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Toyota Echo Care and Maintenance



  • I was told there was a recall for the front seat rugs and metal floorboards.

    I was told there was a Toyota service bulletin but not sure if it is a recall for the engine
    control module. I paild through the nose to have mine replaced. Please advise with what
    you know.

    My iridium spark plugs from for $6.22 each for NGK seems like a good deal
    as the local parts stores want double that!
  • Dear Cliff,
    What size are the bolts holding down the plastic block cover? Also, are they metric or
    the US standard. Actually, is the whole Echo metric or US measurements?

    Are you sure the nuts to the spark plug housing are EXACTLY 10mm as I don't want to
    strip them? What size ratchet wrench do I need for the actual spark plugs in metric or
    US measurement? How long of an extension do I need to get at the plugs, what is it
    called, where is the best place to buy this, and how much should it cost?

    I am a klutz but feel good about myself as I just checked my air filter and it is fine. I
    bought three of them from an online parts broker for about $6.25 each.

    I thank you in advance for your answers so I can put in the iridium spark plugs I also
    purchased from for also about $6.25, of course plus shipping which they
    goose you on as it is dropshipped. My order came from four different vendors but I
    still saved over buying the parts localls ie iridium plugs for $12.

    I find a major difference in MPG when I drive a local highway at 50 to 55 versus the
    Massachusetts Turnpike at 60 to 75MPH.

    The cheapest gas near me as I write this is $2.99. I use but
    this website listing the cheapest gas station prices is national if you scroll down on
    the left hand corner.
  • Hi
    Greywoulf, from the US.(NJ). I have an '03 Echo Sedan. Is there anywhere I can get a repair or service manual for this car?
  • Dear Greywoulf,
    After much looking, I have found out that all the major publishers of auto repair guides in
    book format don't have one for Echos. Also, most big box and auto parts stores do not
    carry the oil or air filters as both Fram and Purolator don't make them for the Echo. I
    am very happy with the prices, quick service, and quality from Air filters
    were only about six dollars and change and a similar price for the Iridium NGK spark plugs.
    I also bought oil drain plug washers for next to nothing as most oil change places just
    let them slide into the bucket of waste oil. When I had my 88 Tercel, I used to keep these washers aka gaskets in my glove compartment. Oil filters from Rock were a litttle over
    two dollars but they have many types and prices.
  • Not only where is the radiator plug, but what exact size of socket wrench do I need or can
    I just use pliers? I know it is probably in the owner's manual or maybe not, but in Boston
    with hot summers and very cold winters, how often should I flush and change the radiator,
    please. Should I wear medical gloves when dealing with the antifreeze?

    It would be useful information to know about independent repair shops which have a good
    knowlege and experience with Echos as I was just fleeced by an indie shop that did not
    know what they were doing and charged me for their three hours when it was a ten minute
    job. They also replaced a part that was very costly and did not need to be replaced, but
    rather, just cleaned. Make that five minutes.

    If we could share indie Echo repair shop data, we could have a nice network going for
    everyone to benefit from. We all know how expensive the Toyota dealer repair shops
    are.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage :)
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    In my 2001 Echo I change the oil every 20k or so. I only use Amsoil Synthetic plus a dual oil filter (by-pass microfilter).
    I do almost 30k per year so I only change oil every 9 months or so.
    Oil analysis shows every time that the oil is suitable for longer use.
  • Would somebody be so kind as to answer my previous questions about the titled topics as it has been quite a while and I would like to do this important maintenace work.

    Thank you!
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    Does the Echo engine have a timing belt or chain? If it's a belt, what is the recommended change interval?
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    It's a chain and should last for the life of the car.
  • Hello! I love my 5 speed 2000 Echo. Have 93K on this well travelled mountain car. Recently I have been experiencing my engine missing or hesitating after driving for 30+ minutes and highway speeds. Once stopped and restarted, it jumps horribly while shifting through the gears. When at 55mph it almost loses power but doesn't stall. I understand we shouldn't have to change the fuel filter but that is definitely what it is acting like. Kind of choking. No check engine like comes on. Please know that I already a) changed the spark plugs, and air filter, along with checking the gas cap, b) changed the mass airflow filter, (all with genuine Toyota parts)
    c) Bent over at the dealership only to have them say they found nothing in the computer, had no one to drive the car and that we needed to change the items I had just changed the week before again. ( Not likely) Help! Thanks.
  • I just changed my oil and put on a Nippon OEM oil filter and used Castrol synthetic blend oil. My next oil change, I will be switching to K&N oil filters and Mobil 1 10-30 synthetic

    I have NGK iridium plugs and the tools and will install them when time permits.

