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I've gotta get this started here because this could be a welcome competitor in the ever-expanding SUV market and it would be an important vehicle for Nissan, who would finally get a player in the car-based crossover SUV market (a segment that they are totally absent from).

Here are a couple of links that suggest the car-based entry-level SUV market might just have a new, formidable competitor.

and an update:

hope it's all true, Nissan, 'cause we(you) need this vehicle now!



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    I think with Nissan's current SUV lineup the addition of the XTrail would be great. I would personally be interested in this as right now I am shopping the Xterra, Vue, and CRV.
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    If you're shopping Vue and CR-V (as I am) then I would think the X-Trail would suit your needs better than the X-Terra. Things I like about the X-Trail:
    "just right size"....not too big, not too small
    superior AWD system - FWD only for economy, AUTO for set & forget's also more pro-active than re-active in that it coumes into play before wheel slippage (e.g. during acceleration) and it has a "LOCK" feature for when the going gets really tough.
    Good balance of economy/power....the Altima 4 is all I of the class 4cyl power with near top of the class economy....the V6 (also from the Altima, I assume) should satisfy any power freaks.
    Washable luggage area - beats the heck out of carpeting
    A proper Swing Up big beef about the CR-V is it's damage-prone, inconvenient, rear-view-blocking, curb blocking side swinging door external spare combo.
    If it's marketed as it is in Australia, should offer more features for less $$$ than the competition.
    I expect the CR-V (esp.2002) will have the edge in room and possibly refinement....would expect both to be quite reliable
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    just LOVES the Xterra. Any chance we will see the X Trail in the US?
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    As long as she doesn't mind paying the gas bills and the truck-like ride and the part-time 4WD, there's nothing wrong with the X-terra, and it does look cool......just not what me and my family need at this point. As for the X-Trail, your guess is as good as mine but the links seem to indicate it will come here in Feb/Mar of 2002.
    That's partly why i started this try and drum up some more information.
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    is piglike fuel mileage with low horses to boot. Put the 3.5 in it.
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    Anyone know the towing capacity of the X-trail?
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    the exact #'s are at work but size-wise, it x-Trail is about an inch shorter and an inch narrower than the x-Terra and a few inches lower

    (doesn't have that stepped roof). It's also a whopping 900 lbs lighter and horsepower-wise, the X-Trail four has 175-180 vs. the X-terra's 190? hp six. Needless to say, gas mileage is far superior. Towing capacity is 15-1600 lbs for unbraked trailers and I think about 3500 lbs for braked trailers......these are New Zealand Nissan figures btw......they have a great pdf format downloadable have to convert the figures from metric though.

    .....some great pix and info
  • cb70cb70 Member Posts: 226
    I believe that this mini SUV would kick every competitors butt that is out there right now. I hope we do get this option. I for one am very intrigued right now.
  • canadatwocanadatwo Member Posts: 198
    I wish Nissan North America would come out and say something official about this thing.

    I want it over here now!

    It would be my choice over the CRV (2002), Rav-4, Triscape, Liberty, Vue etc.

    Only other unknown is the 2003 Forester.
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    You & me both, Canadatwo....I've written to Ian Forsyth....Nissan Canada Marketing Mgr. but have yet to hear the meantime, any web-savvy Nissan people who might read these forums, feel free to chip in with some info.
    BTW, given how the Forester is priced up here in the great white north, I think the Xtrail would be my choice over it as well.....even without seeing or hearing about the 2003 model.
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    artdecho how did you find that site? It was very informative. I like the light colored X-Trails better than the dark colored. Of course the steering wheel is on the wrong side and engine has 132kW @ 6000 rpm for power and 245Nm @ 4000 rpm for torque. Huh?
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    yahoo/autos/makes&models/nissan/...regional/new zealand i think was the path.
    if you check out some of Nissan's european sites, you get to see the steering wheel on "our" side.
    however, they get the japanese mkt 2 litre 4 good for only about 137 hp. as far as i know, the 2.5 litre 4 is the new altima engine, so hp should be about 175-180 and torque figures should be the same as the new altima as well.
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    With the 02 Honda CRV disappointing in almost everyway the X-Trail would make a fine alternative to the RAV4 and Ford products. As always Nissan Morth America is slow to realize that the market for an X-Trail has little to do with the Pathfinder or even Xterra buyer. I wanted to drop a line to the president of NNA but couldn't find a name in their corporate information. Can anyone help on this?
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Member Posts: 218
    No Names- but perhaps this will help...

