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    (oh yeah i finally saw the 'stain' in person for the first time today, definitely NOT rust)
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    Know what guys?
    You can't really talk about winter in California. Here in Northern California, it's sunny most of the time, but still a little chilly (I know, we're a little wimpy).

    That's why I can't wait for the weather to turn nice again, so I can roll down the windows. That's when I will turn my Bose off, and really enjoy hearing the growl of my 6s. It's especially nice when merging onto highway traffic using the manu-matic shift feature. My 14-y-o son really digs it! What sweet sound!

    Now he's onto the 3 (his dream car). Earlier, his plan was to "inherit" my 6 in a couple years. Let's hope he likes the 3 more than my 6, so I can keep it longer...
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    "Here in Northern California, it's sunny most of the time ..."

    Sure, except when it's foggy. I last time I flew into San Jose we almost got diverted to Oakland because the fog was so bad in San Jose. No fog here in NM. ;)
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    You need a bigger gas tank to get around that state. Gary are you near Albuquerque?

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    No, I'm not near it, I'm in it. ;)
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    Do you know of any good scenic drives (preferably with some nice curves) in the Albuquerque area? We're going to be taking the 6 on a road trip in Arizona and New Mexico some time this summer, and we're planning to hit Albuquerque and Santa Fe for a couple of days.

    My wife and I have never been there before, so we're looking forward to it. We wanted to visit all these places in Arizona and New Mexico that we haven't been to since moving to Tucson a few years ago.

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    Santa Fe and Tularosa!! Beautiful country!!
    Winding roads, but high altitude.

    Mike, what's the area above Santa Fe, "Eagle" or "Fire" something?


    Mazda Mania tonight, bring your questions and ask them LIVE. Many drivers there to answer them. 9:00PM EST, 8:00PM CST, 7:00PM MST, 6:00PM PST.

    Help us build a great chat room; the Subbies have one, are you going to let them beat us?
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    You want curves, we got em.

    The Enchanted Circle:
    Taos to Questa to Eagle Nest to Taos. This is fairly curvy and hilly. Stop for lunch at the Apple Tree in Taos. Yummm!

    If you want a long, scenic, very curvy road from Santa Fe to Albuquerque, this is it:
    Santa Fe to Pojoaque to Los Alamos to Jemez Springs to San Ysidro to Bernalillo to Albuquerque. You can take this route in the other direction (Albuquerque to Santa Fe) as well.

    Sandia Peak:
    If you're in Albuquerque and have some time to burn, take the road to Sandia Peak (10678 feet). This is my ultimate car test ride. Yee-haa! Head East from Albuquerque on I40, turn North on highway 14. Watch for signs to Sandia Peak or Sandia Ski Area (I forget what it says). Going up will be mostly 2nd gear, and don't overheat the brakes coming back down!

    Both of the roads to the Santa Fe and Taos Ski Areas are good drives too.
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    You're thinking of Eagle Nest and Angel Fire.
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    Excellent! Sounds like you have a couple of fun ones up there. Thanks for the info!

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    Glad the staining issue is being taken care of. And the 'brand X' people can stop calling them "rust buckets". Besdies 'Brand X' has its own issues, too.
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    "Besdies 'Brand X' has its own issues, too."

    Sure, but they do offer a quick and painless cure for insomnia. ;)
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    We spent our honeymoon and 10th anny in Taos...Did
    God know what he/she was doing or what!!! This was
    a great adventure for acoupla flat landers from IL.
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    One more thing. If you're coming from Tucson, I like the "southern route" to Albuquerque. Take I10 East to Deming, then take highway 180 and 26 to Hatch, then I25 to Albuquerque. The highway 26 leg is great. It's much more interesting than going the northern route through Phoenix.
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    Actually, it looks like we'll probably be visiting New Mexico during the second half of our trip. First, we were planning on starting in Sedona/Flagstaff, and then go to the Grand Canyon (my wife hasn't been there before, and she's lived in Arizona for 5 years). :-) After that we were going to head on over to Albuquerque and see northern New Mexico and the four corners. We might even go up into Colorado, who knows. Anyway, after that, we'll probably head back down through southern New Mexico similar to the route you described and back to Tucson from there.

