1998 Honda Accord LX pinging

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I have been experiencing a pinging noise in my 1998 Honda Accord LX for at least a year now.
It only occurs under mild to moderate acceleration (3-5k rpms) and seems to occur most between 3 and 4th gear.

I have continually complained to my local Honda service dept. about this pinging and every time they claim to have adjusted the torque or ran some engine cleaner through and said it should be fine from then on.
They assured me that the grade of octane I am putting in the car does not matter.

My wife and I are really disappointed in the performance of our Honda since her family has driven Hondas for 12 years now with absolutely no troubles.

Anyone else out there experiencing this pinging problem and does anyone have any suggestions?



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    You sure it is not an exhaust noise?
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    You should put in the highest octane you can find, and then add an octane booster. This experiment may cost you $10.

    If you do both those things, and the pinging improves considerably, then you need to find out why this is happening with regular octane fuel....perhaps some timing issue or component causing the timing to be too far advanced OR a heavily carbonized engine.

    If the pinging as you call it does not improve at all after the high octane boost + additive, it most ikely is not pinging at all but some other noise or situation.

    Whatever person told you that octane does not affect pinging is an automotive ninny and do not take further advice from them. The relationship between pinging and octane is so elementary I can't imagine what else they don't know.
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I don't believe it is coming from the exhaust.

    I am going to try running the highest octane and begin searching for another dealer.
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