    Nissan Consumer Affairs
    P.O. Box 191
    Gardena, CA 90248
    (800) NISSAN-1 (or 800-647-7261)
    9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Eastern / Central Time
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    has a New Zealand review of the new CR-V which is generally positive but does mention it's formidable competition, "non tougher than Nissan's much-lauded X-trail and Mitsubishi's clever Airtrek".

    i agree, miamicrv, that the new CR-V is somewhat disappointing, and would like to have the option of choosing the X-Trail over it. Come on Nissan, pick up the ball and run with have a winner with the X-Trail. Toyota(incl Lexus) has 3, soon to be 4 car-based SUV's, Honda has 2, Saturn, Mazda, Ford, even Hyundai has one. You guys have ZERO......get with it!
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    Checked out the Nissan Austrailia site, the X-Trail looks great and would be my choice if I could get it. Called Nissan Canada about it and they had no idea what I was talking about. I referred them to the site but actually find it kinda sad that there call center staff has less info than the average person who spends some time on the net. Have decided to lease the new special edition Pathfinder and hopefully by the end of the lease the X-Trail will be available.
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    New Zealand figures:

    2002 CR-V: [email protected] & [email protected]
    2002 X-Trail: [email protected] & [email protected]

    should translate to:

    2002 CR-V: 160Hp/162lbs-ft
    2002 X-Trail: 177Hp/181lbs-ft

    anyway you say it, X-trail outguns CR-V
    and weighs less too:
    2002 CR-V 3201-3347 lbs
    2002 X-trail 1400 kg = 3086 lbs
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  • miamicrv1miamicrv1 Member Posts: 66
    Thank you for contacting Nissan North America, Inc. regarding X-trail
    availability in the U.S.

    We don't know the source of the rumors you mention, but X-Trail will not be
    introduced into our U.S. model line for model year 2002. X-Trail was
    considered for North America but was not taken. With Xterra for low
    authentic low price SUV and Pathfinder for the upper end of the compact SUV
    segment, we have two very competitive and successful product offerings.

    We take pride in the fact that Nissan vehicles are regarded as some of the
    most reliable and value-added vehicles in the world. Nissan strives to
    produce quality products that are stylish, yet efficient, dependable, and
    durable. Nissan produces many different vehicles to suit different
    lifestyles and needs, worldwide. Nissan North America, Inc. is the
    distributor of Nissan vehicles approved for the U.S. market. At this time,
    Nissan North America, Inc. does not feel that it is in its best interest to
    market X-Trail in the U.S.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to write. We appreciate your
    interest in Nissan. If you have any other comments or questions, feel free
    to contact us.


    National Consumer Affairs
    Nissan North America, Inc.

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  • cb70cb70 Member Posts: 226
    XTrail would fit a niche that XTerra does not fill and would crush the competition.
  • canadatwocanadatwo Member Posts: 198
    The big, clunky, rough, slow, gas guzzling Xterra (all IMHO) is not a replacement for the Xtrail!

    The Xterra can not compete with the Escape, CRV, Rav-4, Vue, Forester etc in the same way the Xtrail would.

    The Xtrail is "right-sized" for many people and would be a HUGE hit in North America!


    No doubt who ever at Nissan made this decision has their job on the line based on sales of the Xterra.

    Another silly marketing move that will cost $$$$.


    GET THE Xtrail over here now!

    You have got until next fall when the new Forester comes out. Me (and many others) will buy either the Forester, CRV, Triscape, Vue etc.
    But definitely not the Xterra.

    The Xterra is a niche vehicle. It's only real competition is the slightly more nimble Liberty.
    The Liberty, though, is far more cross-shopped against the Triscape, Vue, CRV etc.

  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    "Nissan strives to
    produce quality products that are stylish, yet efficient, dependable, and
    The Pathfinder and X-Terra fit the above description with one glaring 18-24 miles per (Imperial) gallon (compared to 26-34 for the X-Trail), they are ANYTHING BUT EFFICIENT!

    In Canada, only the V6/AWD version of the X-Terra is available at around 30K.....add a couple of grand if you want the super-charged version. So there is a gaping whole in the lineup for a more affordable, efficient, 4 cylinder AWD SUV. This could easlily be filled by the 4 Cylinder X-trail.
    Since even the 6 cylinder X-Terra (at almost 2 tons) is somewhat underpowered, Nissan could easily drop the 4 cyl X-Terra from the US market and replace it with the 4 Cyl X-Trail....price it, nicely equipped at around 27-28K (Canadian) and you would have a formidable competitor in the CAR-BASED, LIGHT SUV market. Don't even bother with the V6 X-Trail, let the X-Terra handle the V6 end of the market. And if the names are too similar, and since X means "cross" anyway, call the X-Trail the Cross-Trail in North America
    (you already have a concept 4x4 called the Cross-Bow).
    With the car-based SUV market expected to X-plode!over the next few years, without the X-Trail, Nissan is just kissing those sales goodbye.
    Until they offer an economical, efficient, car-based SUV in our market, I will NOT be shopping for a Nissan SUV.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    I agree with you.

