1991 Buick Roadmaster - no heat brr its cold in SD

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I have Automatic climate control, when the heat should be blowing, it only blows cold air, and the compressor sounds like its cycling. I can feel heat in the core casing, but the system refuses to deliver it too the passanger cabin. HELP!! Its cold in SD.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Sounds like a ducting issue. I'm not sure how your ducts are open/closed, probably by vacuum lines, so you might poke around under there and see if one has come loose from its fitting...or the climate control unit that directs the vacuum or whatever is the medium for the ducts...that could be bad as well.
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    i will look for that ;) thanks :() anything else i should look for ?

    Thanks for replying ;)
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    I agree that the vacuum source for one of the dampers is a prime suspect. You mentioned that the compressor is cycling. If the outside temperature is below about 38F, the compressor is supposed to stay off. So... any compressor operation below this temp would indicate a problem in the climate control unit.
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    Depending on ambient temperature, if defrost is selected the compressor will run to dehumidify the air before blowing it onto the windshield to reduce frosting.
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    I will have to poke around under the dash this weekend and see if i have a leak somewhere. Don't turn it on when its really cold, its like putting ice cubes on my feet ;() Thanks for your help.
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