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Toyota Echo Care and Maintenance

rajmoranrajmoran Posts: 46
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  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    You neglected to include washing it and keeping the interior litter-free. :)

    Seriously, does anyone have any recommendations on a good Service Manual for the ECHO?
  • Is everyone using 5W-30 oil like the book says? I have no idea what Wal-Mart, Jiffy Lube, etc. puts in a car but I'm guessing 10W-40. I looked under my car and it appears very easy to change the fiter and oil. I was thinking of alternating oil changes between myself and a garage (e.g., 3,000 myself, 6,000 Toyota, 9,000 myself, 12,000 Toyota). I figure that way nobody can complain about my warranty since it will be changed by Toyota/garage every 6,000 miles.
  • A good while back in the main forum, there were several good techniques for wrapping the cold AC line for better temp. control in the summer. Can anyone review those or give me some of the post nos.?
    Thanks in advance
    Nashville TN
  • I did not write it but I had made a copy. Here is a summary:
    Go to a hardware store and buy a length of insulating pipe foam in the plumbing section. The stuff may be medium gray,
    and is similar to the foam in which computer parts are usually shipped. Probably plastic-based rather than rubber-based
    product, in one inch diameter.
    Go to an auto store (NAPA) and get a box of insulating tape. It's a behind the counter item, not in a shrink-wrap pack. It
    appears to be an asphalt-based tape, two inches wide with a paper backing that peels off. Fairly flexible, stretchable. You
    will probably get more than you will use.
    Open the hood. The ac lines are on your left (passenger side). There are two, one is smaller in diameter (high pressure line)
    and one is fatter (low pressure line). Cut and fit the foam insulation around the low line (the one w/o the sight glass) from the
    bottom of the engine compartment (it's left of the oil filter), up past the filler tube for the washer tank, all the way to where the line enters the firewall.
    Once the foam is in place and your hands are grubby, start cutting the asphalt tape into pieces to wrap around the foam from top to bottom. It will be the world's worse looking (fat and ugly) ac low pressure line.
    (The author checked out the possibility of heat melting the foam but found that no way it will melt, using a cookie sheet and set off the fire alarm).
    So which post was this originally? I don't know. The person who wrote it deserves all the credit. Claimed that this will give about a ten degree drop in air temp. Someone find that original post so we can thank the author.
  • Has anyone had any exsperinance with this repair shop or other in the area??
    Toyo Techs Toyota Specialists
    4185 Clairmont Rd
    Chamblee, GA 30341
    (770) 457-2098
  • astro8astro8 Posts: 2

    I just wanted to know if anyone has changed there gear oil yet? I have a 5-speed..Location of drain and or refill plug and what might be required.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • morefavesmorefaves Posts: 4
    Just Bought a 2002 Echo and was surprised to see Reccommended Mfg Intervals for Oil Changes and other maintenance is 5000- 7500 vs what I'm used to of every 3000 Miles or 3 Months. Are Echo owners following that guide, or still sticking with every 3000 mile maintenance?
  • int250int250 Posts: 6
    Quaker State 5W-30 every 3000 miles at Wal-Mart tire lube...
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Sorry this is so late but I just saw your above post. Its best to get the car up on ramps, but you might be able to get at it with one wheel up on a high curb. The main thing about changing the oil is that there is a splash guard on the nose of the car which needs to be removed otherwise you wont be able to get the bottle of gear oil in the refill hole. Youll need a fairly large wrench to get the drain and fill plugs out. You have to measure them yourself, sorry I havnt done mine yet! But they are both the same size. Id drive the car around for a while and change the oil in the summer to make sure it is good and warm. Also, if you fill the transmission with the car on ramps the oil level wont be correct. I THINK the fill plug is on the FRONT of the transmission, so having it on ramps you would tend to overfill it. Id fill it up then back it down the ramps without the plug until the excess oil drains out, then put the plug back in. Good luck and tell us how it goes.
  • I made the mistake of cleaning off bird doody with a wad of wet paper towels, well I guess I scrubbed too hard because when the water dried up, I noticed the scratches. Can I get rid of these? do I need to wax, use touch up paint or spend and arm and leg to repaint the damage I caused. It's really not that bad, but when you buy a new car you want it to be least for a while.

    Please help!
  • mdrewmdrew Posts: 32
    I scratched the whole side of my 2000 Echo against some sharp bushes in my driveway awhile back and got rid of them with this GS27 Scratch Remover cream I ordered from a TV ad. Figured I had nothing to lose, around $10 or so, and it did the job. I've seen others here trash this product as ineffective; might be that it works only on light scratches which I guess mine were. (If your paint is discolored or stripped that's a different story.) I definitely got my money's worth with almost a whole tube remaining for future minor scratches. On the tube it shows a website "" which I haven't visited since one tube is probably a car-lifetime supply. The stuff comes from France so, bon apetit! or whatever.
  • gaiffemgaiffem Posts: 11
    Thanks for the thanks. It's still working well here in central FL (except for a cracked expansion block in the system several months ago, fixed under warranty). My original post on wrapping the A/C was way back in forum 3 or 4 and you described it perfectly. BTW: my wife still hasn't forgiven me for ruining her best cookie sheet, but it was worth it for the piece of mind knowing that the insulation doesn't catch fire. Cheers.
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    you might want to try Meguiar's Scratch X - you can find this at Wal-Mart and it works well on light scratches - good luck
  • adowningadowning Posts: 1
    Has anyone changed their own air filter yet? Where is it? I will try the air conditioner wrapping. In south Florida it take awhile to cool the car down.

