Ford Excursion Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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2001 Limited PSD. Black monochrome. 46.8 List. I paid 40.9 + tax. No other fees on top but tax and tags. Got 10K for a '97 Sub LT, loaded, with 105K miles. Took the 0.0 financing for 3 years.


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    It's hard to figure what you really pay on a new vehicle when you trade one in during the process...anyhow;

    I traded a 98 Expy w/36K for $15K and purchased the 2001 Exc. XLT for 33,200. Sticker was 36,700. Invoice was right around 33,000.
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    As per my prior post, I negotiated the price of the new truck ($40.9) before throwing in the trade. Thus, the truck nets out to 30.9. The trade was good 'cause three other GM dealers offered 3800, 9000, and 9500 respectively - so the 10 was great. The 3800 was a joke I told them where to put it.

    I find if I bring in a trade too early in the buying process, it makes it hard to negotiate the actual vehicle price. I will act as cash-on-the-barrelhead for the vehicle I want and then bring up the spectre of a trade post price. To get the real trade value, I go to a couple of dealers I don't want to buy from and play the "I'm trading game" from the start. I get a good pre-new car price eval for it, then go back with that info to dealer I want the car from with the high trade in eval elsewhere. Works everytime. Well, the last three times. Maximizes trade in and purchase value.
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    I got the 01 Limited 4x2 with the rear seat TV for $32,300. I went to 3 dealers here in South Forida and Maroone was the cheapest. Also got the 0%.
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    I bought my 2000 XLT loaded w/everything but heated seats for 28,000. I just called and said this what I want and what I am going to pay. MSRP was 38,000
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    Purchased a 2002 XLT Premium (True Blue)
    List $38,785
    Paid $33,890
    Took the $1000 Rebate
    Final Price of $32,890
    No Trade-in

    Did all the negotation over the phone or email. Worked 5 different dealerships for best price. Prices ranged from $1000 over (this one is still available) to $600 under invoice. Lets be honest, all are still available. Wife went in and picked out the one she wanted. Did not go to the dealer until ready to write the check. Out in less than an hour.
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    List - about 46; bought on the Ford A-plan for 39.
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    MSRP on the Vehicle was $49k and change. I paid $40k for it. Options were the Ultimate Group, Limited Premier Package, Tow Mirros, Limited Slip 3.73 Axle Ratio, 6 Disc In dash CD Changer, and some other stuff the dealer added.

    Was a great experience and love the truck.

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    Sticker was 46.8 minus A-plan and rebate 36.7 out the door. This is my third PSD love it, and the Ex. We also lucked out and got a personalized plate that reads SCRSION.
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    I am in SATX and looking at a limited 4x4...sticker is 49,345.....I have him down to 41,871.....thats about 7500 off...they act like thats it....they only have one the way I want it....I can get a strippy for 28K.....seems like they should come down more?
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    Does the truck you are looking at have any special options? Also, if the dealer caught on to the fact that it may have something rare, they maybe inflating the cost. The dealership I went to had no clue what the big deal was with regards to the Limited Premiere Package (makes it all black including blacked out grill and no chrome) and I got about 10k off as well.

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    Looking to purchase a 2003 Excursion - Eddie Bauer - loaded. I see invoices of around 41, 500 - what should i expect to pay for it? Any suggestions?
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    Have you checked Edmund's TMV pricing feature?

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    I did check the TMV pricing but I am reading about all these people who received thousands off the price. Also, isn't this the last year for the Excursion?
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    Yes, I've heard that 2004 will be the last model year.
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    I bought Excursion 03 with the rear seat dvd player. Sales rep said that it came with wireless headphones as shown in separate brochure. Mine came without the either the remote or headphones. Dealer order same and to my surprise, and salesman, the headphones are "wired" He has ordered "wireless" but dont think they will work. Any suggestions as to how to get them operational. Otherwise love suv, mileage with PSD 18 mpg @70, 22 @55. Diesel #1 seems to cut mileage by 10% or more, does this seem logical. Also concerned over huge discounts, saw a 03 Eddie Bauer with 7.3 diesel for 14M off list of 46M. This will effect everyone who has an Excursion as the resale value of the suv will reflect these high discounts.
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    I went through the same confusion on the dvd headphones. I've got an 02 Excursion Ltd Ultimate 4x4 7.3 PSD and was told the rear dvd player came with wireless headphones. Wrong, the wireless headphones go with the VHS player that was being installed prior to being replaced by the dvd player which only comes with wired headphones. The dealer ended up ordering me two addtional sets and both times they came wired. I think the confusion is in some of the sales literature that was floating around during the changeover from VHS to dvd. My guess on the big discount on the 03 Eddie Bauer 7.3 is due to the new 6.0 diesel now hitting the street. It's a stronger engine then the 7.3 so the 03 with the 7.3 isn't as desireable. I got a huge discount on my 02 in 09/02 I think for the same reason plus a $5000 rebate Ford was running at the time. I love the truck and it pulls our 27' Komfort TT a whole lot better than the 98 Expedition we had prior.
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    I bought my 02 Excursion Limited ultimate in Jan 03.It is a loaded PSD 7.3L 4X4. MSRP was $49999- I paid $37900 no haggle price @ Wiscasset Ford In Wiscasset Maine.I live in CT.All arrangements made on a Friday night ,had the truck delivered to my driveway full of diesel on Sat afternoon by 2 retired lobstermen for $200.A binder with highlighted areas for me to sign,15 min later The deal was done and they were gone.This was the best experience I have had in my life.I LOVE MY TRUCK.and the dealer.we just bought another truck and saved $7000.(F250 Xcab PSD 4X4 @ $31000)All the New England Ford Dealers said it was impossible..Look who is laughing..Me for once.
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    I LOVE my Excursion, and the deal I got made it even better! I contacted the dealer thru email via Ford's internet dealer locator service (113 dealers in all sent the email) with the same email detailing what I wanted.

