'95 740 engine block recall?

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I was told by an independant mechanic that if I took my 1995 740il to a BMW dealership and said that it ran rough when cold they would replace the bottom of the engine. Is anyone aware of a recall of this nature. Can't verify anywhere.


  • 0patience0patience Member Posts: 1,712
    Sorry, checked the recalls for your vehicle. I couldn't find any recalls on replacing the engine.
    There were a couple on the computer PROM though.
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    And I saw one on sticking throttle cables for I think 1994 models.
  • jdavison1jdavison1 Member Posts: 2
    There is a "recall" of sorts. Engine gets inspected, if there is a problem you get a new motor and $175 inspection fee waived. The warranth was extended on these cars to 100k and 6 years.
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    Do you have the special policy number or can you tell me where you got that info?
    I'd like to have a hard copy of that, if I have the policy number, I could get a hard copy of it.
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