    It's going to be an easy-going trip. We're planning on taking around 2 weeks or so for everything so we can stay some places for a couple of days and enjoy ourselves. Should be cool.

    Thanks again for the Albuquerque info...

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    If you get up to Angel Fire north of Santa Fe and East of Taos, be sure to stop at the National Vietnam Memorial . It is truly beautiful and awe inspiring. First Class. It is located just off the main road, follow the signs.

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    If you drive the Enchanted Circle, it's right on the route.
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    It's been four months since I last was in here....sorry. Since my company closed shop in Spfld, Ma and moved to Chicago, I was able to keep my job telecommuting from home.

    That means my new Mazda6s sits in the driveway all day and night :(

    2000 miles since September - since my car was upset, I bought her a sports grille and will install when the temp rises above freezing.

    Hope all is well - Cheers
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    I was wondering if anyone here owns one? I was thinking of buying a 4 Cyl Mazda6 with Manual Tranny. I just wanted a little insite on if the engin was sufficient. Thanks
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    There are responses to your query on the Mazda versus TSX thread. Please don't crosspost.
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    Actually, this is the better place for folks to respond since the question is solely about the MZ6 ...

    Sometimes new folks don't understand that the same people will see their messages more than once if they post them more than once. This IS a tricky place to get a handle on.

    We were all new once - it's all good. :)
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    Actually, this is no longer a good place to ask such a question. This discussion board is all but dead, having been killed by "rust."

    One or two folks out there are very very happy now. It's a shame.
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    I would hope that 60,000+ people are happy now. At least they can have their cars inspected and repaired if needed, rather than finding out later on after their warranty has expired. Last time I checked, this board was a place where people could come for conversation, information, and help.

    A shame? Well, if the owner community didn't have a big fuss over this issue, then Mazda may have never fixed the problem and continued to build using the same corrosive lubricant. That would be the real shame. Complaints equal better products.
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    Looks like the car buying public isnt paying much attention to this board.
    so far this month our mazda6 sales are better than any other single month since the car was released. So maybe edmunds lookers are doom and gloom but real life consumers are showing up and buying. We are not advertising the car any more or less than before, and the incentives are only marginally bette, so I dont have any specific reason why. But its good news for MZ6 owners.

     We are also seeing a great deal of interest in the H/B and wagon!! The good press continues on the MZ6, money magazine rated it the best sedan in class, the Accord got second place.
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    I was wondering if anyone feels that their visibility out the back window is impaired by the spoiler? The reason I ask is that in a test drive it really bothered me. Afterwards, my husband told me that I should have adjusted the seat height. I should have said something during the drive so that I could have tried it. Perhaps that would have changed my outlook. I am 5'3" so not TOO short. :-) Maybe I am just too used to sitting up high in my Explorer. (Please don't bash me because I drive an SUV! - we use it for pulling a travel trailer.)

    Something else irritating to me is that I can't get the security package (with the side air curtain) unless I get the sport package with the spoiler. They do the same thing if you want to add a moon roof, you have to add the Bose stereo or have leather seats.

    Speaking of leather (I will just ask all my questions at once!) does anyone have an opinion on whether they like the cloth or leather better.

    Thanks for being patient with all my questions and any replies would be appreciated. I am a new poster.
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    I am now the proud PaPa of a bouncing baby Mazda6!

    Went to the dealer and hashed out a deal my wife would be happy with today (critical). Take delivery Friday.

    2004S Glacier Silver,1SE Sports Package,Sports Grille,Automatic(Wife has to drive it also),Auto Dim Mirror W/compass,Thats it-no more.

    Payed $21963.00($100.00 over invoice). Did I do O.K.? Oh well to late now.

    My hope is I will never post a negative word about my new baby. My fingers are crossed !!!