    45000 miles and no problems at all.

  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    adowning: I posted this in the main ECHO thread awhile back:

    slugline "Toyota Echo (Sedans Board)" Feb 11, 2002 2:18am
  • I just bought a 2002 Echo and I love it. I have noticed on a couple of speed bumps that I seem to just touch as I go over. The tires were under-inflated, but I am wondering if any one else has noticed a road clearance issue. Three questions:
    1) What tire pressure do you run?
    2) What size replacement tires might improve the ride and clearance?
    3) Sone one with lots more knowledge than me -- do you every add air to the shocks? Could that be an issue?
    Thanks in advance! I am a big Toyota lover from numerous Corollas and a Previa and I'm sure my Echo will do just as well.
  • mscoffmscoff Posts: 3
    what type of results have you gyus had with wrapping the line? any good or unforseen bad results? Thanks , Mark S.
  • I use Mobil 1 Synthetic oil in all my vehicles. Oil changes are at 10,000 mile intervals, with oil filters changed every 5,000 miles. It keeps it simple to remember.

    Mobil 1 gear oil in differentials (non limited slip), transfer cases, and manual transmissions is changed when new, thereafter every 100,000 miles.

    Automatic trans fluid is drained and refilled every motor oil change (10,000 miles) using the drain plug found on all Toyota trans pans. Since the torque converter is not drained, refill is only 25% to 40% of full trans fluid capacity. I drop the pan and clean it every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. I don't use synthetic trans fluid, but adhere to Toyota's recommendation for use of Type T-IV fluid in the tranmissions that require it.
  • Hello!!

    My 2001 ECHO's Scheduled Maintenance Guide states that at 30.000 Miles or 2 years spark plugs need to be replaced, which is required under the Emission Control Warranty. I would like to know if there are any newer model owners that can share with me if this is the same guideline for their models.

    I am puzzled by the fact that it seems to soon to change spark plugs. The Corolla 2004 I just bought requires the same change but at 120.000 miles or 96 months.

    Any ideas?

  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    I don't know if there is any difference between Echo's in the US and Canada. Depending on the year, your Echo has either regular (copper) spark plugs, Iridium spark plugs (supposedly good for 100k miles) or Platinum ones (good for 60k at least).
    My 2001 came with Platinum spark plugs that I replaced early @ 40k miles. I did it early because I wanted to ensure my Echo had Platinum plugs.
  • zeus2002zeus2002 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Toyota Echo. It has around 85,000 miles and I think it's about time to change the spark plugs, flush the radiator, change the belts, maybe a new fuel filter and a few more things. I'm just wondering how much of this I can do myself. I'm pretty good doing the things like oil changes and brake pads, but is any of the stuff mentioned before possible to do myself?
  • I have a 2003 Toyota Echo. And being an anime fan, I was trying to stick some mini anime figurines onto the dashboard, but nothing seems to stick! I've tried sticky tape, blu tac, double-sided tape, suction caps... they all just slide off. Does anyone know what I need to use to stick something onto the dashboard??
  • echokechok Posts: 1
    First of all I would like to join an Echo owners club. Second, I've just an oil change and wheel alignment at 62k miles. I always use synthetic oil, and change the oil regularly. I didn't really check to see what type they used. Will switching affect the car? I'm worried because the check engine light just went on today. Funny thing is, the car is purring like a kitten, and has never run better. Help?
  • can you help with spark plugs. i was able to change the air filter, and taken everything on top of the engine loose and i cannot find the spark plugs. need help to change them. any advise. thanks, masterfrog
  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    It's been many months since I was in there, but I don't remember them being hard to find. I remember that there is a plastic cover on the top of the engine that has to come off before you can reach them. Once that's off look for the wires.
  • only change it every 5000, dingbat. you're wasting your money and quaker state oil stinks
  • cliff5cliff5 Posts: 5
    hey masterfrog -- for the spark plugs!! take off the plastic block cover (on the top - 2 top nuts 2 front nuts) under there on the top of the block you will see 4 groups of (5 i think!) wire bundles connected to plastic caps which are fixed to the TOP of the engine block with one nut each. 10mm i believe. undo these 4 nuts and pull the plastic caps up toward you. each cap is the top of a coil (each cylinder on an echo has it's own coil) for the plug/cylinder. you will need a long spark plug extension because the cylinder is quite deep. that's it.
    hope this helps. cliff
  • cliff5cliff5 Posts: 5
    When I bought my echo (02) I found it strange that oil changed were every 7k km or whatever so I did some research and found that a number of people with echo's and corolla's were complaining of sludgy build up. I decided to change every 4k km and leave it at that. At about 45k km I lapsed and couldn't change for 6 instead of the usual 4 and indeed there was a lot of sludge in the oil (I do it myself-so I see!) - so I recommend to all you people who are taking the advice of the toyota manual and changing every 7/8 k km and then having problems... DO IT EVERY 4!!!
  • I change the oil on every car I have ever owned at 2500 to 3000 miles as the viscosity
    breaks down more or less depending upon how you drive ie highway or stop and go.

    Better safe than sorry.
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