    Hey, Toyota has FIVE Suvs: RAV4, Highlander, 4-Runner, Sequoia, Landcruiser.

    Nissan North America needs to get a clue, is right.
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    Good-bye Nissan

    Hello CR-V, Forester, Vue, Escape, Tribute, Rav-4 etc.etc.
  • diploiddiploid Member Posts: 2,286

    2002 X-trail 1650 kg = 3637 lbs.

    I don't think the X-trail would outgun the new CR-V, its extra 20 lb-ft of torque is roughly carrying an extra ~300 lbs.

  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    The Australian, New Zealand and Japanese official Nissan sites all peg the weight at 1400 kg (<3100 lbs), so I don't think that article (which shows the prototype X-Trail from a year and a half ago) has the correct figures. With Nissan's "head in the sand" attitude towards bringing the X-Trail over here, I guess we won't get the opportunity to blow the doors off a CR-V anytime soon.
  • diploiddiploid Member Posts: 2,286
    It doesn't give X-trail's weight.

    Is this the right site?

    I've also read reviews for the X-trail on 4carUK and they say the X-trail is a bit of a slouch(couldn't find the article now). That's why I'm questioning the weight spec that's given.
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    Got the weight off the New Zealand site...they have a PDF brochure that's downloadable.

    Also note that the Aussie/NZ Xtrail (and the one we were supposed to get) are the only ones in the world with the 175 hp Altima 2.5l four....all other markets including Japan & England get a 2.0l 136 hp four....that would account for it being a bit slow.
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    Because it would hurt the highly profitable sales of the U.S. built Xterra. Nissan would make less money on each X-Trail as opposed to the Xterra. If sales were flat on the Xterra, then maybe you would see the Trail over here.
  • diploiddiploid Member Posts: 2,286
    Thanks for the clarification. The 2.0 that they reviewed was a turbo, though...

    Also, wasn't the X-trail supposed to have an extra 3rd row?
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    I think they reviewed a turbo-diesel.....there is a turbo-gas engine in Japan but that's a high performance 280 hp or so.....that would smoke anything. 3rd row was probably just speculation about the prototype.
  • canadatwocanadatwo Member Posts: 198
    The profit on the much bigger volume of sales of the Xtrail would BY FAR outweigh any loss of profit due to reduced sales of the Xterra.

    My guess is that the Xtrail would outsell the Xterra by a factor of 5 to 10. Not chump change.

    The automotive business is about gaining market share. The Xterra is not even close as a spotlight vehicle for the masses. Big, clunky, slow, rough riding, gas pig.

    The Xtrail would be a very hot item in NA.

    If Nissan's marketing department can't admit that they wrong, then the Nissan senior executive should take the bull by the horns, and get somebody in there that really understands the North American market.

    If you are writing letters to Nissan pleading to have the Xtrail brought over here, GO OVER THE HEADS of the marketing department.
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    The line I got from Nissan Canada was something like thanks for your interest....we're studying the situation......Toyota & Honda are on their second generation of lightweight, fuel-efficient car-based SUV's and Nissan's still studying??!!
    Like I said before, if they're worried about X-Terra overlap, just bring in the 4 cyl. X-trail
    (it's got more than enough power) and call it the Cross-Trail if they're worried about confusing buyers. But the sooner the better if they don't want to be left hopelessly behind. Hell, even lethargic GM is bringing out the VUE and VIBE over the next few months.
  • canadatwocanadatwo Member Posts: 198
    Only if its got at least 175HP (from the Altima?) and decent torque at lower rpms and is smooth.

    Otherwise a 2.6 - 2.8 litre 185HP v-6 would be the ticket.
    Nissan's V-6's are really goods motors.

    Otherwise you get another CRV / Rav-4 "wheezer".
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    Yes, it does have the new Altima's 4 (at least in the Aussie/New Zealand markets and the one that was supposedly coming here), good for 175hp/180 lb-ft of torque......combined with light weight (1400 kg or <3100 lbs) it would easily outrun the new RAV-4, CR-V, Santa Fe, 4 & V6 VUE, and Liberty and could keep up with Escape/Tribute, not to mention dusting the regular and supercharged X-terra.
  • diploiddiploid Member Posts: 2,286
    I am very curious as to how they can make it weigh so light. It weighs even less than a Kia Sportage!
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    Sportage is relatively heavy for it's size, as it uses a ladder-type frame. Rav-4 is only 2700-2800 lbs and CR-V's start at just over 3200, so it's really no mystery that a sensibly sized vehicle can be both strong and light-weight too.
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    More posts over at (Nissan board) praising the X-Trail and requesting Nissan North America to wake up and get it over here. Highest praise from all European comparison tests. Yet Nissan continues to turn a blind eye (or deaf ear)
    in their most important market in the world.
  • tiredofmanualtiredofmanual Member Posts: 338
    I'm not so sure about that. Still, I would love to see all those cool vehicles available elsewhere show up at dealers here, X-Trail included.
  • cb70cb70 Member Posts: 226
    Much nicer looking than those stupid fake plastic bolts on the fenders we have.
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
  • bskohlerbskohler Member Posts: 53
    Sorry, but this thing is a station wagon. I love my Xterra and am pleased with Nissan in general these days. But this thing is dangerously close to an Asstek. I applaud Nissan for declining to add yet another soccer-mom mobile to the already flooded market (i.e. Escape, Rav4, CRV, Highlander, Asstek, and now the 4 wheel independent suspension Explorer). Nisan has always tried to gear itself more towards the enthusiast driver (Z, Maxima, Xterra). I'm glad they're not going after the enthusiast mall shopper as well.
  • canadatwocanadatwo Member Posts: 198
    Please, no vehicle compares to the Aztec.

