocks probly earlier next year. Love the info on this site.
  • quickfordsquickfords Member Posts: 18
    The part number for the chrome V10 badges are : F81Z-16720-BZ. List price is $13.40, you may be able to get a garage discount. These are the newest badges, not the earlier flat decal style.
  • luponemluponem Member Posts: 2
    I bought a new Excursion 3 weeks ago. I am somewhat satisfied with the purchase. I like the roominess (which is the primary reason why I bought it). I have the 5.4L engine because I thought it would get a lot better MPG than the V10, but I understand the V10 isn't that far off from receiving the same mileage as the V8. The ride is okay...I personally do not seem what all the fuss is about regarding ride quality; I do not plan on changing the tires or shocks. I have experienced the infamous clunk underneath the front seats, I've noticed a slight pull to the right when braking, and two other things that I haven't heard a whole lot about; (1) I think the brake pedal on my excursion requires too much effort to stop the vehicle. At first, I thought it was just because it was new and the brake pads/rotors had to be broken in, but after 600 miles, it still requires a little too much effort. (2) The rear windshield wiper leaks fluid down the back side of the right rear door. Has anyone else experienced these brake and wiper washer problems?
  • theriddlertheriddler Member Posts: 7
    I have a white 2001 EX. Last summer I also notice something had leaked down on the door. I wiped it off but it left a slight stain. I was going to take it back to the dealer but I had cleaned it off and I figured they wouldn't be able to tell where it came from. I saw it once again and I wouldn't be able to get to the dealer so I just wiped it off before it stained the door more. I didn't noticed any more leaking until Thanksgiving. I had washed the truck earlier in the day (in Mich. you don't get to hand wash outside this late in November very much) and later that day I notice it starting to run down the door again. Again the dealer wasn't open and I didn't want it to stain the door more so I wiped it off. What I'm seeing is not washer fluid but it looks like some kind of grease. I think it is running off from the wiper mechanism inside the door. I have to talk to the dealer soon because I have the famous cruise problem (it surges with the cruise set at exactly 70 MPH) and when I took it in for the cruise problem the dealer said Ford knows it is a problem but didn't have a fix for it yet but they were expecting to have one by the end of the year. Luponem if you find anything out about your problem please let me know. Also if anyone else has noticed a stain on their back door under the wiper arm area and had the dealer address the problem please let me know. It really shows up on white paint.
  • starrow68starrow68 Member Posts: 1,142
    Mom21, if the question was to us, Alaskan Malamutes for something going on 30 years. We take out the 3rd seat on delivery and put it in a closet where it stays for 10 years of so and buy a piece of remnant carpet, say 6' x 9' and cut to fit. Keeps the OEM carpet clean and throw it away after a year or so. Pull it out to vac mid year and when replacement goes in, original carpet looks like new when we are done on the last 3 Sub's. We just roll it back if we need middle row of seats which isn't often.

    As for hauling dogs, not often but once to maybe four times a year need to get in 5 big dogs with crates opening into alley way along passenger side of vehicle. This leave enough room for one lose dog in the rear if one driver wants to sleep for a few hours. This used to work in all our old Sub's with extra large airline kennel opening about 10", but won't work in new Sub's so we went to the Beast. The slight tilt of the 2nd row seat took some trial and error to get set up ok, but just use some 3 ft boards to level crates and then use the small space for some extra stuff storage. So far, love the Ex and it is by far the most comfortable I've been on long trips ever.
  • fords4everfords4ever Member Posts: 3
    I have been reading the forum since Dec 2000 when I purchased the excursion.
    I have done some modifications to improve the handling. Procomp steering stabilizer,
    Timbren load boosters on the front and a hellwig rear sway bar.To change the looks I added 2002 headlamps, clear side markers and a superduty grill. I traded a '97 F-150 for the excursion and love the power of theV10. I have only 8200 miles so far and will be towing 1700 miles in a few weeks. No problems so far. It has not been back to the dealer for a thing.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Last week, Edmunds rolled out new pricing pages. Along with this is a new "consumer ratings & reviews". This functionality lives in the "consumer opinions" area of the new vehicle detail page, and allows users to rate a vehicle on a number of different criteria (1 to 10 scale), as well as add his/her own free-form comments.