    Come on Friday ! I feel like a 4 year old three days before Christmas !
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    Did you get the $1,500 rebate?
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    I was able to get the $1500.00 Cash Back plus another $500.00 Rebate because the Auto Show is in Milwaukee this week. Helped take the sting away a little. Rate was lower than any bank around here, so that helped also.

    As to your post #16,173. I drove both quite a few times. The difference was enough to make up my mind to get the V6. Sounds a lot better on top of the better performance.
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    Come on, come on, join in!

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    What is it?
    How do you get it?
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    The Auto Show discount is being offered by a bunch of auto makers. I think they have certain quotas they try to make while the show is in a particular area. They in return get discounts on the price they pay for the cars in the first place. These discounts or how ever they work it out must be significant enough for them to offer the consumer the $500 extra to get the sale, and still bank a larger profit for the dealer.

    You do not have to go to the show to get this. But there is a time limit on the offer.

    Being cheesehead6,are you from the Milw. area?
    (NO cheesehead jokes please! WE have heard them all!). I still have not gotten over that 4th and 26.
    The show ends this weekend. Don't know were it will be moving next.

    I know the discounts will get better at the end of the year but I want to enjoy the car this summer. If I kept waiting for the best deal I probably never would buy the damn car.

    Good luck if your in the market ! Be sure to get a recent build date !!!
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    Thanks for this.

    Don't remind me of what happened to the Packers this year... They should have gone further. But I have to be honest: after watching Brady and the Pats, the Packers could never have won the S. Bowl even if they had gotten there.

    Is it a coupon that you pick up at the show? Or do you just ask the dealer?

    I live about 65 miles from Milwaukee. Maybe too far from the city for the discounts to apply? Gonna try to make the show this weekend anyway just to look around.
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    You are probably right. But with Brett at the helm we had a chance. The Pack was hot. You never know ! Oh well, At least the Eagles got their butts kicked !!!

    I think you are O.K. I don't think it matters where you live. But I think you need to buy from one of the dealers in the area here. Ask at the show if you go, or make a few calls.

    Remember it does not matter where you buy your car. Any warranty work can be done at a dealer closer to you.

    Enjoy the show. Get a look at the 2005 Ford Mustang. WOW !!! If I didn't need 4 doors the 6 never would have stood a chance !
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    I moved from a Suburban to a 6, so I can relate to your situation. I am a foot taller than you, but I have had no significant problems with rear visibility with the spoiler - it just took a little time to get used to seeing it there.

    The option packaging has been a source of irritation for many - you will see lots of complaints on the Mazda 6 boards. I didn't mind, since I wanted all the options. I would have hated it if I had preferred being selective about options. I think Mazda should at least offer safety options individually.

    With respect to leather, I have leather seats and I like them - no complaints from any passengers. The heated seats are a plus with leather in the winter! I read lots of complaints early on about the quality control on the cloth seats - Mazda may have corrected those problems by now.

    I love my 6 - I think it's one of the best cars available ay a very reasonable price. Good luck with your shopping.
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    I'm did you go from a Suburban to a MZ6?? That is a switch we don't see to often :)
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    Here is something I don't think anyone has talked about. Mazda is planning a Mazda6 based SUV to be bigger than the Tribute but smaller than an Explorer that will be priced in the $30-40K range. I suspect it will be a variant of the Lincoln SUV that is going to be built off the MZ6 platform. It is expected to appear for the 2006 model year.
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    Yes, Ford will also be getting a version of this vehicle as well. Look for 3 row seating, FWD/AWD with Duratec35 (3.5L DOHC V6) engine. Consider it a Highlander/Pilot target.
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    that sound like the Ford Freestyle?
  • ANT14ANT14 Member Posts: 2,687
    Sort of. The Freestyle is a crossover for people who are in denial about a station wagon. Built on Volvo's P2 platform with a Duratec30 (later optional) Duratec35 engine, FWD/AWD with 6 speed automatic/CVT. Think Ford 500 wagon.
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    do you think the 6 is going to get the Duratec 3.5 engine down the road?
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    Turned 13,000 on my 03 6s AT yesterday. Still as tight as the day I purchased it. Had the Stain/Rust repaired 3m ago. No signs of return. Had both recalls performed. One for the check of the master cylinder, and one for the fuel tank check last week. No problems noted in either case.