    I got the 4x4 Limited 6.0 PSD, DVD, 3.73 Limited Slip, Skid Plate, Trailer Tow mirrors & cargo mat. Pricing, including 795 dest charge:

    MSRP was 52,755
    Invoice was 46,175
    My price was 44,938, or $1,237 under invoice, less ANOTHER $1,500 rebate and a full tank of diesel! This was their initial offer with no haggling.

    And only 16 miles on this new vehicle! No other charges except the $45 Doc Fee and Sales Tax. My husband loves it too, especially since I will not let him drive it and he gets driven everywhere now. The tow mirrors are something else, what with the extra mirror at the bottom of them to remove the blind spot.

    We bought it at Elm Ford in Woodland, CA (10 miles outside the Sacramento airport). (Don't confuse them with Woodland Hills in southern CA). They picked us up at the airport, too.

    Besides having an unbelievable price, they were also nice people.

    If you want a truck or an excursion, I strongly suggest you email them.
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    Has there been a comparision of the 7.3 and the 6.0 engines? I've been hearing that the 6.0 has some potential problems?
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    to the people who bought the excursion at elm ford in woodland. how did you get such a great deal and how did you get so many responses for your request? all the fleet dealers here in the sacramento area seem to think it is bogus . i showed them the post you put up and they laugh thanx, glen @ [email protected]
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    In answer to post #22 - There are two types of invoice - Retail invoice (what you and I see on the website) and Dealer invoice (what the dealer pays and what you DON'T see).

    Suffice it to say that nobody is loosing money by selling at those prices. No dealership would be in business long if they didn't make money on every unit that rolls off the lot.

    The only varialbe as to how much below retail invoice you can get them is the Ford incentive package at the time of purchase.
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    While that is true with GM, the Ford invoice is the Ford invoice. The dealer usually gets a 3% holdback and factory-to-dealer incentives - which the consumer doesn't always see.

    3% is still nice margin and it is usually only brokers and fleet buyers that can get the dealer to give some of the holdback back.
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    In Florida, we're set to get an 04 Excursion Limited Diesel w/options of limited slip axle, telescoping mirrors, and cargo package for a selling price of $42,130, "out the door" w/tax, tags, No other fees for $41,980.

    Opinions... good deal, just okay...?
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    this is to all. It is all relative, how much you pay new versus how much you get on a trade. All consumers want to pay nothing for it new but want retail when it is traded. I work for a dealer and am in sales and it baffles me how some people think!! be fair to all. We must make money just like you. I understand that you want a good deal, that's fine, so do I when I shop for something. But I keep in mind that they need to make money too. I have to pay my bills and put food on the table just like all of you do. The biggest misconception is that we make a ton of money. I do make good money, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't, but not as much as most consumers think. Please keep this in mind when you shop for your next car.
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    Question if u guys dont mind? How much is everyones monthly payment? Thinking of buying 2005 Eddie Bauer PSD 6.0? And whats the right price for this truck in NJ?
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    I paid $45,000 for limited! Has leather, dvd player, rear heat controls, and it's a 4x4. Sticker was $52,000. Got dealer to throw in winter mud floor mats clear coat and molded mud flaps as incentive to buy from them. bought it from Waikem Ford in Ohio. :)
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    I am looking into buying a 2000-2001 Ex with anywhere from 78k-100k miles. I am hesitant in buying such a large engine vehicle, 10Cy. but am looking forward to the extreme size of the SUV. I am looking for advice and opinions of past owners.

    Is there a big difference between the 6.8 vs 7.3?
    Any problems with electrical or engine/trans?
    8cy vs 10cy? Preference?
    Any know reoccuring issues with used Exs?

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    You might have better luck getting an answer in this Ford Excursion discussion that seem to have a little more traffic, and for which your questions might be more on-topic.

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    Test drove a 2000 X. It was marked for $9800, but the sales person dropped to $8800. Its gonna need new brakes and tires. Rear A/C does not work. 87,150 miles. I drove it to a transmission shop and they checked the truck out and said everything was fine besides the brakes. I'm not sure if its a V10 or V8. Do you all think this is a good price. The interior is in excellent condition and the exterior looks brand new. All black with gray leather.
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