    If you have some time, we would really appreciate Town Hall members writing a review of their current auto, or a favorite make/model. It takes approximately a week for your review to appear on that make/model.

    If you have any questions, please let me know!


    Owners Clubs
  • 390gt390gt Member Posts: 17
    I've been running the Timbren's, procomp SS and Edelbrocks for almost 25K miles. How does the Hellwig work out with the Timbrens up front? How dow you like the ride with the Timbrens?
  • fords4everfords4ever Member Posts: 3
    I installed the loadboosters about a week or two before the sway bar. There was a definite handling improvment with the sway bar when cornering. The timbrens made the most difference in the ride and handling. It's alot easier than the front spring replacment that alot of folks are doing.
  • bigdog2000bigdog2000 Member Posts: 3
    Have just started visiting Town Hall this past week. Doesn't seem to be any new Excursion members the past couple months, so thought I'd just say hello for anyone interested.

    I purchased a 2000 Exc V10 White Ltd., 3.73 new in 11/00. It's the "Big Dog" around our driveway, and it's a great rig. I've been running trucks/vans/SUVs since 1974, mostly towing boats across the US, hauling the family (and occasionally playing off-road in my younger days).

    The Big Dog suits my needs perfectly. After 30K miles, it still is solid, not a rattle anywhere, handles, tows and looks great. I couldn't be more pleased (unless I could figure out how to get 20mpg!). In fact, it's been so good I didn't know I needed shocks, sway bars, tires until I started reading Town Hall. ;-)

    Yes, I'm still on the Firestones, and the darn things still haven't worn out enough so I can justify going down and getting some "good" tires. (Seriously, I've never been a Firestone fan, but these Steeltex continue looking and working fine. I rotate them every 6K. I keep watching for an excuse to replace them, and am still waiting.)

    I've added a few functional/cosmetic accessories: CatchAll mats & liner, sill protectors, bug guard, mud flaps, better headlights and backup lights, but that's about it. I would like to add fog lights, since they weren't standard in 2000. Any tips on models and installation there would be appreciated.

    Anyway, just an intro for you all. Looking forward to contributing whenever possible.

    Enjoy the outdoors,

  • thebeast1thebeast1 Member Posts: 1
    Hello I am new to the group and would like to answer some of the questions I have been reading. But first, I have a 2000 Excursion 4x4 V10 3:73 gears.The odometer just turned 60,000 and have only replaced the power steering pump. I just installed a 6 inch lift by BDS and it sits on 36/14.50 16.5 Mickey Thompsons on 16.5x12 Eagle 589. I am also a stereo nut and have two Xtant X series powered by an Orion Pro 1000. I am in the process of putting a in dash tv along with two headrest tv's. I love this truck. I was a die hard chevy guy for years and took a verbal beating when I bought my Excursion but its by far the best vehicle I have ever had.
    For those wanting better headlights there is an ad on E-Bay for what looks like the 2003 model headlight. It has a large light on the outside with two smaller lights next to it. They look awesome and listed under Excursion in the search bar. Not sure what page but think it was 3 or 4, only 6 under that search. Ad says slight modification needed which is probally the plugs.
    My wife uses the beast as a daily driver so I only get it on weekends mostly. Get tons of comments from all ages now that it is lifted.
    Please feel free to contact me as I am an information nut. If you get a chance go to the Sierra Club website. They are Excursion bashers. Just sent them a long e-mail about are ridiculous and obsesed they are about these vehicles. The head cheese was on good morning america making it sound like only an idiot would buy an Excursion. Well it made me mad so I responded. Well I shut up nice to other people enjoying their Excursions.
  • tccroupier58tccroupier58 Member Posts: 7
    i am curious about the mileage the excursion can get. either gasoline or diesel, both early model years and late, and the different size engines. thanks,tc
  • victoriacoffeevictoriacoffee Member Posts: 1
    Hello. I purchased our excursion in Oct and have been pretty impressed with the drive ability of such a large vehicle. We own an 02 explorer, which we have been very happy with, but on long trips we use all its space. I have three daughters ages 5 and under, plus my wife and I. We test drove three trim levels, including a 4X4, and all handled relatively the same. It does not match the ride and handling of the explorer but the interior space was calling our number. When we purchased the 04 rwd e.b. with a psd engine, we knew the pros and cons.
      We have taken it on a couple of road trips and have been impressed with the tremendous power and smoothness of the psd. It gets a little over 20mpg on the hwy and 14-16 in town. This thing loves the open road!
      Next week we are taking it to Monterrey, MX. I'll let you know how we did when we come back.
      The only issue the dealership is trying to resolve is a clunking noise when it first goes into drive and I depress the gas peddle. I am interested to hear from anyone who has experienced this problem and what was done to fix it. I can be reached at [email protected]
      Thanks, john
  • rexfordrexford Member Posts: 2
    We bought a 2004 Red Edie Bauer 6.0 diesel about a year ago and I love the truck. I've added a few mods and the Dealer has been fair, correcting a few problems. I hope to learn a lot on this forum and share with our stories too.

