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2014 Toyota Tacoma Gets Price Increase

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image2014 Toyota Tacoma Gets Price Increase

The base 2014 Toyota Tacoma starts at $18,735, reflecting a $250 price increase over the 2013 model.

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    tacomamudpittacomamudpit Member Posts: 65
    I was trusting this article was a mistake? Maybe it is? Carry over again? If anyone has any valid "links" please post ASAP. Where is Toyota's innovation? Horrid fuel economy by competitors standards, outdated 5-speed auto based on NO change for the 4-runner for 2014, rear drum brakes again, ok lots of opinions about rear drums, but every other manfac has rear disc, even Toyota's own 4-runner and Tundra have rear disc. OMG 10 years later [I drive a 2003 Tac V6] and I would go from a out dated 4-speed to an even more outdated 5 speed auto in the year 2014! Where is direct injection? Rear disc? Better fuel management, Power moon roof [for those interested, Nissian Frontier, offers Pwr moon roof, rear disc, FACTORY leather, SAME fuel MPG but 270HP and there GQ-series engines are bullet proof as well. Dunno if I will wait till 2015 - might move on to another manufac product - this is very dis-appointing if its true?
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    camarozonecamarozone Member Posts: 0
    Where's the Diesel Dummies !
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    20034runner20034runner Member Posts: 0
    I agree completely tacomamudpit....completely.

    Additionally, where the heck are the heated seats and mirrors like the Sienna, Tundra, 4Runner, Highlander have? Aren't we supposed to drive out Tacomas in cold weather?

    I had an 01' Tacoma, and '01 Tundra, '03 4Runner, '07 Tacoma and now a 2012 I bought new a year ago. I bought a zero options, Double Cab 4x4 and added the things I want to it via aftermarket. Still no practical way to add heated mirrors though. Not quite the same thing as your first car with power windows, but I sure wish my new Tacoma could be had with HEATED MIRRORS!!
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    rayzorrayzor Member Posts: 61
    Yeah, sad indeed. I own a '11 Tacoma. It still has no heated mirrors or rear defrosters and I live in the Midwest. Horrible visibility during winter; everything gets all fog/iced up. still only drum brakes for my >$35k truck...That JBL stereo upgrade is a joke. No seat height adjustment, no trip computer, no 6spd auto, no sunroof, etc. I'm waiting for the new Chevy mid sized to come out and I'm trading this dino in...
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