    As far as the enthusiast driver, the X-trail will out-accelerate, out-stop, out-handle and at the same time get much better mileage than the "niche" X-Terra.

    As far as mall-shopper, the X-Trail will do much better off-road than the Escape, CRV, Rav-4, Vue etc.

    Nissan is totally missing the boat in North America by not having the X-Trail over here. It is blowing away the competition all over the place.


    Most of the 250,000+ people in North Amercia every year buying the Escape/Trib, CRV, RAV-4, Vue are not interested in the heavy cludgy X-Terra!

  • diploiddiploid Member Posts: 2,286
    If the X-Terra offered better performance numbers, I'd happily prefer it over an X-Trail.
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    the x-terra has way more black plastic than the x-trail, so if anything, it looks more like the "[non-permissible content removed]-tek"'s also somewhat overstyled but i do agree, it looks cool. there's no way a two ton pickup-based off-road vehicle could have anywhere near the performance and handling of the x-trail......if it could, then it would be one cool ride, but nissan can't change the laws of physics so nissan, just bring us the X-trail for those of us who want it (and there are many).
    It's the most capable of all the car-based utes off-road, with mileage and performance at or near the top of the class.
  • bskohlerbskohler Member Posts: 53
    You want speed and performance, but the new SC Xterra. And how will the X-trail do any better off-road then the Escape, CRV, RAV4, etc?? None of these vehicles was really ever meant to leave the pavement. I have yet to ever see one of them on any 4x4 trail. Why? Because they'd fall apart in a heartbeat. No matter how you dress it up, it's still a mall wagon. The market is flooded already and will eventually turn toward something else. Good job Nissan for keeping this thing out of the American market!
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    I'm not saying dump the x-terra.....we still need a tough, off-roadable, relatively affordable SUV on the market.....just that I think Nissan should offer the X-trail to those who want a car-based, economical SUV that gets good mileage. It's AWD system is superior to it's intended competition, thus the off-road advantage.....still, I agree, it's no rock hopper. I'm glad the X-terra suits your just doesn't suit mine, which means Nissan will lose me as a customer unless they bring over the X-Trail.
    BTW....the S/C Xterra sucks back even more gas than the regular one and probably would still have trouble outrunning an Escape.(or even the new CR-V, for that matter)
  • cb70cb70 Member Posts: 226
    The X-Trail is representative of a much larger section of consumers whose idea of off road is a gravel road. Why in the world would it be good for Nissan to lose a market share? Is it in their best interest to say "We are an off road company only?" and lose money they could easily grab with the X-Trail? And hardly anybody considers the Pathfinder an off-road vehicle.
  • canadatwocanadatwo Member Posts: 198
    Still a big, heavy, lumbering, slow, gas guzzling niche SUV that is better suited for those that really need to go really off-road.

    The X-Trail is better than the CRV, Escape et al at "logging road" type off-roading to go hiking or whatever to help you get through some of the tough spots like mud, sand, snow etc that may hinder the others.

    The X-Trail is required in North America.
    Way, way more demand for this type of vehicle than the X-Terra. Does not matter what the X-Terra pundits think about the X-Trail. They are but a small minority of SUV buyers.

    It sounds like Nissan's North American marketing & engineering department's success is riding on sales of the X-Terra. The CEO and other top brass of Nissan should step in and straigten them out.

    The positive thing for the X-Terra right now is all the bad press its main competitor is starting to receive, the Liberty. I don't wish any harm to DC, but that's the way the cards have fallen.
  • diploiddiploid Member Posts: 2,286
    I honestly was just waiting for the recall to happen on the Liberty.

    SC X-terra: Don't even talk about that. Most of the reviews I've read say that it offers no better performance than the N/A engine!

    I do like the X-Terra's new round headlights set inside plastic. It just looks very rugged, genuin rugged too. The X-trail's headlights...for a lack of a better word...look circumcized. It's just peeled back too much.
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