    Thanks from Calgary.
  • photogphotog Member Posts: 1
    LOVE this truck!!!
    So much drech with the Eddie Bauer mdl and having gotten bitten on our Expedition a couple of yrs ago we decided to get the cloth seats and the 6 way power seats and be ready to tow the 31' Airstream in real comfort.

    However, there are a few things I wish we could have gotten ...
    I want to install Upfitter switches/Tow Command modules in the cubby hole to the left of the cup holder. just need the part number for the Tow Command. anyone??

    I would like to get a good OEM proximity sensor since this is one thing that I lost out on .
    And the fog lamps did not come with the truck.

    Still, lots of room for the dog crate in the back. Need to get that rear seat out and bagged and stored. then I can install the Truck Vault.

    One last thing, getting a Pulrite Hitch installed AROUND that verdampt skid plated fuel tank. Anyone fought this battle already???

    thanks in advance in Houston, TX
  • rpauleyrpauley Member Posts: 1
    Bought my Excursion new in 2000, It is the only vehicle I ever had where I was still satisfied after almost 5 years. No problems ever. 7.3 Power Stroke, Fed it gas once by mistake, no effect just cleaned out the carbon, no do not try it drove 125 miles on a 50/50 mixture. Sure made a fuss but no lasting effect.

    Average over 22 mpg. 17 in combination. Two trips to Fla. 1 cross Canada. Regularly tow excavator and Bobcat B trained behind it, Gets looks but what else will do it.

    Hooked to a friends Duramax dually 4X4 and pulled him acrost the lot. He doesent have the weight. With my tools and attachments aboard she weighs over 9800 without passengers. Just a little locomotive???? Hope Ford will continue making this beast as it suits me fine. I do drive carefully don't want to crush a burb.
  • kevins3kevins3 Member Posts: 10
    My Excursion is The Dark green limited 7.3L diesel runs beautiful. other than having the hubs replaced. I traded the factory tires before they were recalled lost out on that one. But still Happy! we went round trip west from Ohio to San Fransico to Vegas Kansas city then back home! Not one bit of trouble! Love this vehicle! Thanks for reading this Kevin
  • alsmsgctralsmsgctr Member Posts: 1
    My wife and I are planning to buy a 2000 Ford Excursion 6.8L V10 (4.3 axle ratio) to pull our 6800lbs trailer (dry weight). We currently have a Ford Expedition 5.4L V8 XLT and is clearly not powerful enough to pull it. My concern is in doing further research I found that the 2000 Ford Excursions can only pull up to 10,000lbs and it's not till 2004 (I think) that they upgraded this to 11,000lbs. With other things loaded on the trailer on a trip I'm guessing that it's probably more like 7500lbs to 7800lbs. I'm just wondering if there are some out there who owns a 2000 and is pulling a trailer as heavy as mine and what your experience has been. I didn't see a section for towing on Excursions so let me know if I need to post this somewhere else. Thanks in advance. --- Al
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    While you're waiting for a reply here you may also want to check out Towing tips for SUVs. And congrats, in advance! :)

