Frozen rotor

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Anyone have advice on how to remove a frozen rotor off a 93 Accord? I pryed until I feared destroying something and pulled till my fingers were numb. Thanks


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    It's not a slip on rotor.

    Accord only:
    - remove spindle nut
    - raise and support vehicle
    - remove wheel & tire, brake caliper (support it)
    - disconnect outer tie rod from steering knuckle
    - separate ball joint from lower arm using suitable puller
    - * take care not to damage rubber boot on tie rod or ball joint
    - separate outboard CV joint from steering knuckle
    - remove 4 bolts holding hub/rotor to steering knuckle, then remove hub/rotor from knuckle
    - remove 4 hub to rotor bolts and separate rotor from hub

    - torque hub/rotor bolts to 40 ft. lbs.
    - use new hub/knuckle self locking bolts (or blue Loctite) and torque to 33 ft. lbs.
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    Sorry, I meant the distributor rotor. I will save the info you guys gave on the brake rotor though.
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    Well, presuming it's not a set screw (they wouldn't do THAT, would they?), just break the damn thing, what could it cost to replace? Just don't damage anything inside the distributor. You might tap it on top and wiggle it with vice grips while you tap.

    Worst comes to worst, you can take the distributor out and then you've got the little bugger in your power......
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    Thanks, I think you're right. I'll just break it off.
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    Alcan, I have a 91 Accord. Are the brake rotors on it that difficult to replace? If so I will have to pay someone to replace them and they are about worn out (turned 3 times on the car).

    I also have a 97 and a 2000. Are they the same way?
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    My son wanted to try some PB Penetrating Catalyst, he bought at Kragen's. A few drops overnight and the rotor popped right off. Good stuff!
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    Smart boy...but clean the heck out of that distributor, you don't want some oily residue in there.
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