    When I have the iridium spark plugs installed and using K&N oil filters and Mobil 1 synthetic oil, my question is, when should I change the oil and filter to maximize the
    engine efficiency, engine life expectancy, and minimize the financial cost?

    Also, does anybody know exactly how to get to the cabin air filter and replace it? I was
    told it is inside the car, behind the glove compartment, but I think I need help. Thank you!

    Dan Smith
  • I have the check engine light "on" in my 2001 Echo. I have been told that you may be able to reset the check engine light by:
    1) Clean the sensor with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip and that will solve the problem.

    2) Depress the odometer button while the car is running and then turn your engine off
    and then on as this will supposedly reset the computer and the check engine light will
    go off.

    3) Disconnect the battery terminal and then reattach as this will stop the flow of electricity to the sensor/computer and reset the computer so the check engine light will go off.



  • Disconnect the negative battery connection. Press your brake pedal down for 10 seconds. Reattach your negative battery connection. The computer will be reset.
  • I just ordered some K and N high peformance oil filters, probably the best on the market that are readily available to
    consumers. I also stocked up on Castrol fully synthetic oil.
    The last oil change I did it myself for the first time and I
    used a Castrol synthetic blend engine oil. I noticed the difference. Now I am fully committed to high quality oil and
    oil filter. I will change the oil and filter myself. The
    local lube places charge $60 for a synthetic oil change using
    a low quality filter and Mobil 1 synthetic. I have been told
    by people who know that Castrol is a better synthetic than
    Mobil 1 but Mobil spends a lot on marketing. My high tech oil filter with four quarts of Castrol fully synthetic oil
    will cost me $25.00 but I will be getting a top performance
    oil filter which I am told will prevent oil dry engine start ups. Sounds good to me. The K and N 1003 filters were $9.00 including shipping. They are $13 in the local
    auto stores and I am sure repair shops would charge $20 or
    $25 for them. I am told my gas mileage will get better!
  • Could someone please tell me the proper transmission fluid to use in my 2000 echo - I am getting diferent stories from different shops - thanks
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    It is specified in your manual. It is only offered by Toyota. Your dealer will be more than willing to do a transmission drain and fill.

    I, however, chose to use a different transmission fluid. It is called Universal Synthetic ATF and you can find it on the Amsoil website.

    As the name implies it is a synthetic ATF and Amsoil also recommends it for the Toyota Echo.

    I've been using it for almost 5 years and the transmission shifts like new. As I drive nearly 35k miles per year I do a yearly drain and fill and only use 3 quarts each time.

    Any mechanic and even you yourself can do it.
  • Does anyone know how I can find a mechanics manual for 2004 toyota echo sedan? I need complete details on the braking system...from pedal to wheels. Thanks for your time, Kim
  • After many visits to mechanics to find out why it seemed that the mass airflow was faulty, it turns out that the air filter housing was loose(worn out cushions on the underside) which shook the maf and caused it to not do it's job properly. A zip tie keeps it stationary until I can replace the worn out pads. No more missing.Problem solved!Price you pay for living on a gravel road with lots of bumps.
  • I own a 2000 Toyota Echo which is coming up on its 60K scheduled maintenance. I have lost track of the Scheduled Maintenance Guide that we received when we bought it. Can someone give me a list of the recommended items included in a 60K maintenance.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    air filter replace/check
    manual transmission oil change
    coolant change
    valve clearance check/adjust
    oil change
    belts inspect/change (wiggle the waterpump rotor with the belt off)
    tire rotation
    ball joint inspect
    tie rod inspect
    brake pad/shoe inspect
    gas cap gasket inspect
    go around under the car and check for loose nuts/bolts
    check exhaust system integrity by plugging the (cold) exhaust pipe with a rag and listening for leaks with the engine running.
    charcoal canister hose inspect
    (inspect all the hoses in the engine compartment you can find)
    brake fluid change
    CV joint boot inspect
    battery water check (if non sealed)
    wiper blade check
    open the hood and truck and clean the debris out of the water channels around them.