    tidester, host
  • rdctrdct Member Posts: 3
    Good choice for towing vehicle. We have owned the same vehicle for 4 yrs now. Traded in a Suburban for it. The Suburban is a 'friendlier' driving vehicle, but you need the 454ci engine and the 2500 3/4 ton series to do the same job as a basic Excursion. Ours wasn't.

    I had hoped our Ex would show a large increase in towing fuel economy compared to the 6 - 7 mpg our Sub was getting, because our Sub struggled with a 350ci, but the Ex didn't show as much of a difference as I had hoped. Hard to compare apples to apples though, as we bought a larger camper at the same time, and I think with the larger Ex engine, we (I) tend to drive faster.

    Our camper is around 8000lbs loaded, give or take 500lbs depending on water and stuff. 9600lbs gross, so we have the potential to be maxed out on long trips. 35' long including the tongue, 11' high including the A/C.

    Our Ex only has the 3.73 gears. At 55 - 60mph, we get 8 - 9mpg. At 70 - 75mph, we get 6 - 7mpg. Not an incredible difference. This is according to the o/h computer. I would be interested to see what you get with the different gears.

    Most of our traveling has been through mountains and long grades. We're planning a trip out to Yellowstone from the east coast this summer, so I'm looking forward to a slight increase in mpg's - at least on the way home with the wind.

    You will have no problems towing your camper with this truck. Your camper is on the small side for the amount this truck can pull. Don't forget to have the weight distributing hitch setup properly for this vehicle.

    ">link title
  • hockey8721hockey8721 Member Posts: 1
    We are considering a 2000 EX 8cyl diesel and was wondering from any of the owners what your take on them?

    Also it has around 69,000 on it. Any concerns with the diesel after it gets the higher miles?

  • itruckitruck Member Posts: 2
    hi, just purchased an 01 excursion limited 4x4 with 7.3PSD. i traded in my 2002 super dutyf-250crew 4x4 with was the worst MPG vehicle ive owned getting at the most 11mpg. the fuel mileage with the excursion exceeds what i thought i would get. im getting close to 21mpg hiway and 16.6 city driving! probably the best truck ive owned yet.
  • excursiondadexcursiondad Member Posts: 1
    This is my first posting but I have been reading postings on this site for weeks. It seems a lot of folks have installed a Hellwig sway bar. I am wondering if this is due to the stock bar not being good enough or because some Excursions did not come with a rear sway bar? My 2003 has a stock sway bar and it seems to be beefy enough but I am experiencing sway or "wander" at highway speeds while towing my Cougar 304. I have a Reese Dual Cam WDH and am considering some modifications to control the sway. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • pfoy143pfoy143 Member Posts: 1
    Bilstein shocks have solved the sway problem I was having, but we pull a 10-12K lbs horse trailer and need a little enhancement of the power, especially off the line. Am considering Airaid Intake System, Superchips Max Micro tuner and a MBRP performance exhaust system. Anybody running similar equipment who can discuss advisability with me would be appreciated.
  • desrtrozdesrtroz Member Posts: 2
    We purchased our 2005 Excursion w/6.0L Power Stroke Diesel new in 2005. We just love it! It has more than enough power and room for us (4) and our stuff, as well as 3 dogs! We've only had a couple problems with sensors: one "coking-up with carbon" and one that went bad completely. Other than that, no problems at all. We've added a 4" turbo-back exhaust w/a 5" chrome tip - it still has what I believe is the catalytic converter on it, but no muffler. It runs quiet until you stomp on it. Bye-bye everyone! We've also added a HyperTech tuner, which allows us to tow up to the maximum for this vehicle on any setting - even Stage 3 (hi-perf). My husband likes the way it tows our 19.5' boat/trailer better than our '02 F350 4x4 PU with the 7.3 PSD. Our next change for both trucks is new intake systems! These are definitely BUILT FORD TOUGH! As far as MPG: we average 15-17 city and 18-21 hwy. How could one NOT love a truck that can pull anything all day long and still get real decent MPG?!?
  • wcatrusswcatruss Member Posts: 1
    My wife and I took our first road trip with our 2001 Excursion V10 pulling a 32ft Wildcat TT (about 8500lbs) loaded last week. All was well for the first 125 miles then we began losing power up hills. Earlier, it would jump to 4500rpm gain speed then line back out after hill was climbed. Later it would change gears but rpms would stay about 2800. Had ford dealer in that area check trans and found nothing wrong, changed oil, filter and fuel filter. After cooling off that night we started back home. We just made it home when it did the same thing. The ford dealer said that he thought the catalytic converter might be bad. Any thoughts would be appreciated. This sure poured cold water of road trips. Thanks,
  • rdctrdct Member Posts: 3
    We also have a 32' TT with full slide out weighing in around the same. 2000 X w/V10, 4x4

