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imageHow To Close a Used Car Sale

A guide for private-party car buyers and sellers about getting payment and filing required paperwork.

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  • glam1glam1 Member Posts: 8
    Still wondering if I should sell my car to a private party. This article should help me if I do. Thanks.
  • warhawk1warhawk1 Member Posts: 1
    I bought a car for 450.00 and bill of sale was signed by myself and seller and 2 witnesses and I was given the title signed by the selller and the local law says its not a legal sale.Is this a legal sale?
  • philip17philip17 Southern CaliforniaMember Posts: 25
    In order for the state to recognize the sale as being legal you need to complete the paperwork required. Usually, this is a notice of transfer form. In some cases, the title will have this form attached to it. You will need to apply for a new title in your name. You can download the necessary forms at the Web site your state's motor vehicle registry. Philip Reed, Senior Consumer Advice Editor,

    Philip Reed, Senior Consumer Advice Editor

  • karthikmanikarthikmani Member Posts: 1
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    Other than Bill of Sale are there other forms of written receipts considered legal ?
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