    Some of these tings are my own ideas (that doesnt mean you shouldnt do them) Some of these things will have been done already, most likely.
  • borgir77borgir77 Posts: 3
    hi does any know how many bottles of transmission fluid does the toyota echo after you drain and change the filter.. thanks :shades:
  • orenroseorenrose Posts: 1
    I bought a 2000 Echo last october. Like it a lot. But the "check engine" light went on and for $97 (the cost of checking what the light means!)they told me I need a charcoal canister: cost, 260 for the filter and 200 for installing. Does anybody know any cheaper alternatives? And is it easy to install the charcoal filter? Thanks for any info. Oren
  • rickolanorickolano Posts: 1
    I avoided buying the cabin airfilter which my new car didn't have in the first place. Toyota is still selling theirs with coupon for $45.95 NOTE: This is rediculous. You can order from for $14.00 plus shipping.

    The actual location is behind the glove box. Open the glove box and with your two hands on ea. side, squeeze the plastic inward then pull. It will detache from the little rods. You'll then see a whitish color tray-front. Pull it out. This is where the filter will lie. Make sure to face in the correct orientation. Replace glove-box by squeezing in the sides again set into the opening and push!! You'll hear it click into place and then know it is attached.

    :P Rick
  • soma033soma033 Posts: 1
    So, the other day I go to one of those 10-minute oil change places and the guy pulls out a white filter from the engine and says it's my "air filter". He said I should change it, but I said to just put it back in and I'd do it myself later after doing some research. Today, I go to look under my hood to find where he pulled this white filter from (which looked like this one: ) and for the life of me I couldn't find it. I looked in this little compartment that's right in the middle up underneath the windshield wipers that could have fit a filter the size of what he showed me. However, when I went to look in my manual it only ever mentioned an "air conditioner filter" in the glove box. So I took out my glove box and pulled out the tray that should have held the filter but there was nothing in there.

    Now, my question is, could he have pulled out the air conditioning filter from under the hood or is it only accessible from the glove box? Are there two filters, one for just "air" and one for "air conditioning" or are these one in the same?

    Or am I completely not seeing something under the hood that I should be?
  • moparblue2moparblue2 Posts: 86
    there are two filters. one in the glovebox for air. one under the hood. the one you are looking for is under the hood. it is in the little black box on the left side of the motor. it has the two round hoses hooked to it. you will find two clips at the front of the black box under the round hose. undo the clips & lift top of box & you will find the filter you are looking for!!!!!!!!!!!! :shades:
  • phizelphizel Posts: 6
    I want to replace the side-marker bulbs on the left and right front fenders of my 2005 Echo Hatchback. The lens covers seem very flimsy so I'm reluctant to try prying. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks.
  • phizelphizel Posts: 6
    I don't think a manual for the ECHO exists, but have you tried locating one under the YARIS name? The ECHO is actually a YARIS test marketed in North America as the ECHO and sold in North America in 2007 under the YARIS name. Mechanically the ECHO and the YARIS are the same car. I hope this helps.
  • Manuals are available from Toyota, but theyre pricey......just curious, are you in the U.S. or Canada? Im interested in bringing a HATCH to the states, they never sold em here.........any suggestions?
  • phizelphizel Posts: 6
    I'm in Canada. There are 2000 to 2006 Hatches still available here, but I don't know what the deal would be getting it through US Customs and then registered with DMV in your state but there must be a way. Have you considered buying a 2007 YARIS Hatch stateside? That and the ECHO are the same car,
  • cdannacdanna Posts: 5
    I've removed "Check Engine" light by simply disconnecting ground at battery, waiting 5 minutes before reconnecting. Voila!
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