    2800rpm was likely because it wouldn’t go back into O/D. If you’re not sure what it’s doing, in a safe place when you can concentrate, push the O/D button in to cancel O/D(is your O/D cancel light on the shifter working?), wait a bit, then turn it on again and see if the rpm’s change. If they don’t, you were never in O/D. If it never goes back into O/D under any circumstances, then you obviously have an issue. If you couldn’t get it to go back in only when towing, (A) were you still in hilly terrain, and (B) were you using regular gas? Hopefully you don’t have a converter issue caused from lack of regular fluid changes by the previous owner.

    Not sure if you really have an issue or if you've discovered the same faults that I originally did during our first few trips. You may be merely experiencing the not-so-good- part of this truck. My opinion is that the tranny and the computer are the weak links of an X.

    I find the computer changes power range after you've been into the pedal for a while. I'd love to snap my fingers and have a carburetor when I'm losing power. It seems to calculate for your throttle position and then give you less fuel at that position, because you had to hold it there too long. As if it figures, “hey, this is the new cruising position of the throttle, so I'll back off on the fuel delivery.” And then you have less power and end up laying into it even more but never seem to get that original power back that you started out with. Finding long down grades to get it back into O/D with your foot at a relatively light position on the throttle, seems to get some of that life back.

    I can feel when I’m in the sweet spot. Takes a lot of concentration on that throttle and you need to take it out of O/D before the bottom of a hill so it can settle in and lock up the converter again before it tries calculating all the changes during the uphill climb. If in the sweet spot, the beast with go up hills with almost no extra throttle pressure and not lose a beat, like some magic is going on. If you have no choice and end up in that 4000rpm range you are on your way to the “where the heck did the beef go” range. And it never seems to come back that day, unless you shut it down for hrs.

    I have gone to the extent of pulling over and removing the battery cables to clear the memory during a lunch break. Not sure if that works all the time, sometimes appeared to but other times didn't. (remember to idle a minute or two before shutting down to cool exhaust) Always seems at it's best when you leave home for the first few hrs.

    A mechanic may be looking for something that he'll never find. If I'm right and the computer is just a little stupid, (which also seems to affect it's demented brothers, the tranny and the converter) an after market chip/on board adjustment computer may be a solution, though I've heard too many mixed reviews. I'd love to try one but will kick myself if it's a wash.