    I'm still averaging 21mpg. Took a trip to Boston three weeks ago and averaged 27mpg at a steady 70mph. I run Mobil 1 0w-20w.

    No rattles, squeaks, or groans. The brakes feel as good as day one.

    I'm surprised how good the car has been in the heavy snow here with the OEM 16' tires. I still leave traction control off most of the time. I just can't get used to not having the control with my (R) foot. Control has always been an issue with me anyway : )

    It's nice to see sales growing. This car is more fun to drive each day. Hardy anyone stays with me once we enter the S'.

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    Well, I moved from the Suburban to the 6 because my kids are now driving themselves and their friends everywhere they want to go, so I can have a car that I like instead of a bus that I needed. Guess I don't need to say that I'm having a lot more fun driving these days (although I do miss having the kids and their friends in the car - they were a constant source of entertainment!)
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    I bet the gas savings is really nice too!!! hey, enjoy your new 6. There arent alot of cars as much fun to drive as the MZ6.
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    Is this is going to be built in Japan or the US? I hope this is the not like the B-Series and Tribute where they are lot of quality/reliability problems. However, I think Mazda has the problems on the Tribute worked out now. Hey if Mazda can build fun to drive cars maybe they can build a fun to drive SUV too.

    Duatec 3.5 I would like to see that but engine with alot of HP always provides some kind of torque steer it seems. The Altima suffers from it and Car and Drive complalined about the 04 Acura TL w/ Auto trans having a little torque steer.

    BTW, Formally Car Guy 58.
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    "car3" have you reported your problem at the "Contact Us" link (in the gray box at the top of the page) like I recommended? You really need to do that ... that's how you'll get it straightened out.

    I realize how and why you got into this situation, but since you are only supposed to register one time in the TH, you need to get it fixed. Feel free to email me with any questions as well.

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    That all depends how/where Mazda plans to take the Mazda6. If it continues to keep it's current size, a Duratec35 would require some major modifications to the front engine end structure so it would fit. In other words, I doubt might will occur this time around.

    Granted, the Duratec35 will fit on the new family of Ford minivans, SUV's, that will be using the Mazda6 platform, but because they will be engineered from the beginning to do so.

    The Ford Futura will be the closest vehicle that can be seen as an example of where the sedan formula will grow to. That itself will start with the same 2.3L and 3.0L as the Mazda6, but will offer a 270HP 3.5L (Futura ST) for those who are looking for more performance.

    If Mazda were wanting to do the same, they could offer a AWD 2.3L Turbo version to gain some attention during it's mid-life cycle, and that itself will work/fit well into the engine bay without much investment.
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    No the Packers should never have gotten past the Seahawks! :-)
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    Thanks for your reply and all your information. You are probably right, I just have to get used to a different vantage point. :-)
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    Picked up my 6 today! YEE HAA !
    I gave it the bigtime once over. To this point I have inspected seven 6's and I have to say the paint job on this car is tight. I looked in every nook and cranny on this car. Build date 2/04. The 6 they had in the show room was a 10/03 build and you could see the lack of paint in the sash area. The factory must have made the corrections in the paint dept. As I said in my other post, I guess time will tell if this problem has been resolved.
    Took it for a joy ride on some winding roads. Had to take it easy because of the break in, but I got a pretty good feel for the car. WOW ! Took a pretty sharp turn and I thought I was doing around 40. Speedometer said 55. WOW !
    Mazda has taken a step in the right direction.
    I just hope they stand by their product for the few that have had problems,so you can get back to enjoying the 6 as it should be.
    Come on 500 miles !!! ZOOM ZOOM :)
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