    After having a Suburban with a tranny that I loved, (but not enough pulling power), I have never liked nor gotten used to the one in the X. I've seen it not shift soon enough when losing speed up steep grades, then hold the damn gear past the top of the hill and even down part of the other side, when it should have up-shifted long ago at the top of the hill when I started backing off the throttle.

    On a trip to Yellowstone, we struggled to get over the first 12,000' pass, stopping 3 times before reaching the top because of absolutely no power, we learned together with another V10 person in the park, that we needed higher octane. We normally pulled with regular, but when driving thru mountains or anything other than flat land for that matter, we now use the highest octane available in the area and it has made a big difference. Helped in a trickle-down effect because the tranny and converter no longer have to make up for the lack of power/torque from essentially the wrong fuel.

    Fuel filter maintenance - good to keep in mind at the rate of delivery in the 4000+ rpm area.

    Keep that tranny fluid fresh. I’m anal and change it every yr. Lots of mountain towing. I do it myself so costs less than $90. Ours has never smelled burnt or showed any sludge or metal filings in the pan.

    *******check and change your rear axle fluid. Often overlooked. If it isn’t honey golden color, and I have no doubt that it won’t be, clean out that diff and freshen it up. The front diff (4x4) will likely by okay. Just by the Ford stuff and make sure to buy the Additive. Ask at the dealer, they can advise if you’re doing it yourself. Save yourself unnecessary heat build up in the rear diff and resulting failure – remember it won’t break down around town – it’s going to do it at the worst time on a trip, likely up a monster hill.

    The tranny is bullet proof if maintained, just a little dumb - leave it in O/D unless the terrain won't let it stay there for periods of approx 4mins, otherwise you will be building up heat shifting back and forth. If you find it won't maintain speed without jumping back and forth, suck it up and push the button in to cancel O/D and drive around the 2800 - 3200 rpm range. That's your power band any way. (keep that engine oil fresh and full for that kind of long-term high rpm’s – it’ll be fine) You'll only loose a mile or two per gallon - get used to the hum and vibrations at that rpm. I’ve done it numerous times for hrs at a time.

    Some guys have changed gears from their stock 3.73's to 4.35's or as high as 4.56's. Gains fuel economy around town from shifting sooner, gains fuel economy when towing or at the least maintains what you had with less wear and tear, might loose 1 or 2 mpg normal hwy driving w/o towing. Costs $$$ though. Not worth it if you don't tow many times per yr. Anywhere from $1800 up, and it needs to be done by a really competent mechanic or you will have whining, grinding and subsequent issues.

    You may want to join the Excursion club on the Ford Truck Enthusiast website (it's free ) for more opinions/info/experiences. The X is far more of a truck then the Suburban - I've had both, but you may never like the tranny. My advice would be drive it, maintain it, don't do any mods to it. It will get the job done but may not do it the way you'd expect all the time.

    Overall – keep fluids fresh, full, and use high octane when towing. We have over 80,000 miles over approx 7yrs, lots of it towing, still stock, runs without issue, does what we need but can be annoying on long uphill drives. Learning to drive it at peak operation takes time. Hope this helps you to have more confidence in your truck.

    Our #’s for ref – optimum conditions:
    11 – 12mpg combined
    13 – 15mpg hwy
    6 -7mpg towing @ 70 – 80mph
    8 – 9mpg towing @ 60mph or less
  • desrtrozdesrtroz Member Posts: 2
    For anyone out there trying to decide which programmer to try . . .
    We have the SuperChip programmer on our 2002 F350 4x4 7.3 PSD. I elected to try the HyperTech programmer on our 2005 Excursion 6.0 PSD. We like the HyperTech better. Not only can we tow up to the maximum allowed on all 3 stages, but we have experienced No negative "side effects". With the SuperChip on our truck, we experience a "hiccup" of sorts. It can happen at any time - while just cruising down the road, under acceleration, coming to a stop - we never know when it will happen. When we gun it to get on the freeway and it happens, BOY O BOY does it jerk you around! It's like the engine just stops momentarily (hiccup) and goes right back to where it was before. I also don't like having to keep changing the settings when we change our driving habits - Tow safe to pull our 31' 5th wheel, Tow-Perf to pull our boat or utility trailer, Hi-Perf for "normal" driving. The HyperTech is much easier. Just set it and go! It takes another 1-2 minutes longer to program than the SuperChip, but we think the end result is better. :)
  • tzimmermanntzimmermann Member Posts: 6
    Hi, I have just joined. I have 2000 Limited 4x4 with Bilstein shocks and still original Firestone tires, 2nd set, first were load range C, replaced with E's no charge, somebody goofed.

    I have seen postings on changing to 202 headlights, 2002 cup holders, info, links, why? Also would like to add driving lights in same location as factory without spending fortune. Any info/help would be greatly appreciated.
  • rdctrdct Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 X also

    2002 headlights are clear lenses - brighter than yours

    2002 cup holders are deeper and won't loose your Dunkachino on left hand turns.

    I've changed the cup holders - cheap, $10 I think, can't quite remember. Very happy with it.

    I've been wanting to change out the headlights and add the factory driving lights as well - haven't found the time or the $$ to justify yet. Your headlight switch should have been recalled an will have the position for the factory running lights now - 2000's originally didn't.
  • barklyzoobarklyzoo Member Posts: 1
    I am a new member. I've got a 2001 Excursion Limited 6.8 2wd. I have just recently noticed a much rougher ride which seems to be coming from the front suspension. I'm thinking it could be the shocks or something a little more serious. I know it's supposed to ride a little rough. I've had the car almost 1 1/2 yrs and it just started happening about the last 2-3 mos. I have 96,000 mi approx on this vehicle. I love it. hat the idea of gas prices now and would love to have had a diesel. Has anyone had a gas engine and a diesel Excursion? Can you tell me which you preferred?

  • forddriver2forddriver2 Member Posts: 3
    we've owned our 2001 x since 2003 and jsut love it. Bought it with 35k miles now have 170k. We take road trip in it and tow an 26ft artic fox travel trailer (aobut 8200lbs). 2 years ago we bought a chip for it, now we tow better and get better mileage. 20-24 hwy and about 15-17 towing at about 70mph. Who can ask for better than that. I use it as a daily driver. Love the space being designer you can fit anything and everything in it.
  • summuttsummutt Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased an '01 Excursion 7.3L PSD with 32K miles on it...local diesel performance shop says it's in great shape. I traded in a '99 Suburban. I will be using this for towing about 85% of the time. I got 6-8 mpg towing with the Sub, looking forward to much improved mpg with the X.

    Currently in the shop getting chipped and adding air intake. I bought it 300 miles from home after an extensive search. I have to travel two 9500' passes to get home, and the X wasn't even breathing hard going over...nor did it downshift at all.

    I think it's going to be just fine. And I'm always open to constructive advice.

    Oh BTW, this is my first Ford and my first diesel, so I'm not giving any advice just yet.
  • dyestardyestar Member Posts: 2
    Just read your message. I just bought a 2003 with 39k what chip do you have?
  • forddriver2forddriver2 Member Posts: 3
    We have a chip from Edge Products, Evolution. be sure you get an exhaust temp gauge when you ship your rig. We are now lookin into getting a 4" exhaust as suggested from a mechanic that races his F250. Great vehicles we just love it.
    The web site for the chip is
  • summuttsummutt Member Posts: 2
    I'm getting the Edge Juice with Attitude. Haven't tried it yet...still in the shop. Also getting intake/exhaust. Next stop will be dealership. It came with only one key, so need xtra keys and keypad programming. $95 plus cost of keys, about $27 I think. Strangely, with all the gauges in the Attitude's arsenal, there is no tranny temp gauge, so I'm having one mech is doing it on the cheap for me.

    Last stop will be me and my local mech...just down the street and can do anything...and we'll address the rear suspension. Starting with the Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS) system. If expectations are met, may be all I need.
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